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Lone Star Woman I really enjoyed this book I found the main female character refreshing Not what you d expect from someone who s life is set for the rest of their life and their children s children Brady was fun to read and get to know as well And I also liked the fact that the author used something outside of the box at least to me as one of his prior jobs The ending was kind of off, it s almost like the author just stopped writing There is one book to this series Hope I can locate it and see if it finishes the story for this couple. 3.5 stars Enjoyable reading throughout the book, but the ending felt unfinished and not romantic enough.STORY BRIEF The Strayhorn family is one of the richest in West Texas They have a huge cattle ranch Jude s mother ran off shortly after Jude was born Jude grew up lonely, a single child Her dream is to take over the running of the family ranch She obtained college degrees in agriculture and genetics to prepare her for this Her father won t give her the job He claims it a man s work He wants Jude to get married and make babies He even arranges a couple of marriage engagements for her which she manages to get out of Jude teaches at the local school to be able to feel useful.Brady just inherited a large ranch next to the Strayhorn s from his aunt It is run down but livable Brady is recently divorced He lost all his money fighting and losing a custody battle for his son He needs money to build up the ranch, so he gets a job as a ranch hand working for the Strayhorns Jude s father has demanded that Jude stay away from the ranch hands her entire life, but she s attracted to Brady.REVIEWER S OPINION WITH SOME VAGUE SPOILERS While reading this book, I felt like I just came back from a nice long vacation in Texas, being on a cattle ranch It has the feel of real people with regular problems It s life like I felt sympathy for Jude Brady was smart, competent and didn t talk much I liked both of them, and I enjoyed reading about them I liked the way Jude helped Brady work on his own ranch It was interesting how they were attracted to each other but backed off because Brady didn t want to jeopardize his job working on her family s ranch.I did not like the ending It was too subtle for me Brady and Jude had fought and separated I assumed they were going to get back together, but the author didn t show it Instead, Brady makes one statement which implies they would get together, but that was all I wanted to see what would happen with Jude and Brady I wanted to see and feel a romantic ending I felt like the story was chopped off At the least, I would have liked an epilogue showing them together I also wanted to know what was going to happen with Brady s son and stepson The author implies that the boys might be spending time with Brady or live with him, but it s not told.This is the author s first romance novel Her prior books were written under the name Anna Jeffrey and were relationship stories, leaning toward women s fiction As a human relationships story, I would give Lone Star Woman 4 stars But since it was advertised as a romance novel, I m giving it 3.5 stars for weak closure at the end Closure is part of feel good for me.DATA Story length 342 pages Swearing language strong Sexual language moderate Number of sex scenes 3 Total number of sex scene pages 15 Setting current day Texas Copyright 2009 Genre contemporary romance and relationships fiction. First In A SEXY New Series About A TEXAN Ranching DYNA STY From An Exciting Debut Author Jude Strayhorn, The Smart, Free Spirited Daughter Of The Circle C Ranch S CEO, Is Snooping Around The Nearby Abandoned Ranch When She Encounters A Stranger Accusing Him Of Trespassing, She Quickly Discovers He S The Heir To The And Has Every Intention Of Thwarting Her Plans To Buy It All Goes According To Plan Until He Starts Falling For Her I loved this book One of my very favorite Anna Jeffrey novels I loved the characaters and the complexity of their relationships My only wish is the story had carried on a bit farther in the Epilogue Thank you, Ms Jeffrey 5 stars How you end a book with the sentence, and she wiped her nose with the back of her hand , regardless of the situation is beyond me.It s a romance not a fifth grade read a long book Anyway, the book was pretty good A good beach read and a decent cowboy fiction It was a little chauvinist and that got a little annoying but I ended up liking the way things resolved.Jude, well at first you think you d hate her and you don t Brady, well he s an alpha male for sure but he has his soft side I wish we could have seen of his kids though.I m not going into a long diatribe here and I m not going to give you a synopsis It s actually not really about the plot of land but about the difference between Brady and Jude in terms of trust, communication, standards and class.This book needed to be a bit fleshed out in terms of characters and backstory I would have liked to see Jude do than just be helpless She should ve struck out on her own somewhere else.I don t know, I m a little wishy washy with this book which could be why this review can t make up its mind. The only reason this book retains a 3 star rating is because the chemistry rates a 5 stars.The heroine, Jude, is shown to be a very strong, idealistic, and mostly independent woman I wanted to like her, I really did But I ended up hating her In spite of being strong and smart, she is constantly bending to her family s will for her Somehow, she never gets mad at them The few times she does get mad at her family for ruining her life literally , she ends up telling herself that SHE S the one being selfish because she has a family legacy to live up to Ick Her family literally treated her like property, but she ended up being okay with that not just forgiving them, but yes thinking that they had done the right thing, and she had been the one that was wrong WTF I wanted to bitch slap some sense into the girl.The ending was way too soon fast also AND..AND, again in spite of being a strong person, she suddenly needed to be rescued by a man Jude and her man are on the outs in the last bit of the book, yet suddenly, in the middle of him rescuing her, they make up and are going to be okay Yep That s where the book ended, in the middle of the rescue Sorry, but I can t believe that everything s okay just because she needs rescuing She has never even met the guy s son and stepson who just came to live with him This ending especially was completely unbelievable to me. Went into this read blind thinking it might be a sell back but no way This story never let up and was totally engrossing Nice surprise find for me Recommended. Judy is the privileged, but unlucky in love, heir to one of the largest ranches in Texas Her dream of running the ranch seems like it is just that, a dream Her father thinks that running a ranch is man s work Judy decides to use her money to buy a neighboring land and start her own spread instead Unfortunately, the land has been left to the handsome but down on his luck Brady.Brady is a hardworking man that learned the hard way how much trouble rich women can be After going through a messy divorce, his only plan is to work a piece of land and hopefully get his son back His attraction to Judy is strong but is it enough to overcome their different backgrounds.I adored this Cinderella in reverse story of love and life Great job I thoroughly enjoyed this book and all of its characters Ms Jeffrey does a great job with the description of the settings and also the emotions that they are projecting You ve got Jude Strayhorn in her late 20 s, living on a cattle ranch with her father and grandfather whom also have raised her she s got a soft exterior, but inside she s actually pretty tough She s been engaged twice, both by the completely wrong man Her parents so to speak, are just trying to do what s right by her and see her married to a man of wealth and start having babies What they re not seeing though is the bigger picture What Jude wants Basically treating her as if she were just a part of the livestock herself, poor Jude She s got plans of her own though, to buy a derelict ranch down the road and breed cattle on her own, since she s into the genetics of crossbreeding and doesn t have the freedom to do as she wants on her family s ranch That plan falls thru when she drives by said ranch and spots a strange truck parked in the driveway I laughed when she confronted the stranger at the ranch and thought that she s a little firecracker So then walks Brady Fallon into her life, an old childhood friend that moved away many years ago to come back and take claim to the 6 0 ranch his aunt left him The ranch is in terrible shape and will take a lot of back breaking work and money to fix up Seeing that he just moved back into town and needs a job, where else to go but to the Strayhorn Circle C ranch Right before he starts working at the ranch though he and Jude spend some time together when she offers to ride out of town in secret from her family and help him move his things to his new home Things between them heat up to N U C L E A R while on this trip Now, with Jude knowing good and well not to get mixed up with the hands working the ranch, this is a huge problem I love how Jude is an extremely smart woman, but also doesn t know when to put a sock in her mouth, ha I related to her in that way, lol Knowing all sorts of sometimes useless knowledge, and then rambling on and on about things to whoever you re trying to impress, all the while after a few minutes you look at them and they re just sitting there staring at you with a deer in the headlights sort of look Too funny I would hate growing up like she did, not the way of living or anything, but how she had to go by who her father and grandfather would want her to date Just because Brady didn t come from money and worked for her father, automatically put him in the do not date pile, even though he s everything Jude wants and is perfect for her I kept waiting for Jude to tell her father exactly what was wrong with the other two men he picked out for her to shut him up Like I said I really loved this book and there were a lot of parts where I either cracked up, or threw my hand over my eyes because I was embarrassed for Jude There are two scenes in particular that I m talking about where she was cleaning up the garbage outside that Ginger left and she noticed Brady s pictures.Hotand then when started to pack up his things in the bedroom and found a certain box with certain things of an XL size LOL This book would have been good, however the ending really really really teed me off It left too many things up I felt like I was missing about 6 pages of story I now know that Ms Callahan will be continuing the story in her next book, out in 2010 but that doesn t really help me now I m not sure if my thoughts would have differed had I know that going in or not, because the rest of the book, while slow at first was enjoyable However the ending just turned me off completely Others may find the ending fine, especially if you enjoy Women s Fiction or Chick Lit I don t want to say you shouldn t read this one, just be prepared to possibly be upset over the ending Otherwise Ms Callahan can really make you feel as though you are there in Texas with the characters, who are very realistic.

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