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Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life Out Of Nowhere, Like A Breeze In A Marketplace Crowded With Advice, Comes Byron Katie And The Work In The Midst Of A Normal Life, Katie Became Increasingly Depressed, And Over A Ten Year Period Sank Further Into Rage, Despair, And Thoughts Of Suicide Then One Morning, She Woke Up In A State Of Absolute Joy, Filled With The Realization Of How Her Own Suffering Had Ended The Freedom Of That Realization Has Never Left Her, And Now In Loving What Is You Can Discover The Same Freedom Through The Work The Work Is Simply Four Questions That, When Applied To A Specific Problem, Enable You To See What Is Troubling You In An Entirely Different Light As Katie Says, It S Not The Problem That Causes Our Suffering It S Our Thinking About The Problem Contrary To Popular Belief, Trying To Let Go Of A Painful Thought Never Works Instead, Once We Have Done The Work, The Thought Lets Go Of Us At That Point, We Can Truly Love What Is, Just As It IsLoving What Is Will Show You Step By Step, Through Clear And Vivid Examples, Exactly How To Use This Revolutionary Process For Yourself You Ll See People Do The Work With Katie On A Broad Range Of Human Problems, From A Wife Ready To Leave Her Husband Because He Wants Sex, To A Manhattan Worker Paralyzed By Fear Of Terrorism, To A Woman Suffering Over A Death In Her Family Many People Have Discovered The Work S Power To Solve Problems In Addition, They Say That Through The Work They Experience A Sense Of Lasting Peace And Find The Clarity And Energy To Act, Even In Situations That Had Previously Seemed Impossible If You Continue To Do The Work, You May Discover, As Many People Have, That The Questioning Flows Into Every Aspect Of Your Life, Effortlessly Undoing The Stressful Thoughts That Keep You From Experiencing Peace Loving What Is Offers Everything You Need To Learn And Live This Remarkable Process, And To Find Happiness As What Katie Calls A Lover Of Reality

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    Hmmmmneed to digest this one before writing a review Some things rang true, some were rather disturbing I ll be back in a bitI m back Here we go Update After a long discussion with a good friend who found The Work extremely helpful in dealing with some difficult issues in her life recently, I m willing to acknowledge that when applied

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    I listened to part of the audio version of this book, but I couldn t finish it I first learned of this book from a smart, very successful woman who referenced it in a talk to 250 of my co workers She mentioned how life changing it was to determine what was her business, someone else s business or God s business That made sense, so I dec

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    This book about blew the top of my head off.Numerous times I had to sit back and contemplate the book for a long long time before I felt prepared to continue.I recommend this to EVERYBODY It s another one of those books that would improve the world by major leaps and bounds if everybody read it.

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    I went into this with open eyes and mind and ended up being quite disappointed SPOILER ALERT The story that really sent me over the edge was the one of the abused woman She was sexually abused by her stepfather from about age 9.Byron Katie must not be a sexual abuse surivor because her work with this gal both appalling and insensitive To

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    If you want a life changing book, then you need to read this one today It is so powerful Years ago, after months of dealing with post partum depression after giving birth to my first child, my GP suggested I talk to a therapist to help me through the depression I ended up seeing a cognitive therapist for a few months, which blew my mind I

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    This is a hard review Her book and her questions, but mostly her interviews as examples have the potential to help a lot of people deal with interpersonal issues that she boils down to inner personal The problem I have is the potentially dangerous way that she applies a universal logic to dealing with complex problems The questions are gene

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    I ve got nothing against the message of this book or the questions it s build up around.It s just that it s all a little shallow and simplistic.There s so much to life, and people and their problems, and their stories, and their thinking and their feelings than Byron Katie acknowledges.Life is complex.And sometimes the way to clear your m

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    To start, let me say I generally loathe self help books I don t like reading them, and most generally end up throwing the book out, or keeping it as a source of laughter material.I would not have read this book if I didn t have to for a book club, and when I first picked it up and started reading I was like Oh come on. really But as I got fur

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    I was recommended this by my counsellor I was very unsure about it because a lot of reviews suggested it includes a lot of victim blaming and this is, in a sense, true Byron Katie s theory is essentially that we are always the ones causing ourselves pain She does tell a woman to figure out what part her nine year old self had in her own rape,

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    I have no idea how to star this One star because I think it s potentially dangerous Four stars because I think some of it could be helpful for some people Two stars because on balance I can t make up my mind I don t know Ultimately, I think Katie s concepts are too much for most people to digest without potentially having bad side effects The i

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