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Moonraker For Several Minutes He Stood Speechless, His Eyes Dazzled By The Terrible Beauty Of The Greatest Weapon On Earth He S A Self Made Millionaire, Head Of The Moonraker Rocket Programme And Loved By The Press So Why Is Sir Hugo Drax Cheating At Cards Bond Has Just Five Days To Uncover The Sinister Truth Behind A National Hero, In Ian Fleming S Third Adventure

About the Author: Ian Fleming

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name Ian Lancaster Fleming was a British author, journalist and Second World War Navy Commander He was a grandson of the Scottish financier Robert Fleming, who founded the Scottish American Investment Trust and the merchant bank Robert Fleming Co.Fleming is best remembered for creating the character of James

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    A 84% Very Good Notes James Bond, dispirited office worker, awaits assignment and considers the empty, material life his profession affords.

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    The two thirty eights roared simultaneously.So begins Moonraker, the third novel by Ian Fleming Published in 1955, it continues the exploits of British Secret Service agent James Bond following Casino Royale and Live and Let Die,

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    Moonraker gets fiendish with its plot and villains, making this the first of the James Bond books to feel like a James Bond movie.Pure Cold War spy bliss, this book taps into our collective fear of mass annihilation after the successfully brutal bombings of H

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    For all of you who read my previous James Bond reviews Casino Royale and Live Let Die this four star review will be giving you quite a shock.James Bond is going about his normal life as a Double 0 Operative And I really mean normal He reads boring reports and goes to the sho

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    Rating 4 of fiveYes, again I m rating the 1979 movie, not the 1954 book Get over it.The pre credits sequence of this film is the absolute all time best thrill ride in the Bondiverse Seeing it again on the teensy netbook screen was just as thrilling and pulse pounding as it was to se

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    The third Bond I am reading, and in order So after making ill advised social commentary in his last book, Fleming begins to really get into the groove for which we know him best, fast action sequences Bond battles against multi millionaire and British national hero Sir Hugo Drax, who we dis

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    Why do all the men wear moustaches asked Bond, ignoring Drax s question Again he had the impression that his question had nettled the other man.Drax gave one of his short barking laughs My idea, he said They re difficult to recognize in those white overalls and with their heads shaved So I tol

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    A good James Bond novel.Ian Fleming first published Moonraker in 1955 and it is the third book featuring his master spy, 007 Oddly set in England Bond is almost always sent out of country due to jurisdictional procedures this features an erstwhile British rocket project with some loyalty issues Bond takes

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    I have to say MOONRAKER didn t have as much action as either of the two previous Bond novels At least at the beginning anyway Sure there was the consummate card game and torture scene, but neither hit as hard or as fast as what happened in CASINO ROYALE But this was certainly an entertaining read, even though the

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    So far I ve given the Bond books I ve reviewed 3 stars They walk a sort of thin line They seem to appeal to younger males, but have slightly adult content though in todays market they might be thought a bit tamer than they were when published They are enjoyable, straight adventure yarns and may deserve a 3.5 at least one

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