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Last Rite In This Final Installment Of The Thrilling, Edgy Personal Demons Series, The Battle Between Heaven And Hell Has Become Critical, And Frannie Cavanaugh Is Right At The Center Of It With The Help Of The Powerful Angel Gabe And Demon Turned Mortal Luc, Frannie Has Been Able To Stay One Step Ahead Of The Forces Of Hell But When The Demons Killed Frannie S Best Friend And Destroyed Her Brother, They Raised The Stakes If Frannie Wants To Keep Her Family And Friends Safe, She Knows She Has No Choice But To Go On The RunTheir Best Defense Is The Power Frannie Has Been Struggling To Master, But Her Attempts To Hone Her Skill Go Horribly Awry If Frannie Doesn T Learn Fast, The Consequences Could Be Devastating Even ApocalypticWhat Happens When You Can T Outrun Hellor Trust The Ones You Love

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    SpoilersFrannie Cavanaugh s life hasn t been the same since millennia old demon, Luc walked into her life she s since found out that her father s a fallen angel making her a Nephilim, she discovered that she has the power to Sway demons,angels and humans to do whatever she wants and she fell in love for the first time Luc was sent by Lucifer to seduce Franni

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    Oh, wow wow, wow, wow Loved this Snuggles Book

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    So there were numerous reasons why I didn t like this final book I never thought I would give this book a three star well here you go.In this whole series, Gabe has been my favorite I fell in love with him the second he came into the picture, and this book ruined everything, every love or lust I had for this character His relationship with Frannie meant to me than Luc

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    Mind blowing Gabe is just so damn cute not too mention hot, loveable, sweet, funny Well you get the picture I can t believe what happened to him there at the end Pity He changed for the best throughut all these books and you watch him get to grips with all of these new emotions and experiences and he ends up fit back to where he was at the beginning Wow yeah brilliant ending

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    Review published on Mundie Moms on 5 18 2012 Dear Frannie, When I read Personal Demons, I had to write a letter to Luc because, well a I m a Mundie Mom and b Demon Boys usually spell trouble But, Luc was lovely and conflicted and oh, Frannie, I know you know exactly what I m talking about And yes, he still spelled t r o u b l e.Katie wrote a letter to your author, Lisa Des

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    I can t believe I m actually giving this one less than five stars After enjoying Personal Demons and Original Sin so much, I was expecting the final book in this series to be amazing But Last Rite was a let down for me Almost nothing happened in the first half of the book Pretty much all Frannie, Luc and Gabe did was obsess over their tragic love lives, which annoyed me You d think that

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    GoodReads Synopsis In this final installment of the thrilling, edgy Personal Demons series, the battle between Heaven and Hell has become critical, and Frannie Cavanaugh is right at the center of it With the help of the powerful angel Gabe and demon turned mortal Luc, Frannie has been able to stay one step ahead of the forces of Hell But when the demons killed Frannie s best friend and destroy

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    I m not sure how I feel about this finale I m really quite torn I was so freaking frustrated while reading this book Luc wouldn t open up, but at least he was the only one of the MCs not doing anything overly stupid Frannie kept lying and hiding things and Gabe didn t even try to keep himself from being changed mortal I really wanted to throttle Frannie and Gabe Eventually, I wanted something bad to

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    Wow this book was crazy, there was so much going on The beginning was super emo especially with Luc Frannie, I actually kind of wanted to smack them both for the way they were acting And it was also super annoying how dependent Frannie was on Gabe And the worst part is she knew what she was doing to him and she felt bad, but yet she did it anyway Frannie is quite a frustrating character in this book, but

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    It s over.and there is a big hole in my heart because of it The ending couldn t be any perfect, however, the fact that Daniel is Frannie s guardian angel ew.it s intriguing I love the fact that Luc and Frannie get MORTAL bodies, but are IMMORTAL Meaning that they will be forever and ever, in the same bodies that they fell in love with that is like the icing of my double chocolate cake And Gabe, I feel sorry fo

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