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How to Do Great Work Without Being an Asshole It S Long Been An Accepted, Almost Celebrated, Fact Of The Creative Industries That Long Hours, Chaotic Workflows, And Egotistical Colleagues Are Just The Price You Pay To Produce Great Work In Fact, This Toxic Culture Is The Enemy Of Creativity, And With Greater Accountability And Transparency In The Industry And Choice For Young Talent Than Ever Before, This Unsustainable Way Of Doing Business Is A Ticking Time BombThis Is A Straight Talking, Fun Read For All Creatives Director Or Junior, At An Agency Or Client Side, Working In Design, Advertising, Publishing, Fashion, Or FilmPacked With Anecdotes, Self Analysis Flowcharts Are YOU The Asshole , Exercises And Action Plans For Better Working PracticesSimple Strategies Can Easily Be Implemented To Create A Happier, Productive Team And Importantly BETTER WORK How to do Great Work without being an Asshole True, it s a surprising title for a design book, but a very necessary and fun one worth reading Whether a junior designer toiling through their first agency job hoping long hours will prove their worth, or an intermediate client services staffer trying to keep sane in the chaos and in fighting, the writing is valuable for all Even a seasoned professional should read it as a refresher to refine their own processes in leading creative effectively This is the written form of an experienced mentor or neutral confidant who can give you the real straight talk without rose colored glasses or worse yet, betrayal.Paul Woods writes and draws literally he illustrated and lettered all the images too from years of award winning design experience as CCO of Edenspiekermann Yes, founded by THAT Erik Spiekermann, also a supersmart design guy who speaks his mind, can t tolerate a holes and thankfully doesn t act like one, that I can personally attest Woods book starts with defining what a holes are in creative firms and how ego, culture, lack of communication and management structures can allow these people to thrive There s also very useful scenarios to bring caution to the wind for perceptive readers, while showing better ways and systems for dealing with feedback, creatives, clients, and business building Essentially, teamwork needs to be a team that can work together and allow everyone to BE their best and BRING their best as a united collective No egos there it s all about well rounded support that makes everyone the star.Innovative pricing strategies to cover for project scopes of finicky or difficult to define natures are also discussed in detail, making the great work part of the book title really deliver a sigh of relief for creatives and clients alike The importance of good briefs, presentations, clients and time management are well covered, as well as inevitable yet redeeming leaving a job without burning bridges scenarios While a bit depressing at times as certain people or sticky situations come to mind while reading it s also redeeming knowing how one can confidently shift gears to stay on track This is one of many lessons to take away within the final chapters Avoid future conflicts by adopting or adapting better strategies, and know that communication in itself is an art form that can t be taken lightly or lazily, leading to mutual respect and admiration when done right.While the book initially focuses on egos of creative leaders, it also applies to working partnerships as well as client relationships, where egos can get in the way of tangible progress I can t say enough how refreshing, informative and validating this book was to read, and seriously worth a read for all creative types. In the vein of the 37 Signals books, Paul has written the best design management how to book there is Having worked with Paul for 2 years, I ve experienced the mentorship, day to day management, and overall ideology he preaches throughout the book He covers the gamut of director level thinking and decision making, as well as ways to collaborate in a team environment Paul has done a fantastic job capturing the way he operates his company It s unlike any other design agency, and maybe by writing this manifesto of sorts he will spark a very positive change in the industry we love. Love an illustration it s fun to read

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