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Homeworld I liked this book very much I read the second book back when I was in high school and only recently decided to read all three parts.As far as dystopian fiction goes, I don t think there is anything new here What makes the book, however, is Harrion s writing and characterization The story moves briskly and smoothly throughout, and I admit, I did not expect the one big thing to happen at the end that happened The main character is very capable, but not a superman He is outsmarted by the baddies even when everything seems perfectly planned.Even impressive, Harrison is capable of telling his tale in a couple of hundred pages All three books together are not as long as a single volume in the ten book traps writers push off on readers today.Recommended with no reservations whatsoever It s a decent book and it passed the time on train trips to from London but it s trying to exist in the same mould as 1984 which does it terrifyingly and threateningly I loved Harry Harrison s Stainless Steel Rat series, which felt original, while this feels a bit me too while telling a story that s very topical today in the Facebook era but if you want to get the definitive story of how Big Brother is watching us all and crushing all dissent, read 1984 instead of this The litmus test for me was when I finished, did I care enough to go and get the next two books in the series The answer was no. I used to think I liked Harry Harrison s work, now no longer with us apparently, but even though Homeworld had been on my bookshelf for years I had never completed it, and now having done so I can understand why It shows its age 1980 although when you have finished reading it, the plot holds together moderately well But getting there is difficult, and the sex scenes Well, its all milky thighs and heavy breathing, and I may have overdone it a bit in this description And if there is one bit of advice I would offer Homeward is the first of a trilogy called To the Stars Try to get the other two books before you start. I picked this from one of my many Small Stacks of Found books found this in an antique shop in Tennessee for a read today while on holiday a little cultural appropriation there, but then Harrison did place this one in a semi sort of 23rd century near future England Semi sort of because for two hundred plus years out, way too many 1980 thoughts for this to not be near future And other than a mild dystopian Big Brother overcast, it doesn t get to be science fiction until page 161 of 199 More of a dime novel spy mystery, Harrison still wrote a light book that engaged One blink and you ll miss it bit Harrison s main character created a recording device in a lighter that hadwait for it a 64K magnetic bubble memory Oh my, but I m dating myself that I knew what that was and that for a short period in the 1970s you could get a 64K memory module Early solid state static memory technology, it didn t fare well with Moore s Law At least Harrison shrunk it for his distant future.I laughed and loved one exchange between the main character and his boss She invited him to a reception for an Italian physicist, and he said, I know all of his work He s a physicist who thinks like an engineer Brilliant Her reply I m sure you can think of no higher praise His far future also included a relatively recent late 1970s product of a breathalyzer incorporated in a car which people drove in that future to prevent drunk driving.I don t have the next book in the trilogy in any of my Small Stacks, but I can get a copy For another holiday, I suppose. This book has aged itself out of being sci fi, far too much of what is proposed is either now possible or actually easier to track someone today Overall it reads like something between the 39 steps and Brave new world, high octane thriller set in a dystopian future The protagonist has little agency and just gets swept along In itself not that brilliant but I held out hope for the sequels. Homeworld, in 1980, was a reprise of 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 Today it is as topical as its forerunners are, still The frog boiling experts have won Against ignorance the gods themselves strive in vain Good people will read this and weep, knowing Jon would today die in a hail of SWAT bullets when he lands in book 3, instead of triumphing for democracy Trump voters can t read, and wouldn t if they could George, Ray, and Harry spelled it out Stupid evil won Yes, Ms Arendt, it is banal indeed. Typical ya uprising story but supposed to be an adult book Fairly interesting yet dry at the same time A man high up in society notices how the lower classes are treated and tries to do something to help change He gets involved with a free government Israel and some shenanigans ensue on Earth. Jan Kulozik Was One Of Earth S Privileged Elite A Brilliant Young Electronics Engineer, He Enjoyed All The Blessings Of A Rd Century Civilization That Survived The Global Collapse And Conquered The Stars, Unaware Of The Millions Who Slaved Or Starved To Maintain His Way Of LifeThen Jan Met Sara, A Beautiful Agent Of The Rebel Underground Dedicated To Smashing Earth S Rigid Caste System Through Her He Discovered The Truth Behind The Lies He D Been Taught His Every Move Watched By State Surveillance, Jan Risked His Position And His Life To Restore Humanity S Heritage Poor workThe punctuation is a mess Very poor transfer to digital The story was exciting but ending was horrible This is the first book I ve read of the author And the last. ,.

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