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How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life Please Read Notes Brand New, International Softcover Edition, Printed In Black And White Pages, Minor Self Wear On The Cover Or Pages, Sale Restriction May Be Printed On The Book, But Book Name, Contents, And Author Are Exactly Same As Hardcover Edition Fast Delivery Through DHL FedEx Express I first discovered Lilly Singh aka iiSuperwomanii at 14 in December 2013, with her video Things Students Lie About Ever since then, I ve laughed and truly enjoyed watching her content, seeing as she s grown into a powerhouse in the YouTube community I remember a period of time where I watched a collection of her videos before I went to bed every night because they relaxed me enough to go to sleep She made me discover the side of YouTube where creators roam and helped me know what to watch in that field Jenna Marbles, Miranda Sings Colleen Ballinger, and Grace Helbig are examples.So when she announced this book, it didn t come as a surprise to me even with getting incredibly overjoyed I knew this book was going to impress me even if it wasn t the best So with that in mind and the help of a gift certificate , I set off on the journey to becoming a full fledged Bawse.I m incredibly happy to say that this book was well worth the wait With Lilly s charismatic voice and lovely advice, I feel empowered to change some of the aspects of my daily life and make it better You can tell how much she cares about this project alongside her other endeavors, and I loved hearing about some of her experiences in life The book design is pretty and organized, plus I appreciated how pretty the layout was There was even a nice amount of repetition of earlier stated principles that didn t feel annoying I do wish some of the individual chapters were longer since they felt a bit too short, but I feel like that s of a nitpick for a truly wonderful read that I ve been anticipating for a good long while now In the YouTube community or possibly giving us literature, I m excited to see where Superwoman will take her magic next.9 15 16 Before Reading I legit fanboyed SO HARD when I heard about this announcement Lilly Singh Superwoman is my favorite Youtuber, and I m incredibly excited to read this Because, duh Superwoman Initially, I didn t want to read this book I mean, look at it Look at the cover Look at the title Look at the made up word, bawse Are you kidding me But despite the cheesiness and silliness that sometimes arises, it is a precious self help book It really does give helpful advice and motivates you to wake up at 6 am in the morning to conquer life.It s also surprisingly honest I had no idea who this YouTube sensation was before I started reading the book And I only cared to check her out when she began talking about her struggle with depression I, like a lot of people, love inspirational stories To me, Lilly Singh was born to make videos and inspire others She talks about how she made her first YouTube videos in 2011 because she wanted to cheer herself up Not because she wanted to become rich and famous, but because she needed to fight depression She also discusses how sometimes a failed attempt to climb a business or personal ladder can end up opening new doors Like when she was supposed to meet a celebrity to make an important video that meant a lot to her, but the meeting never happened Still, that didn t keep Lilly from developing her idea, even if she had to trash her first plan Even if she had to find another way.I agree I absolutely agree If everything went as planned all the time, and no one ever failed at anything, life would be dull We need to push ourselves and encourage ourselves and make mistakes to be able to grow and, in my opinion, that should be everyone s number one priority I want to see people change for the better and dodge the icebergs life puts in their way I believe that s possible Otherwise, there would be no inspirational stories to tell Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin In looking for reviews about this book, I noticed most of the comments are by many of Lilly s passionate fans who admit to not having read the book yet If you want to hear an honest review about the content of the book, continue reading below Overall, this was a quick and simple read Each of the 50 chapters are short and to the point, maybe 5 pages each at most However, I also thought this may have been one of the reasons I couldn t give the book a higher rating Singh offers a lot of great advice and mini pearls of wisdom, but as soon as you start processing the lesson, the chapter ends Before you know it, the book is over and your head is swirling with just fragments of advice.In the chapter, Send the GPS Deep , she states When it comes to understanding our behavior and why we do the things we do, I believe each of us has a minimum of three layers.the bottom layer consists of the deeply rooted reasons we actually behave the way we do When Singh first announced her book, I was excited to read it and support her because I have been a long time fan However, I assumed the book was going to give us a deeper glimpse of who she is off camera aside from the unicorns, skittles, and T shirt references I hoped she was going to provide the reader insight into her third layer At times she did do this, especially in the Out of The Blue concluding sections, but other than that the book remained largely surface level I can assume this is because she deeply values her privacy, and even alludes to that in the chapter Be Secretive But I can t help but feel that if she expanded on her advice over a few pages per chapter instead of sticking to the strict formula of opening metaphor real world example conclusion, and was willing to be a bit vulnerable, that the overall tone of the book would have felt substantive and personal However, I do recognize that this is her first book and applaud her for keeping true to herself and her style.and just an FYI if you are considering buying the book, I would definitely purchase the hardcover version instead of the ebook Every chapter begins with a wonderfully colorful picture and title page The ebook version hampers the reading experience in that sense because it just simply doesn t do the layout justice Also, I believe she has actually signed many of the hardcover versions OneLove THIS BOOK IS GOLD IT HELPS ME SO MUCH Just when I needed it the most, reading this book is like having Lilly near you as a friend and a supporter to reassure you and guide you through your life I believe we all learn best from our own experience and this memoir a personal coach speaking from her own experience and the result is amazing.The writing TOTALLY HONEST TO HER STYLE It s funny, witty and familiar She doesn t need to pretend to be someone else, speaking like Shakespeare or whatever She goes straight to the point and backs up her advice with her own examples and experience.It s like a voyage into yourself that you ve been delaying for years because you didn t know where to start Well you start with this book right here Lily reminds us that even though she reached stardom, she was still an ordinary person like all of us She started from the bottom and people tend to forget that So her problems and tips are easy to relate to Dealing with your impulse, with hatred and arrogant people, how to not procrastinate, and my favourite thing ever SHE MADE A LOT OF GAME OF THRONES REFERENCES D She usually uses the characters to describe how they also apply the behaviours and how they overcome it through a fun psychological analysis.You can read my full review here Book Blogger

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