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My Teacher Is an Alien Grade Level 6th to 8thThis science fiction book is about an alien that comes to Earth, poses as a teacher, and has a plan to abduct students for study The main character, Susan, discovers he is an alien and the book unfolds with her attempting to foil the aliens plan The book is not very long, but very easy to read The dialogue includes internal monologue from the main character.This book can be used to discuss unlikely friends Peter and Susan , the possibility of aliens, or the process of solving a mystery The book genre is difficult to place into a curriculum that is based on other content areas, but an imaginative teacher would be able to incorporate this book into a class lesson that could span multiple subjects Some science can be incorporated with a look current technology and possible future technology In addition, this book can create a discussion about aliens and what they might discover when they visit Earth, allowing students to have a larger view of the world. My 11 year old son really liked listening to this audiobook, even after he read the copy that he owns And I really liked listening to it with him Sixth Grade Is Just Out Of This World Susan Simmons Can Tell That Her New Substitute Teacher Is Really Weird But She Doesn T Know How Weird Until She Catches Him Peeling Off His Face And Realizes That Mr Smith Is Really An Alien At First No One Will Believe Her Except Peter Thompson, The Class Brain When Peter And Susan Discover Mr Smith S Horrible Plans For Their Classmates, They Know They Have To Act Fast Only They Can Get Rid Of Their Extraterrestrial Visitor And Save The Rest Of The Sixth Grade Class From A Fate Worse Than Math Tests What is there to even say Bruce Coville is the reason I love reading, and the reason I love sf f in particular This was the most formative series of my childhood The first book is pretty light and silly the end of the series is quite a bit heavier , and utterly delightful. I liked the book because it was all about a teacher that was actully alien. This was one of my favorite books as a kid and I m pleased to see students continue to check it out, as well as Coville s newer books It held up on re read much better than expected it s really a suspenseful and well crafted story Good use of the evil teacher trope Mr Smith has some very creepy standoffs with Susan as he stays in character as their teacher Trying to balance supernatural threat with the pressure of daily life is always a great lens for the experience of being young I like the way that saving the world and doing a clarinet solo are equal pulls on Susan here This is a solid entry in the wacky school life genre or it could be a gateway to harder sci fi. I discovered that our local library OverDrive website had a bunch of fun children s books in audiobook editions, so I thought I would give this one a try It s a fun, fast story and I enjoyed listening to Liza Ross narrate the story I really like that it is told from Susan s perspective, instead of from a boy s Overall, I thought the plot was a bit silly, but I liked it anyway I see, now that I ve gone on Goodreads to post this review, that this is just the first book in the My Teacher is an Alien series I may have to look for the other books. 1.I love this book It s very interesting for example, on page 93 When Duncan,Peter and Susan was spying on Mr.Smith Duncan went in a room and saw a breif case He opened it and he started to scream very loud because an alien head poped up and started to talk in a weird language Another is that on page 51 When Peter and Susan was in the middle of the attic They saw Ms.Schwartz frozen in a rectangular see through box 2 I would reccommend this book to my brother Mohamed I would reccommend this to my brother because he loves mysteries He likes to find things and figiuring them out just like Susan He also, likes watching Law and Order Law and Order is about mysteries.3.This book was not challenging for me It was not challenging for me because, while my brother watches Law and Order I have to predict what happens Predicting is another form of comprehension and i used that to understand.4 Peter is in 6th grade He is a geekoid thats what people say He loves reading books he don t like watching tv and people tease him about it He has glass, blond hair and brown or green eyes He has one friend and thats Susan. This book single handedly made me fall in love with science fiction when I was in fourth grade thanks, Mr Juhas I reread this book dozens of times as a kid, but reread it for the first time in than a decade over the last couple of nights One of the things I d forgotten was that this book is written from the perspective of a sixth grade girl named Susan In my opinion, her gender wasn t all that important to the story, but it s interesting to note that Coville chose to write from a girl s perspective for a science fiction story For the time period, I don t recall that being done often.Another reason I believe I forgot about Susan was that I had strongly identified with Peter as a child and that was probably the reason Mr Juhas had recommended the book to me.As a writer, one of the things I look for is why I like a book, and this book has many lessons to offer For example most if not all of the chapters end on a cliffhanger, making the book hard to put down there are multiple character triangles Susan, Peter, Broxholm Susan, Ms Schwarz, and Mr Smith Susan, Peter, Duncan that keep the story interesting Each character has clear, individual motivations the hidden messages deal with fears virtually every middle school student has sometimes it s hard to broach tough subjects with parents, fear of how peers will react, dealing with schoolyard bullies, etc.I d recommend this book to any middle grade student who s ever felt like an outcast. So I really didn t have much of a life as a kid, but I remember ploughing through these one summer, probably when I had a twisted ankle and was couch bound Looks like he kept writing beyond the years I read him, but these were essential readings at the time Miss you Scholastic

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