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Making Good What Color Is Your Parachute For The Facebook GenerationAs We Emerge From The Recession, A Generation Is Searching For Practical Ways To Succeed Financially While Also Making Positive Changes In The World From Energy To Food To Education, Making Good Outlines How To Do This These Opportunities Are Not Just For Entrepreneurs And FortuneCompanies Making Good Outlines Step By Step How Anyone Can Achieve Financial Autonomy, Capitalize On Global Changes To Infrastructure, And Learn From Everyday Success Stories Providing The Skills And Insight This Generation Needs To SucceedCharismatic, Young, And Passionate, Dev Aujla And Billy Parish Have Been Recognized In Media Outlets Such As The Globe And Mail, Vanity Fair, And Rolling Stone As Voices Of Their Generation They Are At The Vanguard Of Figuring Out How The Next Generation Will Rethink, Reimagine, And Rebuild The World Making Good Culls The Knowledge And Practical Advice That Has Allowed Aujla And Parish To Build Thriving, Meaningful Careers

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    This book is fantastic Totally encouraging for the growing numbers of do gooders and people wanting to work to benefit than just themselves, trying to figure out how to do that in the real working world The stories of what other people are doing and the introspective exercises are energizing The ove

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    Making good had some interesting activities to try, and I liked their chapters on using design thinking and community organizing to create social change They focus on the questions, How will I make money What does doing good mean to me How do I want to spend my time Sometimes it felt a little too much like sel

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    It offers inspirational advice and gives you the guts to jump off the deep end and try a new venture It read really quickly, so I think I need a second time to absorb Not sure how the six steps really mesh together.

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    This book is fantastic for all those who want to make change and make a living No matter where you are on that journey even if you ve been making good for years this book has practical tools, inspiring examples, and really tangible suggestions for how to make good.

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    Many young people coming of age today face a confounding puzzle with pieces that, at first glance, do not seem all that easy to fit together for a picture of a clear and hopeful future On the one hand, we belong to the most progressive generation in American history and exhibit record levels of commitment to positive social change Yet, on

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    I received an ARC of this book through Goodreads First Reads.2 starsOk, I ve given it a shot and well over a month after starting this book, I simply cannot finish it I ve picked it up about three times in the past couple weeks and have progressed maybe 3 paragraphs I ve accepted the fact that I will not finish reading this book, having made it half

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    This is exactly the book I needed at this moment in my life, and I would recommend it to every one of my peers who wants to make a positive difference with their life s work yet isn t sure how to do that.The argument is that it is possible to do good and make a good living doing it This book addresses our fears and worries about following a nonlinear career p

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    While this book primarily targets recent college grads, it can serve as a primer for do gooders of all ages All that s required to make the most of this practical guide is a big heart and equally big vision for changing the way we work Are you worried about your financial future Don t Making Good will inspire you to create work that is meaningful as well as rewarding.T

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    I really connected to everything discussed in this book I m a late 20 something who wants to do something meaningful but has only run into roadblocks and frustration I loved the quote on p.39 Your vocation is where your greatest passion meets the world s greatest need The reader really embarks on a journey of self exploration in these pages, and this is a good read for any aspir

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    Fantastic guide for anyone looking to deviate from the known and linear and probe the non traditional routes of looking inwards to see how it is you can create meaning for your self outwards Packed with great tips, tools, exercises, and resources, making it a very hands on action oriented guide to doing just the cover advertises, find meaning, money, and community in a changing world.

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