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Le Morte d'Arthur In A Time When There Were Damsels In Distress To Save, And Mythical Dragons To Slay, King Arthur And His Knights Of The Round Table Were There To Render Justice In The Face Of Any Danger From The Incredible Wizardry Of Merlin To The Undeniable Passion Of Sir Launcelot, These Tales Of Arthur And His Knights Offer Epic Adventures With The Supernatural, As Well As Timeless Battles With Our Humanity

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    COME MAI NON SIAMO IN OTTO Perch manca Lancillotto La spada nella roccia , 1963, il mio film d animazione preferito di sempre un falso storico alla tavola Rotonda sedevano decine, anche centinaia di cavalieri, certo non solo otto Erano cos numerosi che io arrivo a mettere in dubbio la stessa esistenza della leggendaria Tavola, che secondo me per ragioni di spazio e contenimento, non pote

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    FINALLY finished this last night No exaggeration I have been reading this book for six months Not six continuous months, mind you I kept the book by my bed and would try to read a little bit every night, but I could never manage to read than twenty pages in a single sitting, and I would usually be reading another book in the meantime and forget about Le Morte d Arthur for weeks at a

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    I just recently finished reading Le Morte d Arthur , and it was an interesting experience It defies categorization Not a novel, not an epic poem, not exactly a collection of myths, than a collection of folk stories, certainly a product of a Christian imagination, but very earthy Repetitive, but after I got into the rhythm of it, not boring Once you submit your prejudices to the vision of the au

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    The ultimate piece of Arthurian legend Perhaps.It took me a quarter of a century as a passionate lover of mythology and fantasy to read Le Morte d Arthur, and in the end I only did so because I ve started regularly encountering and listening to people who know much about Arthurian literature than I do Sadly, the academic approach lead me to get little enjoyment out of this I m sure it s grea

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    At long last hath I enchieved the goodliest quest of 937 pages of Ye Olde English 937 pages of damosels and knights smiting everych other and breaking their spears all to brast, and tourneys and justing and villainous kings who traitorly slew oops, there I go again I m just so happy I ve been reading this book since February it s now November and inasmuch as I thought I was prepared because of that one

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    It happened one Pentecost when King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table had all assembled at the castle of Kynke Kenadonne and were waiting, as was customary, for some unusual event to occur before settling down to the feast, that Sir Gawain saw through the window three gentlemen riding toward the castle, accompanied by a dwarf. I fully expected to dislike this book The prospect of five hundre

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    I m so glad I finally read Le Morte Darthur I ve loved the King Arthur stories ever since I was little and read what I think was a retelling by Enid Blyton I actually read this for my Late Medieval Literature class, but I d have read it someday anyway The copy I read was an abridgement, which is probably a good thing as parts of it got quite tedious as it was The introduction to this version is pretty interesti

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    I read this book as part of a reading project I have undertaken with some other nerdy friends in which we read The Novel A Biography and some of the other texts referenced by Schmidt This book reads like some jag off had some time to kill in prison and was just putting words down on paper to keep himself from being super bored.Oh, wait.So no one really knows who Thomas Malory was, apparently, which is a story in an

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    This is the ONLY version of Le Morte d Arthur that you should EVER read Complete with Early Modern English and absolutely NO dumbing down of the material Great stuff.

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    cross posted at booklikes and the mo centric universe my copy of le morte d arthur is the classic and complete vinaver edit and i highly recommend it i haven t read it in years but picking it up now, i assure you this copy is well thumbed and annotated from my first reading in university in the first fifty pages, i have written in a very small hand above words to explain their meanings, as i did when reading other, older m

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About the Author: Thomas Malory

Sir Thomas Malory was a knight in the fifteenth century, who, while imprisoned, compiled the collection of tales we know as Le Morte D Arthur, translating the legend of King Arthur from original French tales such as the Vulgate Cycle.