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Night of Knives, first volume in the Novels of the Malazan Empire by Ian C. Esslemont, is not a huge brick of equal parts amazement and confusion like the doorstoppers of his friend Steven Erikson. It's a decidedly more standard fantasy novel, and it doesn't distinguish itself in the way of the Malazan Book of the Fallen. That does not mean, however, that it is any less impressive.

Esslemont's style is more simple, both in language and in plot, and in many ways he appears to be less ambitious than his coauthor. But this book gives off the Malazan vibe more strongly than anything since Deadhouse Gates, and unlike reading an Erikson book, you don't have to work for it. Some people would probably argue that's a bad thing, but I found this book more engaging than the main Malazan books, despite lacking in a few of the qualities which have made the series so outstanding.

Overall though, Esslemont lured me fully into the Malazan universe once again, and I'm very excited about continuing this epic. This review is dedicated to
who stabbed the world in the back

“His victory will be sealed by his defeat.”

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a ballerina and so I convinced my parents to send me to a professional ballet school. I loved it, down to the last drop of sweat and blood (ever wore pointe shoes?), and the last tear it cost me. But after a couple of years, as I started to change from the girl into an adolescent, it became apparent that the future womanme is not going to be built of bones, sinews and flat plains, but is going to have breasts and hips and all sorts of curves. I was merely surprised at my body’s betrayal but my Russian teacher of classical dance positively grieved (not without reason we were laughing behind her back that her perfect pupil would be called Anorexia Sergeyevna). Very quickly, I understood why. In spite of all my hard work, the effects were average. At best. By the end of the school year, my tutor and my teacher took me aside and very gently they told me: “Look, you will never be a great dancer, you will never do solos on the stage, in fact, you will be very lucky if you find a spot in a dancing company at all. We could keep you here for a couple of more years, but we are letting you go early so you can find your path.” Needless to say, I thought them both heartless monsters and begged them to let me stay swearing all kinds of oaths that I will improve. Luckily, they didn’t listen and today I am not crippled by my childhood dream (although I still enjoy dancing).

The moral of this long story is that when it comes to arts sometimes it is not that we lack will or courage or determination, sometimes it is that we lack something both essential and elusive like a talent or a predisposition, that our own physical constraints doom us to mediocrity and it doesn’t matter how much we try we will never be an artist, we can only hope to be a craftsman.

And the “Night of Knives,” my friends, is not a piece of art, it is a crafted bauble of an average to poor quality. Written in a way that makes one’s spleen hurt which means that the book is only for the fans of the universe (and only those hungry for more of the world, the rest can safely reread the main series).

“Night of Knives” (view spoiler)

About the Author: Ian C. Esslemont

Steven Erikson co-created the Malazan world in 1982 as a backdrop for role-playing games. In 1991 they collaborated on a feature film script set in the same world, entitled Gardens of the Moon. When the script did not sell, Erikson greatly expanded the story and turned it into a novel.

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