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Mindfulness in Plain English A Masterpiece Jon Kabat ZinnSince Mindfulness In Plain English Was First Published In , It Has Become One Of The Bestselling And Most Influential Books In The Field Of Mindfulness It S Easy To See WhyAuthor Bhante Gunaratana, A Renowned Meditation Master, Takes Us Step By Step Through The Myths, Realities, And Benefits Of Meditation And The Practice Of Mindfulness The Book Showcases Bhante S Trademark Clarity And Wit, As He Explores The Tool Of Meditation, What It Does, And How To Make It WorkThis Expanded Edition Includes The Complete Text Of Its Predecessor Along With A New Chapter On Cultivating Loving Kindness, An Especially Important Topic In Today S World For Anyone Who Is New To Meditation, This Is A Great Resource For Learning How To Live A Productive And Peaceful Life

About the Author: Henepola Gunaratana

Bhante Henepola Gunaratana is the founding abbot of the Bhavana Society Born in rural Sri Lanka, he has been a monk since age 12 and took full ordination at age 20 in 1947 He came to the United States in 1968 Bhante G as he is fondly called by his students has written a number of books, including the now classic meditation manual Mindfulness In Plain English and its companion Eight Mindful

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    I expected an exceptional guide to meditation and was surprised to find the book also contained strong, clearly articulated reasons for cultivat

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    No review, just quotes Each of the following paragraphs are direct quotes, in the order they are found in the text The book is freely available on

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    Still know that the best way to understand mindfulness and meditation is just by the very act of meditation itself, yet reading this book gave the g

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    We are simply not paying enough attention to notice that we are not paying attention I have a meticulous system for taking notes when I read, but it

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    Even those who don t plan to engage in Buddhist meditation will benefit from his descriptions of the many distractions mental and physical that we creat

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    No problems with the message s in this book, but the tone was not for me The use of the second person combined with absolute statements struck me the wron

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    Hard to evaluate this book, because I ve never read anything quite like it It is a basic meditation manual It does not attempt to cover a broad range of app

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    Must read for beginner meditatorsThis is than the 3rd times I re read this great book, after 3 years practicing meditation Each time I read it, each time I l

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    A Guide to vipassana meditation for a complete beginner A clear and readable text Would recommend to anyone who is looking to begin practicing meditation and do

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    I m an armchair Buddhist Meaning, I like to think about being Buddhist than actually practicing But I certainly have deep appreciation for much of Buddhist thoug

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