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My Name Is Rapunzel My Tale Has Been Told Again And Again, And I Ve Heard Each One Except For My Hair, I Barely Recognize The Pitiful Renditions Muddled Versions, Crafted To Entertain Laughing Children But The Children Wouldn T Have Laughed If They D Known The Real Story It Wasn T Their Fault They Didn T Know The Truth Nobody DidMy Name Is Rapunzel I Will Tell You My Story I Will Tell You The Truth

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    This book won me over by the title, the picture, the votes, the reviews, and the description So it practically made me fall hard for this book, and why not I am a sucker for fairy tales, quite normal for the females I guess I just hope this book doesn t let me down Since again, I love fairy tales, and since this might be a new version

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    That, my friends or not, I don t really know whoever s reading this is the best synopsis ever.I was just scrolling along a listopia, and I come across this book Nice title, nice cover, then I read the synopsis but the children wouldn t have laughed if they d known the real story It wasn t their fault They didn t know the truth Nobody did Th

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    I desperately tried to love this book Unfortunately, no amount of effort on my part can overlook the juvenile syntax, the measly world building, cliched intelligence lacking characters, the half baked love triangle, and convoluted ending In addition, the major plot points were identical to Tangled but not so beautifully told or animated

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    This review was originally posted on Mermaid with a Book.This book has a beautiful cover and a beautiful synopsis, but left me floundering when I was barely a quarter in I had expected much of My Name Is Rapunzel I did not have the easiest time writing this review I ll section it so that it ll be easier for everyone to process.Undefined goals

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    Read the blurb Have you read it Read it again Does that voice not compel you, make you want to read it Does it not leave you anticipating a firm, somewhat derisive voice guiding you through the actual tale of Rapunzel Does it not pave the way for a book that is at least average, if not brilliant If you find yourself nodding, and are fortunate enough not t

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    First off, I was lucky enough to have been chosen and given the opportunity to be a part of the street team that Ms Hamilton put together in order to help edit it and review the book before it was officially published And second of all, I am very well pleased to say that I very much enjoyed reading this book I went through the whole entire book in two days kee

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    Ok, so I rarely ever review books I m just way to freaking lazy and honestly, I don t care about other peoples opinions half the time so why should anyone care about mine.This book however, I feel the need to review To clarify, I rate this book 3.5.To start off, I read this book in 3 hours It s basically a retelling of the fairy tale Rapunzel and we ve heard them a

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    I received an ARC copy of this book from the author as part of her street team on a read to review basisThe first thing that I want to talk about is the front cover It s absolutely gorgeous, and definitely one of my favourites It portrays exactly what the story is about in a simple, yet beautiful way.I am a huge mega fan of fairy tale re tellings, and Rapunzel is a defi

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    When people are crazy about this book, I just want to be able to say I DISCOVERED IT FIRST

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    Read the rest of my review on my blog, Behind The Secret Bookshelf I received this book as part of a Goodreads ARC giveaway. Two words highly disappointed.I saw this book on Goodreads and immediately told myself I had to have it The concept was highly intriguing and I am a sucker for a fairy tale re telling But when I finally started reading the book, what did I find, but

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