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Mindspeak (Mindspeak, #1) She Was Created For A Purpose So Revolutionary, Someone Was Willing To Kill For ItSeventeen Year Old Lexi Matthews Keeps Two Secrets From Her Elite Boarding School Classmates She S The Daughter Of A Famous And Controversial Geneticist, And She Can Influence People S ThoughtsBut After New Student Jack DeWeese Heals Her Broken Arm With An Anything But Simple Touch, He Forces Lexi To Face A New Reality Her Abilities Reach Much Further Than Speaking To The Minds Of OthersAfter Lexi S Father Goes Missing And She Receives Threatening Emails, She Can T Decide Whether To Fall Into Jack S Arms Or Run And HideAs Lexi Seeks Answers To What She And Jack Are, She Discovers A Truth Unsettling Than Anything Her Science Books Can Teach And Letting Jack Into Her Life Of Secrets Is Not Only A Threat To Her Very Existence, But It Just Might Break Her Heart Wide Open Ummmmmholy CRAP, people Why haven t you gone and nabbed this book fromalready Do it Do it NOW It s been a while since I ve completely lost myself in a book, and I don t mean a nice, oh, la dee da, I ll return to my life in an hour kind of lost I mean the kind of lost where you just throw caution to the wind and deny real life for at least a week I couldn t wait to get off work so I could come home and read this From that first page I fell in love, and Sunseri dragged me along and LEFT ME HANGING WITH THAT EFFING CLIFFHANGER. deep breaths Absolutely love the premise of this series, too Genetic experimentation, cloning, stem cell researchthese are all really controversial issues that we still talk about And this book really made me think about my own stance on the issue, while entertaining me with an action packed, suspenseful plot and amazing characters Sunseri s prose is addicting, and it transports you into the world of Lexi and Jack I knew I was a goner the second I read that synopsis Anxious to see where this series goes Did not disappoint This is definitely an author you ll want to check out, friends I tried to finish I really did I read to about 53% That s all I could handle before I succumbed to physically harming my Kindle in frustration The premise of this book is excellent I was excited to dive right in The execution of the plot is horrendous I understand an author s desire to hold a reader s attention with suspense, plot twists, and romantic interludes however, the so called suspense in this book is just one character Jack promising the main character Lexi that he ll tell her everything and then he doesn t Over and over A couple days pass, she continues her life as normal, and then he sees her again Repeat of former scene Jack is adamant that they live like normal teenagers and wants to take her mind off their strange lives which she doesn t know much about because he refuses to ever tell her which makes for lots of corny romantic lines and unbelievable sudden devotion on his part Lexi is finally exposed to the big secret about her life right before I quit reading and I realized that the secret wasn t as exciting as I had previously thought Justcouldn tsufferthrough Sorry Not for me. This could have been okay for me Not really good, but really okay.Minor spoilers ahead.Yes, it was very cheesy, superficial and touchy feely all the time That annoyed me, but it did not make the book bad.The abilities and the program got me hooked and I looked forward to the science ficiton part of this book.Well, this part never came.I failed to get it a long time I just wondered, why the characters acted so very strange to certain information Information, where I thought ah, okay, no problem was like OMG NO WAY to the characters in the book and I wondered and wondered.Then the heroine thinks stuff like I am a abomination I am not made by God This is against Gods will et cetera.Solet me get this straight This is a science fiction novel The characters have HEALING ABILITIES Which could HELP PEOPLE.Yet it is stated that these abilities are bad and should not be improved They should not use their power to heal people and scientists or everyone who wants to help them control their abilities are evil.Because it is against Gods will.Wow SPOILER The heroine even chooses to specifically NOT help a woman who is in a coma, because she is a scientist and wants to improve their abilities by erasing the handicaps they suffer from.WOW.I don t know why the author even chose to write science fiction if the overall message is Science is evil, God is the only creator of everything This book made me angry because I felt that it insults intelligence in general.I don t think I will read anything from this author ever again. Heather Sunseri is a new and fresh voice in Young Adult fiction Her debut novel, Mindspeak, is a thrill ride that keeps you guessing Her characters are well developed, quirky, and fun I found myself laughing at times, swooning at the romantic tension between the hero heroine, and questioning everyone No one is safe and anyone could be the bad guy And if palpable romance and high impact action isn t enough, Sunseri tackles important subjects such as identity and purpose It left me satisfied and wantingI m looking forward for book two in this series.

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