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Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting I found this book an interesting read On the one hand, a lot of what Bethenny says makes sense stop eating when you re full Listen to your body s hunger signals Eatvegetables and less refined sugar Make the best choice possible Two of her eating tips in particular resonated with me treating your diet like a bank balance if you have a huge lunch, don t have a huge dinner and you can have it all, just not at once so don t have a big dinner, wine AND dessert, pick the one you want the most and have that.On the other, a lot of this book reads like it was written by someone who has an incredibly problematic relationship with food and who lives in a place that is very far removed from real life Bethenny is constantly eating half of something or taking two bites and throwing the rest out I wanted to reach into the book and save all of the food being wasted It was like leaving some food behind proved that she had won her battle and the food had lost Why not just put less on your plate and then eat it all The back section of the book outlines everything Bethenny eats in a week and it disturbed me It was not a healthy plan.Also, Bethenny, if I went out to dinner and ordered a 12 entree while my friend ordered a 38 eye fillet and then I ended up eating a quarter of their meal, no matter how many times I offered them a bite of my crab cakes, I d never get invited out to dinner again If you want the steak, order the damn steak I am always interested in health, nutrition and fitness so I wanted to read this book and see what concepts were inside I read French Women Don t Get Fat and thought it had some great concepts so I wanted to compare Out of the two books, I thought that French Women Don t Get Fat was better written There were some typos in this book that annoyed me for example spelling sugar sguar hello editor Overall, there were some concepts that I thought were interesting but nothing that was revolutionary She said the same thing over and over again in the book until I felt like I was reading the same sentence a million times I get that she was trying to drill her point in but please don t insult my intelligence The writing made me drift away sometimes and not say focused and then have to go back and read it again I didn t like some of rules and didn t agree with some of them I don t care what she says about wasting food being OK and not being able to finish meals because a few bites add up I understand that portions are larger in today s society but I also don t agree that you shouldn t finish something if you are hungryand if you don t finish something when you are hungry, how are you not deprived You have to adapt what is good for you from the book and then walk away from it and do what is best in your life Also, the recipes in the french book are much better I got a bunch of good recipes for fruit and veggies in that book but a lot of the ingredients that are in the recipes for this book are not readily available in my pantry I don t stock up on vegan ingredients or soy cheese so for me that just doesn t work Not a bad book to read to get ideas to better your health, but use your own discreation of what is good for you Not a terrible read but surely not one of my favorites either. This book changed my life I got rid of Weight Watchers, got rid of the baggage, and got rid of 12 lbs in the first 6 weeks I started following the book s advice It may have come at the right time for me, but it did what no other diet book did it worked, and it was for the most part painless The author tells it like it is, and its like getting advice from a friend that understands where you re coming from, not a doctor or scientist with some ideal way of eating. This book was kind of a mixed bag The first half, in which Bethenny talks about her 10 rules for living naturally thin, was great I think her rules make a lot of sense and are some great tennents to live by They re all about keeping your food choices in balancing, watching your portion sizes, and not eating just for the sake of eating Made a lot of sense.The second half of the book, in which she takes you through a week of eating to be naturally thin, I didn t love as much The sections in which she talks about what she actually ate during the week would be great for a person who has already met their weight loss goals and is looking for a way to maintain and live a healthy and full lifestyle without obsessing but it s not a way to lose weight in the first place For starters, she never once mentions doing any kind of exercise She says that she runs around a lot all week and keeps busy and that s how she gets her exercise Which might be fine for some people, but for anyone who has real weight to lose, exercise is going to be key And just for getting healthy you can t just start taking small bites of everything and expect to do your heart any favors.As I was reading the second half, I kept thinking that what she really means by eating naturally thin is just not eating all that much Though she did eat things like egg white omelets with veggies and salads and so on, a lot of what she says she ate during that week was just a lot of small bites of crap a bit of someone elses decadent dessert, a couple of bites of a fried appetizer I just don t think that they way she actually eats, compared with the otherwise smart rules she touts in the book, is any kind of example to follow if you re trying to get in shape and healthy and stay that way It sfor girls who are already thin Because really, if you ve got a lot of weight to lose and some bad habits to break, the amount of will power that this book assumes you have to just, basically, not eat as much any , is going to be a big stumbling block.Once I got to the appendix, where there was a table of three weeks worth of her eating habits, what she ate did seem ratherhealthy than at first glance in the disjointed sidebars throughout the book But, it was still a lot of just not eating very much, so, I still think that, while everyone should take the 10 rules she lists to heart and apply them to their weight loss efforts, don t pay any attention to or try to follow how Bethenny claims to actually eat.In fairness, she never says you should, but I think that she could have chosen better examples to show her program in action than having half a candy bar for a snack and talking about how fruit is kind of a crap snack because it s not going to be what you really want and you ll only be hungry again later C mon, Bethenny. I finished this book in a day obviously a cry for help on my part My first response was wow, I just spent 16 on a book that says eat less Duh However, as I got on with it, some of Frankel s tips are really good mostly the one that encourages you to pay attention to what you are doing with your eating She also trivializes food it is just food which, in my case is good puts things into perspective I haven t committed to memory all of her rules but two or three that I find very helpful Upon reading her rules, I realized that my mother who was definitely naturally thin, did many of the same things that Frankel suggests and she didn t read it in a book I think the book has some sounds, common sense advice which we have all heard other places I think some of the recipes are really good and I think the scenarios she spells out are really real life However, I don t care for a lot of the food that she has on her plan, I don t drink and I do cook for a diabetic husband but I have eaten out for the last two or three days, applying some of her principals and I have felt better, lighter and I have lost a couple of pounds So, all in all, it wasn t a waste of 16. This book sucks It s all common sense written in a way to make you feel like you have no common sense She says everyone is naturally thin, but the book is written from a perspective of someone who is really naturally thin and thinks that everyone who is fat chooses to be in some ways that s true , and is written in a very condescending way The point of diminishing taste, or whatever it is take only 3 bites of the steak because that s when it ll stop tasting as good What if my whole dam steak tastes amazing from start to finish Her example of a binge eating session made me laugh That s something a naturally skinny girl would consider a binge You do not need to read this book to understand common sense about eating The book also repeats itself over and over The rules are basically the same advice rewritten This book would have been easier to read had it only been 100 pages, including recipes And the recipes are not delicious interesting and pretty, but lack a depth of flavor I borrowed this book because I like watching her on tv, but she is not a writer, and I feel this book was half hazardly put together to capitalize on her name and make money It worked and for that reason alone I still like her But do not buy this book. This is my second time reading this book and it is still amazing What a great point of view and added support in the journey to having a better relationship with food. From Four Time New York Times Bestselling Author Bethenny Frankel, The Book That Started It All Naturally Thin Bethenny Frankel, Talk Show Host, Queen Of Cocktails, And Mommy Mogul Has Always Had A Passion For Preparing And Enjoying Healthful, Natural Foods And Sharing That LoveThe New York Times Bestseller Naturally Thin Shows How Anyone Can Banish Their Heavy Habits, Embrace Thin Thoughts, And Enjoy Satisfying Meals, Snacks, And Drinks Without The Guilt Armed With Bethenny S Rules, You Will Say I Know When I Am Really Hungry When I M Really Hungry, I Look For High Volume, Fiber Rich Foods I Can Have Any Food I Want I Love The Taste Of Real FoodWith Than Thirty Simple, Delicious Recipes Including Her Famous SkinnyGirl Margarita , A One Week Program To Jump Start Readers On The Naturally Thin Lifestyle, And Warm, Witty Encouragement On Every Page, Frankel Serves Up A Book For A Healthier And Thinner Life I m pretty embarrassed to admit I ve read this But, alas, I have I ve never had a weight problem but I do love Bethenny and her show blushing hard now and wanted to see what the buzz is about Many of the things she said to practice I already do I m definitely of the nothing is off limits, just eat in moderation camp and the whole concept of just getting a small cup of soup salad and then sharing with others is something I do all the time I m famous for making my kids get fries so I can have a couple Also none of the heavy habits she listed apply to me But I did get some things out of the book I am very guilty of eating on the run, in front of my computer, standing up I don t have the food noise she discusses in her book but I have my own kind food annoys me because it takes time to prepare and consume and I m so not a fast food person I wish I was in a Jetson s kind of world where a whole meal comes in a capsule I don t enjoy eating unless it s out to dinner with friends family and that is justfor the social aspect This book did help me see food in a different light and I will try to slow down and enjoy it and appreciate itI ve vowed nocomputer eating We ll see how that stands up.Overall I enjoyed Bethenny s take on food and her emphasis not to be obsessive about it Her humorous approach also makes a diet book a lotpalatable so to speak A lot of it was very repetitive but I guess that s to be expected from this type of tome Also she uses absurd and as big as your head one gazillion times All in, glad I read it I think it s a great read for anyone who struggles with their weight or even people who want to be healthier. Quite frankly, this book gives much of the same advice as French Women Don t Get Fat just with a different voice and a less keen copy editor I know that editing a book is tough work, but failing to include a day s meal and allowing turn the television of and sguar to slip made it difficult for me to see this as anything other than a rush job book to capitalize on the Frankel s popularity courtesy of the Real Housewives of New York City Frankel s book is in the same chatty vein as Skinny Bitch and How to Eat Like a Hot Chick without the overt bitchiness or the overt pandering to the Sex the City lover.Ultimately, Frankel s book has some solid advice about changing your mindset about food and dieting, and it contains a nice amount of recipes Quite frankly, save your money Review her 10 guidelines at the bookstore, and then find her recipes online.

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