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Living Buddha, Living Christ When You Are A Truly Happy Christian, You Are Also A Buddhist And Vice Versa Thich Nhat Hanh Buddha And Christ, Perhaps The Two Most Pivotal Figures In The History Of Humankind, Each Left Behind A Legacy Of Teachings And Practices That Have Shaped The Lives Of Billions Of People Over The Course Of Two Millenia If They Were To Meet On The Road Today, What Would Each Think Of The Other S Spiritual Views And Practices The Bestselling Author Of Peace Is Every Step, And One Of The Most Beloved Buddhist Teachers In The West, Vietnamese Monk Thich Nhat Hanh Has Been Part Of A Decades Long Dialogue Between The Two Greatest Living Contemplative Traditions, And Brings To Christianity An Appreciation Of Its Beauty That Could Be Conveyed Only By An Outsider In A Lucid, Meditative Prose, He Explores The Crossroads Of Compassion And Holiness At Which The Two Traditions Meet, And Reawakens Our Understanding Of Both On The Altar In My Hermitage, He Says, Are Images Of Buddha And Jesus, And I Touch Both Of Them As My Spiritual Ancestors I haven t read this book, but read many comments hereI once use to be buddist..and I know that there is a difference in the spirituality of being christian Christ died for all, and rose again to the Father, and has granted all those who accept Him as Lord and savior to be apart of their lives, eternal life Anything that doesnt lead people to the truth about Christ and His being sent to die for the sins of all, and that God s love is the only motive behind this and why He desire s we have eternal life living, with Himis deception to it s highestI know many have had bad experiences in church, but God s love is the only reason He sent JesusHe wasnt only Christbut Jesus the son of God the only living GodI m so glad to read that this monk has had great enlightment and experience in what he has spokenbut there is only one God and One Jesusand only One way to the Father..and its thru JesusI pray all will find this path, and enter in through this gate..it s openand not base God on what has happened in the past, but who He isyou can seek HIm and ask Him yourselfHe will be glad to prove Himself and answer youdont just take my word for it..but ask God yourselfblessings eternal to allthis was really nice One of the biggest problems I have with organized religion is the amount of time it spends trying to foist its ideals on you while trying to convince you that anything you believed before you came to them is wrong Rest assured, I have no intention of doing that here I was raised a Baptist, and baptized a Catholic Yet I tend to find the most comfort in books centered around Buddhism This is not to say that I am a Buddhist I am spiritual, if a label must be assigned I can see the benefit of both belief systems, without surrendering to their dogma Thich Nhat Hanh is fine with that And that may be why I enjoy reading his material so much If anything, Hanh stresses the importance of not giving into religious imperialism, or as I like to call it, my God is better than your God Hanh shows how one can make both belief systems work for you, and bring about peace of mind Nothing else I say about this book will do it justice The best thing you can do is read it for yourself, and see where it takes you.Enjoy. I have read many reviews here on Living Buddha, Living Christ, and find that the general opinion is that Hanh is converging Christ and Buddha into one teaching I did NOT find that to be so Hanh is showing that the teachings of Buddha and Christ have the same message love and acceptance, but that Christianity does not teach the love and acceptance that was the embodiment of Jesus message In several passages Hanh refers to the intolerance that Christianity has for other religions because of their notion that Christianity provides the only salvation and all other religious traditions are of no use This attitude excludes dialogue and fosters religious intolerance and discrimination Hanh is a brilliant Buddhist monk Living Buddha, Living Christ is an exceptional work on bringing peace and harmony between the two religions by showing similarities in the teachings of Buddha and Christ. Some reviewers seem to think Hanh doesn t understand Christianity I think they re missing the point this wasn t meant as an in depth dissection of that So far, the book is just as I expected, a look at the similarities between faiths And in that, I believe Hanh does an excellent job.As the book title clearly states, it is not just about Christianity, so if you d like to read primarily about that, go back and note the Buddha part of the title and take a clue from it I suspect the Christians who didn t care for the depiction might be harboring an agenda in favor of their own faith If you are truly okay with the concept that other faiths don t discount your own, you should be fine with this book If you are unsteady in your beliefs, or rigid in your opinions, or simply not interested in Buddhism, you should pass it over.

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