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Liquor, Guns and Ammo: The Collected Short Fiction and Non-Fiction of Kent Anderson Short published and unpublished stuff All good, some great Read it just for the title. 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A stark, heart felt collection of self exploratory, cathartic writings from a man who has seen and experienced much Kent s first novel, SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL, was a loosely fictionalized depiction inspired by his experiences in the Special Forces in Viet Nam His next novel, NIGHT DOGS, was based on his experiences as a cop in Portland after his return to the World He has been working on his third novel GREEN SUN, based on his experiences as an OAKLAND COP apparently Kent is stubborn.WE first began corresponding after we were both alumni of Anthony Neil Smith s PLOTS WITH GUNS magazine, especially after we were both included in the Dennis McMillan of the same name autographed copies of which sell for 250 and up I might add in vain smugness my story was SPEEDY S BIG MOVING DAY, which was the inspiration for my novel STREET RAISED Kent s was the wonderfully dark ELVIS HITLER.We noted the parallels of him having been Oakland law enforcement at the same time I was Oakland street, and exchanged some mild relatively good natured taunts regarding what would have ensued if we d ever met in the line of duty for the record, I m sure Kent would have crammed his tonfa up my ass sideways, and sap gloved me until I had a permanent speech impediment.LIQUOR, GUNS AND AMMO is a good introduction to Kent s fiction and non fiction, and includes excerpts from his novels The cover is brilliant an actual photo of the store sign that inspired the collection s title You will quickly fall in love with his simple, uncluttered prose Without being terse, Kent does not shilly shally around in presenting his nihilistic, surprisingly anti authoritarian from a vet and ex cop point of view He ll keep you in the seat til the last page, and I highly recommend him. Kent Anderson like most great writers doesn t seem to have a large body of work, but what he s done with the war novel genre and cop novel genre can t be quantified To paraphrase Martin Scorsese talking about Stanley Kubrick, one Anderson book is equivalent to ten of someone else s, at least for Anderson s devoted cult of fans Liquor, Guns Ammo is a series of shorter bits of reportage, diary entries, and outtakes from his two major novels, compiled by Dennis McMillan There s also a screenplay in the middle of the book, as well Reviewing each of those items in their turn, then, I d say that the diary entries and the screenplay were the weakest links in the chain A lot of the diary stuff consists of Anderson s ruminations on horses, an animal in which he sees a lot of majesty and nobility, but it s just not something that I ve been all that interested in The screenplay is a better than average tale of a Vietnam vet who has a clash with a gang of bikers, but it s only elevated a rung above a Chuck Norris afternoon action extravaganza because of the little wrinkles of realism that Anderson is able to work into the otherwise rote material.Getting to the good stuff, the journalistic pieces about bullfighting and cockfighting are some of the best descriptions of the brutal sports cum rituals I ve ever read Anderson obviously knows violence firsthand, and there s no BS or machismo in his dissection of what the pleasure we take in killing and seeing death says about us as a species The outtakes from Sympathy for the Devil his Nam novel have a perfect economy and truth that I ve only ever stumbled across before in Joe Haldeman s own war novel, 1968 which is my all time favorite account of Vietnam I wasn t there, but these extracts do a great job of showing how chaotic and confusing this time was, especially on the home front, where Anderson s alter ego Hanson spends his leave from the Army trying to talk his girlfriend out of killing herself in the midst of a bad acid trip The outtakes from Night Dogs his tale about his time as a cop with the Portland PD demonstrate that Hanson can swing it with the best of them when it comes to showing how the daily life of your average beat cop can quickly cause ulcers in the stomach and make one lose their mind and faith in humanity There are short sketches about busting a prostitute and ticketing a guy for jaywalking that would be cliched if they didn t feel so authentic, or if Anderson didn t have such a sure hand.If these are outtakes, imagine what didn t end up on the cutting room floor This is my second exposure to Anderson, and, as in my first brush with the man, I m left wantingRecommended.

About the Author: Kent Anderson

Ordinary Seaman deck hand on merchant ships age 19 21 Special Forces Green Beret Sgt in Vietnam, 1969 1970, 2 Bronze Stars Police Officer, Portland, OR Police Bureau, 1972 1976 NEA Grant for Fiction Writing, 1976 1 MFA in Fiction Writing, University of Montana, 1978 Police Officer, Oakland California Police Dept 1983 1984, resigned after 15 months to write Sympathy for the Devil

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