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Mr. Malcolm's List This is a fantastic study on how not to write a regency romance.Let me just start by saying that Selina isthan a tolerable main character I liked her a lot I don t think I would have been able to finish this book if I had to deal with an annoying mc on top of everything else.Let s just run through it.Setting Awful.It s like Allain read one regency romance and then decided to write her own, with no knowledge of history or Britain The language is so very modern They might as well have said YOLO SWAG It s like she made a little checklist for the setting.Costume ball check.Call on someone in town check Did I send a card Am I wearing a morning dress Did I take a hackney Carriage ride in the park check.Visit family in the country check.This book just made me so muchappreciative of Georgette Heyer s books Characters Meh.Julia is an awful friend She is completely different in the second half of the book So different that she may as well have been a different person Her motivations don t make any sense Julia s brother is dashing what ho Spiffing darling Shall we have a go at whist then go see the horses In other words he s super British and essentially a joke I did like Selina s relationship with her parents I really liked Henry.Relationships Blech.Don t get me started on Mr Malcolm He was awful Horrible One of the worst male leads I have ever read in a romance There is no chemistry No logical reason for her to like him I really wish Selina an Henry would have gotten together And at the end he was treating her horribly He was telling everyone they were engaged so she couldn t weasel out of it Dubcon much And what the heck was up with them constantly ending up in compromising positions People didn t fall into puddles fountains and have mudfights so much back then.Structure of the story This is the worst This is possibly the best example of how not to structure your novel ever The climax is like 100 pages away from the conclusion The denouement goes on FOREVER This book is way too long It should have only been a novella And the way it is, it s like it s in two parts I already said Julia is a totally different character Well it s like a totally different book WHY DO SO MANY THINGS HAPPEN BEFORE THEY CAN RESOLVE THIS Like seriously Just wrap it up.Anyway, if you re looking for a regency romance, try Georgette Heyer or Eloisa James Not this. The Honorable Mr Malcolm Has A Secret This Elusive Matrimonial Prize, Long The Target Of Desperate Debutantes And Their Matchmaking Mothers, Is Well Known For His Fastidiousness What Is Not Well Known Is That He Has A List Of Qualifications For His Future Bride Can Any Woman Hope To Win The Heart Of Such A Hardened Critic Selina Dalton Can Only Try Her Best And When She Begins To Succeed, Jeremy Malcolm Is Not Sure Whether He Has Discovered The Perfect Woman Or The Perfect Hoax Update 6 29 15 I m knocking this down a star because, despite the fact that I read it 3 weeks ago, I can t remember a single thing It s that forgettable This book could have used a bitfleshing out At only two hundred pages, there was plentyopportunity to delveinto the characters and spendtime examining their motivations Particularly the second half of the book, it felt like things were magically resolved a bit too much. I started this book last evening, having read the first chapter online, and could not put it down I recently discovered the Pink Carnation series by Lauren Willig and this was very similar in atmosphere and temper Light hearted, well crafted, and a very easy read I think that fans of Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen will find this book a pleasant romp Mr Malcolm is reminiscent of Mr Darcy, a bit rigid in the beginning but quite pliable in the end I read this in a single sitting It is a very quick read ane a quite enjoyable one I am now very interested in reading Ms Allain s other novel, Incognito. This light romantic comedy is filled with the usual cliched characters and plot devices I didn t like the relationship between Malcolm and Selina I felt it could have been better developed aside from mere physical attraction They are both intelligent and witty but most of their interactions are sparse on dialogue Malcolm mostly comes across as a snob who doesn t really know what he wants Selina is a bit too nice at first but she improves as her temper is tried Another character experiences a change of heart which seems too abrupt The dialogue is stilted and unrealistic and there s lots of telling as opposed to showing The list plot has been done much better elsewhere If you enjoy the light, fluffy books of Clare Darcy and other Georgette Heyer copycats you ll like this one If you can get a copy for free or download the inexpensive e book version, then this book is worth the money It was not well written enough for me to feel the paperback was worth the price. After reading Ingocnito by Allain I had to see what other books she had written, which is how I found Mr Malcolms List This was probably just as fun as Incognito, both are lighthearted regency novels I thought the story idea was fun, the characters likable and of course I love the regency setting I admit, I did not love Mr Malcolm, but he did grow on my throughout the story I definitely think it s a good idea to have a general idea of what qualities you look for in a spouse, I just didn t always like how he went about things or the items on his list but, to each their own Selina was really likable though, I liked that she was honest for the most part and held her own They have good chemistry together and was not only happy for them, but for all the side characters as well If you re in the mood for a fun, light read then I d give this one a try I read the book as I have heard of the adaptation and saw its first part on Youtube While I understand there can hardly be a second Austen or a second Heyer, Allain s book leaves much to be desired The story itself would be fun and charming and the author definitely posseses a talent for inventing with witty puns but the writing itself is too much of tell and no show I missedcomplex characterizations and human like believable characters in general and alsoplausible regency manners with era appropriate language. Very cute and many laugh out loud moments It started out a 3 for me and got better and better as it went along. A light, fun Regency romance that would be good for fans of Georgette Heyer or Fiona Hill I ve never actually read a book from this genre before I know, I knowhave I been hiding under a rock What can I say, Cliffs notes were my friend in school.After reading so many romances that are in your face with the content, I was wondering how I d respond to the subdued nature of the the content of this book I thoroughly enjoyed it In fact, I flew through the book finishing it in 2 days.It was well written, and the dialogue was extremely clever I really enjoyed the characters Even the ones I disliked at first, I liked at the end At the beginning, I made predictions about where I thought the plot was heading, but was wrong I m glad that the story wasn t that predictable.While reading it, I couldn t help thinking what a great stage play this would make Even while reading it, I felt like I could totally hear the characters as they were saying the lines Maybe this is the Drama teacher in me coming out.

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