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Little Bear's Friend This is the third book in the Little Bear series. To me, this book is not as good as the others. The story with Little Bear's new friend Emily is not as original as the other stories about Little Bear. It is still good and worth reading. Reason for Reading: My son read the book aloud to me as his reader.

Summary: Little Bear meets Emily for the first time; she and her parents are camping in the woods for the summer. They become friends, have adventures on their way to owl's house for his party and say goodbye at the end of the summer.

Comments: Fans of the TV show will be interested in seeing how Emily really meets Little Bear for the first time and that indeed she does have parents who are alive and well! This book more than other's in the series follows a more traditional chapter book with a fairly cohesive story rather than four separate short stories. Each is connected to, or continues on from the previous. Minarik was a brilliant story teller and she, as usual, does a wonderful job with the limited vocabulary of this book, part of the original "An I Can Read Book" series. Minarik's stories themselves can stand on their own but I personally think that these have become the classics they are because of the combination of Minarik's writing and Maurice Sendak's illustrations. Lovely, whimsical illustrations showcase perfect examples of Sendak's work that focuses on the regular aspects of life rather than his fantastical works for which he is more well known.

With the entry of Emily into the series, these books become more girl friendly and yet still retain their appropriateness for boys. Children shouldn't miss out on the original books if they've only been exposed to the cartoon show. Written at a Level 1 reading level the book is simple and straight forward to read, making it a pleasure for beginners or struggling readers. Little Bear S Friend Minarik, Else HolmelundNotRetrouvez Little Bear S Friend Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Little Bear S Friend Little Bear,by Else Synopsis One Summer Little Bear Makes Friends With A Girl Named Emily But When Summer Ends, Emily Must Leave Little Bear Is Very Sad Until He Finds A Way To Stay Close To His New Friend Even When She Is Far Away My Review Probably One Of The Best In The Series So Far And One That I Will Definitely Be Allowing Munchkin To Read It Also Seemed Like One Of The Easier Ones To Read For Little Ones Just Learning How To Little Bear S Friend YouTube Little Bear The Rain Dance Play Your Friend, Little Bear Fall Dream EpDuration Little Bear Official , Views Little Bear S Friend An I Can Read Book Minarik, Little Bear S Friend An I Can Read Book Paperback April ,by Else Holmelund Minarik Author Visits Else Holmelund Minarik Page Find All The Books, Read About The Author, AndSee Search Results For This Author Are You An Author Learn About Author Central Else Holmelund Minarik Author , Maurice Sendak Illustratorout Ofstarsratings See AllLittle Bear S Friend Learning Links Have You Ever Read A Book Or Seen A Film About Bears Name Some Make Believe Bears Tell What You Like About Them Story Bear What I Like About This BearLEARNING LINKSLITTLE BEAR S FRIEND Little Bear And Emily Cont Story QuestionsWhy Does Little Bear Like To Climb To The Top Of A TreeWhat Animals Does Little Bear Meet In The TreeWhom Does Little BearYour Friend, Little Bear Little Bear Wiki Fandom Your Friend, Little Bear Is The Second Story In The Th Episode Of Little Bear A Friend For Little Bear CBeebies Bedtime Stories Interesting story, a good book for children to read EDLI 200 Reading Requirement: Easy Reader
Genre: Fiction Easy Reader
Reading Level: Grade 13

Take off on another adventure with Little Bear as he makes a new friend, lends a helping hand, delights in the pleasure of friendship and reminds us that the truest gifts in life are often right in front of us.

The little bear begins his adventure up in a tree overlooking the entire land. On his way down from the tree to head home for lunch, the little bear meets lots of new friends including a young girl named Emily. The book follows the adventures of the two friends and all the other friends they meet and play with.
This book would be helpful for beginner readers. The sentences are short and include many high frequency words. A reading curriculum would benefit from the book because it teaches children how to sound out words and follow along in the story using the text and pictures provided. This book would also be helpful in teaching children that there is so many things to explore in the world and on their way to finding new things, they will meet interesting people. Those people could on day become their best friends. Being open minded to everything makes life more interesting and this book enforces that idea. "Mini" chapter book for students. This would be a nice choice to put in the library when reading other Little Bear books. Talks about friendships and being loyal. Vivid and detailed pictures used throughout. This is the other Little Bear book I grew up reading. My old battered copies of this and Father Bear Comes Homes have been passed down to my eight year old daughter who loves them. She recently read this one and Father Bear Comes Home aloud to me. Little Bear makes a human friend in this third early reader devoted to his adventures, discovering that allowing new people into one's life can bring both pleasure and sorrow. Like its two predecessors, Little Bear and Father Bear Comes Home , there are four brief stories presented here, beginning with Little Bear and Emily, in which little bear and little girl first meet and become friends. Duck, Baby Sitter sees the two meeting up with Little Bear's anatine friend, on their way to a party; while The Party at Owl's House sees Emily and her doll Lucy being introduced to Little Bear's circle of friends. All things must come to an end, and in Your Friend, Little Bear, our young ursine hero is distraught when Emily must leave at the end of the summer, but comforted by the knowledge that he can keep in touch with her through letterwriting.

First published in 1960, Little Bear's Friend was, together with its four companion volumes, an important part of my childhood library, and I can recall curling up with it on numerous occasions. Text and artworksupplied by Else Holmelund Minarik and Maurice Sendak, respectivelywork together seamlessly in these stories, drawing the young readers in to a fully realized world, one in which the child perspective is treated with respect and depicted with sympathy. As is the case with all of the Little Bear books, I loved the interaction between Little Bear and Mother Bear herethe teasing dialogue and underlying affectionas well as the immensely expressive artwork. Little Bear looks a little softer to me here, for some reasona little cuter than in the previous two, perhaps?but his facial expressions are still as droll and winsome as ever!

All in all, a lovely little book, one that I would strongly recommend to beginning readers looking for real stories, rather than reading exercises disguised as stories. Lovely illustrations and sweet story!

About the Author: Else Holmelund Minarik

Else Holmelund Minarik was the author of the Little Bear series of children's books, which were successful as books, and were also made into a successful children's TV series. The Little Bear books sold more than 6 million copies worldwide.

Else Minarik was also the author of another well-known book, No Fighting, No Biting!

She was born in Denmark, and with her family immigrated to the United States

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