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Letters From Your Soul I WON THIS AUTOGRAPHED BOOK ON A COMPLETELY FREE GIVEAWAY on Goodreads2.5 3 of 5 A collection of poems very pretty Obviously, if we do not stop to think about each poem, this becomes a book that does not make sense The individual poems are short and readable I fell in love Number 5 Self, Faith and Doubt , the number 25 Silence , 32 Recalls Buddha and the 34th Smart, Intelligent, Brilliant, Genius and Simple The whole book has a lot of ideas for beautiful reflections, both personal and shereable with others. I would like to Victor Noble for sending me Letters from your Soul, which I won in Goodreads First Reads last month It was a lovely touch to find the book nicely gift wrapped.Beautiful poems A book that I shall read again. Like Dewdrops From A Silent Night, Writings In Letters From Your Soul Are Distinctly Brilliant, And, Resonate With Our Sense Of Beauty And Wonder They Contain The Condensed Wisdom Of Years Of Soul Searching Before Victor S Awakening, And Years Of Compassionate Attempts Since, By Him, To Remind Others Of Their Own Journey Towards Self Realisation The Messages Are Relevant To Anyone Who Has Ever Pondered About Existence And The Possibilities Of Improving This Life Experience, The Only Thing That Truly Belongs To UsThe Style Of Writing Interweaves Between Storytelling, Conversation And Prose Poetry The Uniqueness Of These Expressions Of Timeless Truths Lies In The Fact That Throughout His Spiritual Search, And, The Years Following His Awakening, Victor Continues To Remain In The Chaos Of An Average Urban Life And, For This Reason, His Messages Act As A Perfect Bridge Between The Unworldly And Worldly Quests Of Human Mind, Giving Immense Hope To Finding A Life Full Of Freedom, Joy And Love By Remaining Exactly Where We Are From Back CoverYour Journey Didn T Begin When You Were Born, Or, Even When You Thought You Have Arrived Your Journey Begins, When You Stop, And Look For New Eyes, To See You Your Journey Didn T Begin, When You Fulfilled Your Dreams Your Journey Begins, When You Reject Dreams That You Bought In Your Sleep Your Journey Didn T Begin, When You Were Told That You Have Made It Your Journey Begins When You Reject The Notion What You Have Become, Is The Best You Can Be Your Journey Awaits For A Path Never Travelled Before Start Making Your Path From Here And Start Walking Towards A New You Now Beauty, Wonder, And Faith You Will Find Them All, On Your WayReadings In The Letters From Your Soul Are Filled With Sparks To Ignite A Flame Of Self Renewal, But, The Readiness To Burn, And, Be New, Needs To Come From Within You I received a free copy of this book as a Goodreads Giveaway.The book appealed to me straightaway and I thoroughly emjoyed reading it, both on a superficial but also ona depper andmeaningful level I found myself re reading a few chapters before I moved on and found something from all of them.I haven t read a book remotely like this before, so found this to be a refreshing and very worthwhile change from the usual genres of book which I tend to go for.Really Liked It hence a 4 star rating Its not a book. Its like my bible. when I feel a particular emotion. I go read the relevant chapter. and i really can not explain what I feel after that.. After many years I picked up a book of poems and was pleasantly surprised Reflecting on the deep sentiments evoked pleasant memories I have been reading a poem or two each night helping me relax from my crazy day. I have mixed feelings on books about spirituality in general and I find myself not really getting it I know the editor s put up a warning at the front of the book about how the words were structured and it s not typical of a published work, but I couldn t help myself from seeing the flaws of it and it is a bit jarring to me.However, all that aside, I did enjoy some of the readings and although most of the life lessons seems like common sense to memaybe there will be others who will find that reading this book will resonate with their soulDisclaimer Copy received from Giveaway A unique and captivating read March 3, 2014 By John C Coroneos .com Victor s book is a unique and beautiful blend of poetry and reflections on the various aspects of human life, from relationships, anger, freedom, death etc.In a way it reminded me of my experience reading Kahlil Gibran s, The Prophet Both books are permeated with the inspired state of their authors.I was totally drawn into each of the readings, every line was ringing with the truth, and I just wanted to sink deeper and deeper into the feelings of revelation and inner nourishment.The readings are simple and accessible to everyone I will be reading them again many times to receive what these profound words have to offer.Highly recommended 5.0 out of 5 stars Profound, soulful and quite unlike anything I ve read before 6 March 2014 By Stephen C Published on .comFormat PaperbackI give this book five stars but only for those who are seriously seeking answers to life s challenges for their hearts.In my opinion, this is not a book to entertain the mind I found what Noble writes and his writing style to be unsatisfying for the mind as there is nothing to attach to, nor any quick fixes on offer.Noble s writing is so very simple and easy to read yet there is something truly special here, something quite unlike any other book I ve read.The soulful words seem to go deep inside and stir up questions about how I operate within myself and my life This is somewhat unsettling, so it s not a book for those who are wanting shallow platitudes to create a veneer of new agey mushiness whilst avoiding the discomfort of real growth.If, however, you are a serious seeker, and you don t need a book to be either complicated or sensationalist and you are prepared to steep your soul in these words as if you were brewing a tea then it could well be the most important book you ever read, period.I suspect I will be reading various chapters from this book for many years to come To be honest, I think I will need that long to absorb what it has to offer. The first thing that catched my eye was the title letters from your soul It sounded like something I had to read at once I also loved the cover, which goes perfectly with the title So, just from the outside a 5 book And it s also beautiful from the inside The part about calmness is one of my favourites.It s not a book you read in one piece, but one you can come to after a hard day or just in a silent hour.I got this book through First Reads and I m glad and thankful for winning it. I recieved this book through a goodreads giveaway There are two contrasting ways to read this book You can read it literally read the stories, and get entertained Or, you can read it figuratively understanding human nature and getting out of the cycle of pointlessness You can learn how anger, doubt, greed and last ruin your life It is easier to understand your feelings and become better at handling them.

About the Author: Victor Noble

After spending the best part of his life, sincerely trying to find answers to life s basic questions in scientific explanations, religious texts, and spiritual practices Victor gave up on his quest, due to sheer exhaustion, in early 2007 A few weeks later, he had an experience of spiritual awakening Soon afterward, he started sharing his insights in question answer sessions to a small group of

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