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Mr. Was Jack Lund Figures A Good Day Is When His Dad S Too Drunk To Beat Up His Mom For Jack, Bogg S End Is The End The End Of The Turbulent, See Saw Years Of Watching His Father Go On The Wagon And Fall Right Back Off Again Once It Took Two Years, But The Inevitable Inevitably Happened Now It S Just Jack And His Mom Starting Over In The Strange Old House His Grandfather Left Them But The Ride S Not Over Yet Jack S Father Returns, Full Of Apologies And Promises, And For A Little While, Things Are Looking Up Then In One Terrifying, Sickening Moment, Everything Comes Crashing Back Down Again So Jack Runs He Runs Through A Strange Hidden Door That Takes Him Back In Time To Before His Parents Were Born Before He Was Born Maybe With A Second Chance He Can Stop The Inevitable At Least He S Got To Try What Jack Doesn T Understand, Though, Is That He Can T Change His Future Until He Faces His Past

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    My teenage son called this book awesome, and when he says that about something that isn t a computer game, I m instantly intrigued Now that I ve read the book, I completely agree with his assessment It s a time travel book that s also a mystery since the story isn t given to you contiguously You get a letter dated 1952, a narrative beginning in the 1990 s, and a journal of sorts from World War II From there you have to piece the whole thi

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    Mr Was by Pete Hautman is a novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat or bed or wherever you like to read With the main character being of a teen age this book was perfect for young adults and allows one to connect personally with the story Although it starts out as realistic fiction it slowly becomes captivating with action and sorrow that leaves you attached to the Jack, the main character Even without the introduction of time travel an

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    I just finished Pete Hautman s 1996 novel Mr Was The story chronicles the life of John Jack Lund, which begins in 1979 and ends in 1952 Yes You read that right 1979 to 1952 It s a time travel story that involves a creepy old house, a secret door, and a family saga which cycles back on itself a few times before Jack s tale is complete.It s a fine bit of metafiction, too, set in fictional Memory, MN, which is surrounded by very real and at least for

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    This is one of my favorite time travel books It s a great example of how YA books are often better than adult books at packing a wallop of a story in a small package I m not sure why this book isn t better known it s like 576 or something on Goodreads Popular Time Travel Books list , because I enjoyed it so much that I ve lost track of how many times I ve read it.Jack s goes with his mother to spend some time at his grandfather s creepy old mansion Ther

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    Lot s of spoilerish stuff ahead.When I first heard about Back to the Future, I thought there was a whole lot of potential in a time travel story where a teen goes back and meets his teenaged mom So I was expecting something like Oedipus, and got light hearted Spielberg flick instead and yes, I know he didn t actually direct it, but the first of the Back to the Future movies has always felt like Spielberg than Zemekis.I was surprised that Mr Was, which is ta

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    Review This book was so good I loved how the plot thickens, but everything still makes sense at the end of the book It is refreshing to feel a sense of contentment at the end of the book instead of wondering why the book ended a certain way I would definitely read of the author s books.Plot Jack Lund lives with his mom and dad They are a dysfunctional family because Jack s dad is a drunk, and his mom loves to encourage his father s anger When Jack s grandpa Skor

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    Personal Response Mr Was is a very interesting book that has a irresistible plot I must say that the book gets very confusing but in the end it kinda redeems itself After the boring beginning, the rising action takes place which really lights up the book before the climax I love this book and it was probably the fastest book I ve read This book helped remind me of Back to the Future.Summary Plot Jack was laying in bed when he heard the home phone ring His mother told

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    This book is about a guy named Jack who found out that there was a door that travels back to the past Well, at the beginning of the story, it was kind of freaky because when Jack went to the hospital for his granpa Skoro, he tried to kill Jack I thought that there must be a reason for Skoro trying to strangle Jack Jack s parents were always fighting He hated them fighting so much So while his parents were fighting, he decided to look around at the place where his grandfath

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    This is such a great sci fi book I really enjoyed it It took me a weekend Pete sucked me into the story and I held my breath until it was done.

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    Read this in my Adventures of the Mind class Needless to say, I loved it Really nice for a quick, exciting read I think I loved the fact that the setting was where I grew up too.

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