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In the Shadow of Blackbirds In , The World Seems On The Verge Of Apocalypse Americans Roam The Streets In Gauze Masks To Ward Off The Deadly Spanish Influenza, And The Government Ships Young Men To The Front Lines Of A Brutal War, Creating An Atmosphere Of Fear And Confusion Sixteen Year Old Mary Shelley Black Watches As Desperate Mourners Flock To S Ances And Spirit Photographers For Comfort, But She Herself Has Never Believed In Ghosts During Her Bleakest Moment, However, She S Forced To Rethink Her Entire Way Of Looking At Life And Death, For Her First Love A Boy Who Died In Battle Returns In Spirit Form But What Does He Want From Her Featuring Haunting Archival Early Twentieth Century Photographs, This Is A Tense, Romantic Story Set In A Past That Is Eerily Like Our Own Time

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    The lovely Cat Winters joined us over at the blog to talk about the inspiration for this novel and writing about women in 1918 Wow I thought this was fantastic one of the best books I ve read in a long while.When I think of 1918, I think of a world torn

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    This book is set in the year 1918, but feels quite Victorian in its immersion in spiritualism and s ances The author s note at the end confirms her interest in that era, as well as in the epidemic of influenza that killed 50 million people worldwide towards the

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    What an original little gem this brilliant tale, served by a beautiful writing and a haunting atmosphere, is like nothing I ve read before From page one I felt connected to every one of these characters, first of all Mary Shelley, a strong and clever heroine I instantly

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    The Nocturnal Library Guest post by Cat Winters, 10 Ways I Researched the Past for In the Shadow of Blackbirds Stop by to read it and enter to win a hardcover copy from The Book Depository.Some books should be sold with a companion novel, a cheerful, nonsensical one people

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    It excites me so when I come across a novel that shows me there can still be books that thoroughly stand out from any other in its originality and outstanding story telling I can not even believe that In the Shadow of Blackbirds is Cat s debut novel What I love most from this book

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    War is never like the history books portray it I m not saying they lie I m saying they don t show you everything or what s like it, they tell you the stories, they don t t show it, and we readers know that by telling and not showing the majority of the emotions are drained I m not complain

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    4 stars Surely, though, I must have stolen into the future and landed in an H.G Wells style world a horrific, fantastical society in which people s faces contained only eyes, millions of healthy young adults and children dropped dead from the flu, boys got transported out of the country to be blown to bits

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    I think between the war and the flu, no one is going to escape being haunted We live in a world so horrifying, it frightens even the dead

    IN THE SHADOW OF BLACKBIRDS is a great atmospheric ghost story set in 1918 during a time of pestilence, war, famine and death where a brave sixteen year old Mary Shel

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    Rating Four ghostly spirit stars I m not trying to sound un American, I said, but the aspirin rumor is stupid Influenza is an airborne illness The only way the Germans could have used the flu as a weapon is if they shipped boatloads of sick German people over here and let everyone cough on us Another siren screamed by T

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