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Hide and Seek What We Believe To Be The Motives Of Our Conduct Are Usually But The Pretexts For It Miguel De UnamunoHow And Why Do We Deceive Ourselves How Does This Impact On Us And Those Around Us And What, If Anything, Can We Do About It This Book Is A Stand Alone Sequel And Companion Piece To The Art Of Failure , Which Explores What It Means To Be Successful, And How, If At All, True Success Can Be Achieved

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    Most of the content I have heard before, but it is nice to see it all in a concise organized fashion Although the concepts have been around for a while, the practical examples are excellent and really help to explain the theories.

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    Non fiction books have a certain notoriety for stating the obvious, but dispelling that myth, Dr Neel Burton s Hide Seek The Psychology of Self Deception provides information that is not only useful and enlightening but also formatted in a clear, concise manner I received this book from Goodreads in a First Reads giveaway

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    Profound, wise and very interestingWriting from a Freudian perspective with insights from evolutionary psychology, Greek philosophy, the Bhagavad Gita, Buddhism, and everyday life, psychiatrist philosopher Neel Burton makes it clear that self deception is and has always been the norm in human behavior.Dr Burton organizes ego defens

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    I guess I was deceived by this bookI ve heard about a few of the ego defenses in passing before, so the overall concept was not new to me It was by no means advanced knowledge not even intermediate , so I expected to deepen my understanding and gain new insights Unfortunately, I came away empty handed.The book covered the general idea very

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    I find this subject most interesting Learning about self is amazing.

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    I won this book from a Goodreads giveaway This book is well organized and Dr Burton does an excellent job at explaining the ego defenses he explores by providing real life examples of each on It was nice to have him distinguish the differences between some of the ego defenses that are extremely similar to one another An interesting read.

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    Concise yet comprehensive, Dr Neel Burton provides a well written and accessible tour d horizon of the most common ego defences we encounter Well worth the read, for anyone with an interest in greater self knowledge, or in greater understanding of others.

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    Know Thyself , said Socrates.If you know yourself, you don t have to resort to self deception A person who is true to himself, is not restricted in his thoughts and emotions, therefore, he develops his full potential.The book is well written, so it is easy to understand.Highly recommended

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    Really interesting insight into the types and uses of ego defense.

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