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Moka Justine M Ne Une Petite Vie Tranquille Entre Son Mari, Ses Deux Enfants Et Son Boulot De Traductrice Free Lance Mais Un Mercredi Apr S Midi, Tout Bascule Un Chauffard Renverse Son Fils En Plein Paris, Et Prend La Fuite, Bord D Une Berline Couleur Moka Malcolm Sombre Dans Le Coma, L Enqu Te Pi Tine Seule Contre Tous Ou Presque, Justine Veut D Couvrir La V Rit Jusqu Au Bout Et N Importe Quel Prix

About the Author: Tatiana de Rosnay

New book The Rain Watcher Saint Martins Press USAOctober 2018 Sentinelle de la Pluie Editions H loise d Ormessonand in Norway, Holland, Sweden and Germany Follow me on Twitter at

10 thoughts on “Moka

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    Another great and emotional book with a twist at the end I liked how the 2 languages, French and English, lived side by side, one complimenting the other One of the best partsMme de Rosnay signed my copy at the Salon du Livre

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    The book started so interesting I really looked forward to reading it.Too bad that after a little while I just couldn t get myself to reading it any I had to push myself to finish it This is one of the most boring books I ve ever read

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    It was way too wordy and I couldn t relate to the subject Sarah s key is one of my favorite books, so I would recommend reading that.

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    I don t have children but I can relate to Justine I can imagine a mother would do anything to find the person who hurt her son It was a really good read, intense and just very real It felt like I knew Justine and what she was going through The little tw

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    The premiss is entertaining enough to keep you reading, but it is written quite poorly.

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    Really liked reading this in French, however I sort of guessed the ending.

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    First of all, the book Mocka is a little bit unusual reading for me, but because I ve found it in a crime section and the language style was short easy I ve decided to give it a try Why not That was why not with a happy ending, because I liked the book I think I d rate it 4 from

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    The book Mocha by Tatiana De Rosnay is much like her other books The writing style is the same, the characters are similar, and like in Sarah s Key, the woman is someway connected to the English speaking world, this time by being married to a Brit, and working as a French English translat

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    Sarah s Key was the first book I read by de Rosnay And I loved it I hoped her other books were as good as that one Unfortunately, this one sucked.Seeing your son in a coma must be awful, but the mother just keeps on nagging I hate her It s totally depressing And I don t like the way the story is w

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    Unfortunately another book by Tatiana de Rosnay that didn t work for me What happened to the author of Sarah s key I didn t like her writing style, the story didn t grab me, I missed the emotional depth Very disappointing I read it in Dutch wonder if it has to do with the translation the English version mi

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