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Middle Ground Much better than the first one Still not thrilled with how Justin rambles off on these tangents that soundlike an inspiring Star Trek monologue than anything anyone would actually say And also if I had to read about Maddie cupping his face onetime I was going to throw myself out a window But other than that, this was a good installment Interested to see how the series ends. Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsINTEREST IN BOOK If you ve been paying attention, you know that Awaken was a book that spoke loudly to me I was very wrapped up in the possibility of the scenario I was also very affected by experiencing Maddie s awakening, when Justin assists her in unplugging It was beautiful to watch her reconnecting with her senses and experiencing emotions she never knew existed Being that I m a social worker, I understand how very important socialization and social support is for human beings, and this series really drives this point home.WORLD BUILDING The world expands in Middle Ground as Maddie endures a life altering trip to a detention center for her rebellious behavior In Maddie s world, detention centers take care of those who are unwilling to remain plugged in and participate in a mostly digital life Digital School brought safety and security to society, at the cost of togetherness and intimacy Maddie s father is the creator of DS, so her involvement in the rebellion to bring intimacy back to society is quite the scandal Maddie s experience in the detention center is horrific and we learn a lot about what is being done to keep society in check I think my only real issue with this scenario was how easy it was to sneak around inside the detention center I get that security was low because they control the students psychologically, but it just seemed too easy CHARACTERS Maddie grew a lot in this installment She was always brave and stubborn, but she really puts herself in serious danger to save many I found myself rooting for her, then yelling at her, many times She surprised me with her mature, selfless decisions, though I should not have been surprised Maddie has always been willing to go the extra mile or 50 to do what is right And then we have Justin Geez I might have to add Justin Solvi to the tippy top of respectable, amazing, glorious book boyfriends I didn t think I could adore him , but I certainly do What grabbed me most were his vulnerable moments As Maddie pointed out numerous times, he certainly has issues letting people in and being intimate, and in Middle Ground, we learn why Justin has been carrying around a lot of guilt and Maddie does her best to encourage him to remove the blanket of guilt and shame from his heart and soul Those moments between them were so damn beautiful.Gabe is worth mentioning, as I find myself thinking a lot about him during this review Gabe works in the detention center and was integral in the dangerous planning by Maddie, Justin, and gang I think he was a huge part in keeping Maddie sane throughout the story Of course, all the characters that have befriended Maddie throughout this series, and continue to fight the good fight with her, are great in their own ways Love them.LASTING IMPRESSIONS It appears that we are going to have a third book in this series, as Maddie leaves us hanging with yet another heavy decision that she must make In the end, I know she will do what she feels is right for humanity, but she will not be bullied She has become quite the strong heroine, and she and Justin will stand up and fight until the war is over Together. ein paar Logik Fehler waren drin, ansonsten war es ein richtig guter zweiter Teil This was an exciting sequel to the first book Awaken I couldn t put it down and once I was finished I wanted to read it over again It s a wonderful story about the life of a young girl striving for the freedom to experience her life without being controlled by technology It s a scary look into a possible realistic future and it leaves you contemplating your own life and how you are really living it Fantastic read Cannot wait for the next book 4.6 starsI have mixed feelings toward this book It was very good, and I enjoyed it But I feel like it was lacking of emotions Or it s just me Like probably I was in bad mood during these days or something I felt empty, and nothing, to be honest.Why did I rate it pretty high Katie s writing quotes are so beautiful and inspiring honestly Or shall I say, Justin Solvi s quotes Or Maddie s lil diary The quotes in this book are beyond beautiful and very meaningful This story has taught me a lot of good things and made my eyes open toward the worldI m saying maybe we all need to be okay with who we are ten minutes longer every day Maybe we need to stop worrying so much about being accepted and caring what people think about us But we need to accept ourselves first Maybe we need to plus bank into this In this anticipated sequel to Awaken, Middle Ground picks up with Maddie living with her brother in Los Angeles The year is 2060 She s supposed to be in a detention facility, but her father has used his powers to do some fancy paperwork to make it look like she is While Maddie is happy in LA, she misses her boyfriend Justin, who is working at intercepting other kids on their way to the detention facilities and inviting them to join their cause It s their biggest goal to get rid of DS, digital school, a program that Maddie s father created They believe that kids should have the choice of online school or public school They should be able to go out and meet friends face to face and get sun on their faces without everything being digitalized But DS keeps kids safe and controlled, and those that run it will do whatever it takes to make sure it runs properly.When Maddie goes to a virtual club with her brother and some friends, she can t help herself but try and show the kids the way things could be All it does is get her into trouble and before long, someone is knocking at her door and she s on the way to the detention center for rehabilitation This time, Justin and her friends can t get her out What happens behind the locked doors in the center is horrific they want the kids to be controlled and realize that it s not safe outside and they will do whatever it takes to get that through their heads Maddie tries to endure but she can t do it alone Middle Ground is a great second installment in this series Maddie and Justin s relationship is still moving along, but it has it s struggles Especially since her father created DS and he leads the group that wants to demolish it In a world where we all rely on so much technology, Kacvinsky s series puts things a bit in perspective There has to be balance, and in her world, there isn t I really empathized with Maddie and her plight, she made some good and bad choices I also enjoyed getting to know Justinin this installment The book ends satisfactory, no horrid cliffhanger, but it does allude to another book in the series I can t wait I really feel like nothing happened to significantly further the storyline She goes into the DC She gets out Books over And so what they rescued one place Now all the people in every other one can t even leave when their time is up How are they celebrating They seem no closer to ending DS I liked Gabe but he didn t seem to join their fight on getting out Or even hooking up with Claire It was never solidly decided who the rat was And poor Pat is just made such a creep throughout this book It really felt like a book load of filler. OH MY GOD She gets in a detention center THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I FUCKING WANTED Yes, yes yes yes yes motherfucking YES Dammit, I hope I love this book And I hope Justin is never in it, ahahahaha Damn yes Hell yes.I think there was something else I was going to say but I read the summary and I forgot it.I hope she writesentries in her journal LOTS of entries 3333Oh, I really love the title of this one 333 Ho.ly.crap The best and worst thing about this series is that it doesn t seem far fetched I don t generally get into futuristic stuff but this is a world that, sadly, I can imagine becoming reality When Maddie is hauled off to a detention center, it s obviously not going to be a walk in the park The truth behind the gates is actually quite terrifying Jaw droppingly scary And once again, it s not difficult to imagine something like this happening which makes me so sad Maddie s fight to keep her sanity and Justin s and her friends determination to save her is intense and will keep you anxious to turn the page What happens next When I saw that there isn t a release date for the next book, I seriously yelled, WHAT loud enough for my husband to hear two rooms away Sigh I ll be on pins and needles until I find out what happens with DS And, of course, Justin and Maddie. For Four Weeks Maddie Has Been Living In Los Angeles, Trying To Be Good But No Matter How Hard She Tries, Something Inside Her Won T Be Sated She Can T Live A Life Of Half Truths And False Pretenses So One Night, She Says How She Really FeelsThat S All It Takes One Night One Bad Decision, And Maddie Is Thrown Into A Detention Center Where She S Forced To Undergo Secretive Treatment Meant To Squash Her Rebellious Streak The Powers That Be Call It Rehabilitation Maddie Calls It TortureAlone, Maddie Will Not Survive But If She Can Find Something To Hold On To An Image Of Justin, Their Love Maybe She Can Fight And If She S Really Lucky, Maybe She Ll Even Win

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