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Lint Steve Aylett Has Always Gone A Step Farther Than His Contemporaries In Slaughtermatic, He Pushed The Limits Of Science Fiction, And For That He Was Named A Finalist For The Philip K Dick Award Now, In Lint, He Offers The First Ever Biography Of One Of The Great Minds Of Our Time Jeff Lint, Author Of Some Of The Strangest And Most Inventive Satirical SF Of The Late Twentieth Century Lint Transcended Genre In Classics Such As Jelly Result And The Stupid Conversation, Becoming A Cult Figure And Pariah Like His Contemporary Philip K Dick, He Was Blithely Ahead Of His Time Aylett Follows Lint Through His Beat Days, His Immersion In Pulp SF, Psychedelia, And Resentment, His Disastrous Scripts For Star Trek And Patton, And His Belated Hollywood Success In The S It Was A Career Haunted By Death, Including The Undetected Death Of His Agent The Controversial Death Of His Rival, Herzog And The Unshakable Lint Is Dead Rumors, Which Persisted Even After His Death This Hilarious Mock Biography Is Outrageous And Remarkably Funny, Aylett Is An Evelyn Waugh For Our Time

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    Who the FUCK has been hiding Steve Aylett from me for thirty nine years I want answers What is this, a conspiracy of librarians A booksellers union grudge This rebarbative but very funny novel takes the form of a biography of the pulp writer Jeff Lint a sort of mash up of Phillip K Dick, Robert E Howard and Alan Moore

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    This book is a godsend and has saved me from financial and mental collapse.When I was young, my father would force me watch old recordings of Lint s Catty and the Major whenever I misbehaved After developing a tolerance to the emotional damage, Catty and the Major became my favorite program and I began participating in nightly

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    While we were writing a paper in my 12th grade history class, our teacher gave us some sage advice about what to do when you come up with a dazzling turn of phrase that doesn t serve your thesis Cut it out and put it in a little box Aylett apparently had such a box, and has emptied it into this book These gems, in the forms of the titles

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    Comedy gods Stewart Lee and Bridget Christie are forever wanging on about this book and it carries an endorsement from Alan Moore so what could possibly go wrong Well, I ve finally manged to finish it, at the second attempt, and it really got on my nerves Linguistically inventive, satirical, pretty short, ace art work, but unfortunately it frequen

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    Fake bio of an extremely eccentric, obscure science fiction writer Aylett s masterpiece The book is frequently hilarious and disturbing in a way that is almost impossible to describe Suffice it to say that like all of Aylett s most memorable characters, Jeff Lint is at war with the fabric of the cosmos itself, and wields language as a weapon Also in keeping

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    Oh wow How to even start approaching a review of this Oh, I know I won t.EDIT Look up Steve Aylett s LINT THE MOVIE on YouTube

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    You know how some really great Guided by Voices melodies are ruined by the absolutely absurdist lyrical poetry of Robert Pollard where, like, where he sings something goofily impressionist like Asparagus reaper vestigial tail instead of something concrete like In the morning, at dawn, the boys set sail for example That s what s kicking me in the nuts about this book It s a gre

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    A RESULT, IF NOT QUITE A FULL BELLYAylett s biographical study of the notorious pulp author Jeff Lint is a teasingly exquisite piece It takes your hand, leads you into the tire kicking world of the much maligned writer and shows you so many tantalising insights into his life I loved it but it left me wanting so much What colour were the velvet swatches held by Lint and Herzog in the fr

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    Moments of pure genius, sadly watered down to fit 200 pages Reminds me a lot of Radio 4 s 3 part fake biography on Crichton Wheeler, lifelong sufferer of Splicer s Disease Just as the protagonist of Wheeler s Fortune has an imaginary ailment that quickly becomes tiresome, Lint s mentalism takes a backseat to just about everything else in the book, in effect relegating him to the position of shit

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    Steve Aylett s Lint is a very silly, very strange little book about what has to be the worlds most difficult novelist Jeff Lint I really liked the damm thing, but I also have to say that it was nowhere nearly as brilliant as I ve been told, although the likes of Alan Moore do not agree.Excellent surrealism, and a wicked sense of humor still makes Lint highly recommended.

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