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Keep Me (Rutledge Brothers #3) Harrison Rutledge Is The Last Of His Brothers To Remain Unmated And He S Not Taking It Very Well He S Pleased That He Can Welcome Two New Brothers In Law To The Family, But It Makes His Work As A Doula Even Bittersweet As He Works With What Seems Like Every Omega On The Planet Except His Own True Mate Nathaniel O Toole Feels Trapped He S Been Raised By A Beta Uncle Who Doesn T Have The Slightest Notion Of How To Really Support An Omega, And He Feels Torn Between The Desire To Be Thoroughly Modern And As Independent As The New Progressive Laws Will Allow And The Deep Yearning To Be One Half Of A Traditional Alpha Omega Couple, Where Their Individual Natures Are Balanced And Affirmed For Harrison, Meeting Nathaniel Is Chance For Nathaniel, It S Fate But When Mixed Signals And The Complication Of Harrison S Work Duties Get In The Way Of Their Burgeoning Relationship, Will They Ever Be Able To Untangle Their Feelings For One Another

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    Getting better So I have to be candid and say, the series is definitely getting better and better It didn t start out well for me But I got back into it after realising Breathe, which has my absolute favourite character I ve read this year Oli, is part of this series world So I got back t

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    These stories are super fast The plot is rushed and so is the editing There were parts that were so bad that it wasn t clear what was going on Names are swapped and phrases just change direction midway through Really poorly done.I felt much better about the professional gray areas in this story I l

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    The was a very sweet novella with the discovery love front and center I would recommend reading the other two in the series, or at the very least the first one, in order to have a better background on this world It s not, as one reviewer suggested, in any way Victorian or historical This is a modern world om

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    Family DynamicsStop before you begin reading this book Do you know it is the 3rd book in a series I almost made the same mistake when I saw the new Piper Scott book To really understand what s going on in this series you need to read the books in order of publication 1 LOVE ME, 2 SAVE ME, and now this book 3 KEEP ME T

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    There are two other books in the Rutledge triplets series, Thaddeus story Love Me and Silas story Save Me before this one and all are really sweet, light reading with little angst There are some stressors for the sweet and shy omega character Nathaniel, but Harrison the 3rd Rutledge triplet is a very kind person as well as an A

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    I love Harrison and Nathaniel What an interesting world Piper Scott has created It had a bit of old world feel with a young love twist Harrison reminded me of a respectable English Lord and Nathaniel was in love s first blush A beautiful modern courtship that was sweet and sexy I was given the privilege and opportunity to receive an adva

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    DisappointingI was disappointed I this book I loved the previous two, but I felt that this was only half of a story We got to know Harry and Nate as Dylan was pregnant, but then, suddenly we were in the epilogue without anything really happening to build their relationship And how does writing in a journal constitute informed consent I also found

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    We do not see much of Harrison in the first two books so I did not know what to expect By 15% in, I was hooked I really liked getting to know Nathaniel and Harrison, I was happy getting to know Dylan as well It expanded the storyline a little Nathaniel was so sweet and cute For some reason I love when MC blushes a lot and Nathaniel blushed a ton. it definit

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    I m voluntarily reviewing a free advance reader copy I received from the author.This was a nice non shifter alpha omega book Nathaniel is an omega, and he meets the alpha who turns his world upside down Harrison is completely enthralled with Nate, but as a doula, he is bound to help Nate s brother first I enjoyed the story, and liked the interesting concept a

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    This was the best book in the series The characters were adorable together, but I felt like the story stumbled a little when it came to Nates heat Overall it was a heartwarming a cute story, but like the rest of the books in this series I wished it was longer so we got to really know the characters better I was also a little disappointed that we didn t get to see Harry s broth

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