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Look Evelyn, Duck Dynasty Wiper Blades. We Should Get Them Charles van BurenTOP 1000 REVIEWER3.0 out of 5 starsCrudeApril 27, 2019Format Kindle EditionReview of Kindle editionPublication date December 3, 2014Publisher 27bslash6Language EnglishASIN B00PO0JF8EAs a group, modern humorists and the audience for same seem to believe that humor requires the use of crude, vulgar, profane and, often, obscene language Mr Thorne is not an exception to this belief Great humorists and comedians don t require the shock value of crude language in order to entertain an audience Forget this and read some vintage Dave Barry, Mark Twain, Dorothy Parker, Art Buchwald, Mike Royko, Florence King there are lists to be found on the internet.This book is available through Kindle Unlimited If you can download it for free and don t object to the language, you may find it mildly entertaining. I received this book on Mother s day from my son It wasn t his usual type of present, but I am so glad he departed from the norm During a sunny couple of days in the garden I read it, laughing out loud several times Really chuckled, with watering eyes because parts of the book were so funny I am not going to give examples, because that would spoil the book for people who haven t read it However, I consider this book to be David Thorne s best one yet and I am already looking forward to the next one. A little different from the first two books by David Thorne in several ways First, it s largely autobiographical Second, very little of it is from the web site Although there are a couple familiar email exchanges in it The autobiographical bits seem to jump back and forth in time and sort of go off on tangents or meander a bit This is forgivable as there are no dull anecdotes in this book It does, however, make it difficult to get an idea of the timeline of the author s life Not that that matters though as the book seems written as though the author just writes what he thinks would be entertaining at the moment Several of the anecdotes are rather alarming and make me wonder how David Thorne is still alive and not crippled or maimed in any way. If only for the title..Here s yet another example of why I could never write a memoir The hysterical Jenny Lawson was raised in a shack with an amateur taxidermist as a dad Kelly Oxford traveled anywhere at the drop of a hat and was perfectly willing to live like a gypsy David Thorne goes to Tasmania because he can afford the ferry I blame my lack of memoir worthy experiences on my parents, who had the gall to raise me in a perfectly nice home in a small town in Virginia where nothing ever happened A quick test as to whether you will enjoy this book I first came across David Thorne when someone posted maybe on Facebook Go read it, then come back I ll wait There were tears in my eyes when I read Missy I then spent some enjoyable hours on his website and had no idea he had published any sort of book until I was browsing the generally useless Kindle Free Lending Library clearly I was boredthere is very seldom anything of interest there unless you are looking for about 400 variations on the theme of never loving a cowboy or forbidden Amish English love I haven t read any of them but I m guessing there are broken hearts and horses involved I wonder if there is a mash up of the genre If you ever fall in insta love with an AMISH cowboy, run He s going to catch you, though Because, the horse Obviously the title above caught my attention, and then I realized it was THAT David Thorne, of the cat poster So I borrowed it for free, and I m glad I did, even though this is not Thorne s funniest material I will say, though that Thorne is one of the few humorists who I enjoy reading versus listening to a audiobook I think Wanda Sykes is one of the funniest people on the planet, but reading her book wasn t the same as having her say the same words out loud Thorne is just the opposite probably funniest when read There s some good stuff here And free, on Kindle. One of the few authors that literally make me laugh out loud The saga of poor doomed Bob the cat still makes me smile I overdosed on David this past week with both this collection and his second book I ve been shoving his first book onto folks for years and that s not good he s a very bad influence and I fear I ll be carrying some of his wit into the classroom when I return to teaching tomorrow Teenagers, attend me at your very peril a little dull comparing to his previous books but still good.3.5 Very different from his previous books It s like a blend of essays and an autobiography It doesn t always try to be funny, often goes quite dark It s tough not to try to separate what is true and what isn t in Thorne s stories if it s all true then horror mysteriously follows him at every corner , but it s an entertaining read that shows some amount of literary talent. It had me laughing out loud at least twice But it also contained some quite painful stories, to be honest I wanted to laugh, to be entertained, but there were some brutal stories about his childhood and youth that left me wondering If it was honest and a true account of his life, then it is quite sad.If not, it is in really bad taste A strange mixtures to be sure. Popular EPub, Look Evelyn, Duck Dynasty Wiper Blades We Should Get Them Author David Thorne This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Look Evelyn, Duck Dynasty Wiper Blades We Should Get Them , Essay By David Thorne Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You One of the funniest books I ve read, and better than the last two which I also enjoyed and would recommend It s marketed as a collection of essays, but if that puts you off, don t worry about it, I think they just said that because there s not a clear narrative to it It meanders and jumps back and forth and goes off on tangents, but it s like a novel than a collection of essays Somewhat reminiscent of something by Mil Millington, except ostensibly true although probably a lot of it is made up or at least embellished It gets quite dark in places, but at other times I had to put the book down because I was laughing too hard to be able to keep reading.If you re not familiar with Thorne and you re wondering if you ll like this, read Missing Missy If you like that I think you ll like this book.

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David Thorne is an Australian humourist, satirist, Internet personality and New York Times best selling author His work has been featured on the BBC, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Late Night with Conan O Brien Thorne gained public recognition in late 2008 for an email exchange in which he attempts to pay an overdue bill with a drawing of a seven legged spider.

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