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Hexmaker AUDIO REVIEW 4.5 StarsI really do think that a great narrator can make an awesome book even enjoyable As such, re rating for Tristan s performance Also, as much as I love the romance of Tom Cicero in the first book Hexbreaker I think the sex scenes were ridiculously hotter in this one I needed Tristan to read it to me, evidently, to realllllllllly appreciate it 4.3 StarsLoving this series, and I still find it interesting how the Hexmagic takes the place of so much science medicine Also, major props for incorporating real history from Commissioner Roosevelt, to the Astor vs Vanderbilt society squabbleplus the actual storm that kind of attention to detail thrills me than I can put into words.I have to hand it to JLH, she really works being inclusive of all people and this book is no different I really wouldn t mind hearing about Nathan in some future installment. All good things must end My unbroken streak of liking Author Hawk s books has ended Be sure to check out my shared notes for real time responses to the characters And the overuse of the w bomb I didn t like Owen because he reminds me of Franklin Pangborn from old timey post Code movies When they needed a gay man, they got Franklin Pangborn or someone like him to play a fussy, mousy, icky stereotype.UGH.And that meant I couldn t really get a grip on the stakes of the story Wasn t much on Malachi, either, and their sex scenesI can t believe I m typing thiswere dull, so I skimmed them I mean, of course Owen was bottoming, he s such a squishbag I can t believe he could ever do anything elseand that s not Big Daddy s kink.Also There are seven 7 w bombs in the book which is eight too many.A sad day for me. A Straight Laced Policeman A Lighthearted Thief A Murdered MillionaireFox Shifter Malachi Steals For One Of The Biggest Crime Rings In New York City But When He Witnesses The Murder Of A Millionaire, The Only Person Who Can Keep Him Safe Is Dr Owen Yates, Forensic Hexman For The Metropolitan Witch Police And Malachi S WitchOwen Is Horrified To Discover His Familiar Is An Uneducated Thief Even Worse, Malachi Threatens To Unleash Owen S Deepest Desires Desires Owen Can T Act Upon, As He S Destined For An Arranged Marriage To Secure The Yates Family FortuneTheir Agreement Malachi Will Be Owen S Lover As Well As His Partner, Until The Day Of The Wedding But As Their Hunt For The Murderer Carries Them From Teeming Slums To Fifth Avenue Mansions, Owens Begins To Realize Malachi Commands His Heart As Well As His BodyWith Dark Forces Drawing Ever Closer Around Them, Owen Must Decide Whether To Bow To The Demands Of Duty, Or To Risk Everything For The Man He Loves 4.5 While Cicero, that slinky, sexy cat, remains my favorite MC in this series thus far, at least , Malachi is a close second Mal is a sly fox, a quick footed thief, a man used to making it on his own His witch is the wealthy, uptight Dr Owen Yates, a talented hexman who works for the Metropolitan Witch Police Owen loves his job, but it won t be suitable once he marries to save his family s social standing Mal and Owen find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation, and Mal quickly discovers that Owen is a naughty boy who loves to get down on his knees And that makes for some hot, kinky sex D s elements, bondage Mal makes Owen beg for it So deliciously dirty The plot is fast paced, and the mystery doesn t get in the way of the romance Indeed, as Mal s life is threatened, Owen becomes protective of his red headed fox While Owen is attracted to Mal and cares deeply for his familiar, he feels obliged to carry on with the wedding Fortunately, Owen s fianc e is nice and doesn t treat Mal like a pet as many wealthy witches treat their familiars She has dreams of her own The ending is exciting and leads to a sweet HEA for the MCs I love this historical world Jordan Hawk has created it s authentic, gritty, and brimming with magic danger This series is absolutely fantastic I m not one for mysteries or magic usually, but I can t get enough of Hexworld 4.5 starsI have read everything under the sun by this author except the Spectr series ONLY because I don t want to wait for the next one, and read them in succession I own them though Hawk writes some of the most memorable and amazing guys in any genre that I ve read I have come to really enjoy this series, and this book was no different SN Jordan, if you do read this, please for the love of goodness let Quigley Issac s book be up next I can feel the hurt comfort from book one I m begging for it I absolutely was enad with this book from the beginning to end Malachi was super amazing, and Dr Yates was a delightful surprise I enjoyed the mystery aspect of the story, some of it was pretty predictable and that s not a word that I d use to describe any of Hawk s books.You know how it s love at first sight at someplace like a caf in Paris, or Times Square in New York City well these two meet at a crime scene and it s an instant connection Well as much as a connection can be for a suspected murderer and a forensic specialist LOL It was snarky, charismatic, and cute Those are the three words that I would describe the scene for the first two meeting each other I loved that they were complete opposites I mean they had nothing in common, one from a rich family, a prestigious lifestyle, a respectable job, and the other was from the low brows of society, a thief, and a family made up of criminals This difference did nothing when it came into the physical side of their relationship It was super magical It was HOT It was explosive My, my, my, Dr Yates who knew you had that in you It was nice to see Owen open up in way that he s never felt comfortable doing I enjoyed Malachi s abrasives and equal prowess when it came to Owen I think they definitely work well together. Tee hee, I just wanted to incorporate this somehow my review, I love JLH s research and authenticity she brings to her stories Never in my life would I have thought to read Historical Fiction, but she is the inspiration behind it for me Now when it came to the mystery of the story like I said earlier it was rather predictable at one point Nonetheless is was good I did feel the ending was a tad bit rushed and would have like to see from these two after the big showdown I also felt like the storyline with Sophie didn t end well I just wanted some closure for Mal on that part, even though we suspect what she did I had the same abrupt ending issue with the previous in the series, so maybe it s a little pattern, but seriously I think she can write 5oo pages and I ll still want from her No matter it s still a great murder mystery from this author It s still authentic in the setting, and she even includes real facts into her stories I love the creation of the Metropolitan Witch Police I love seeing all the characters and hopefully we can get a book from each one I appreciate every one of her characters and books I highly recommend this book to everyone You won t be disappointed, c mon this woman writes Gold. BR with Mish This is going to be a lazy review, but here s what you can expect from Hexmaker Two well rounded and very different MCs who are equally lovable A romance that moves pretty fast, but is still believable Some hot and slightly kinky sex A mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat and will keep you guessing Really, I think this is one of Jordan L Hawk s best written mysteries Some family drama and resulting angst that ll make you wonder if Malachi and Owen will make it A HEA that ll make you go awwww.Overall, I really enjoyed book 2 of the Hexworld series Owen and Malachi s romance was sweet and sexy, and the mystery was highly entertaining.If you re looking for some paranormal MM, give this series a try I can t wait to see what happens next Confirms why I keep returning to Ms Hawk for love, adventure and easy worldbuilding.Definitely will read when Ms Hawk writes them. Hexmaker is the second, novel length installment in the brilliant Hexworld series by Jordan L Hawk Very different from the lives of a copper walking the beat and his fantastic, cocky familiar Hexmaker introduces the reader to a briefly mentioned character prior Dr Owen Yates He might as well be from another universe when compared to the humble upbringings of so many other characters Owen is the middle son of the Yates clan, one of 400 family living on Millionaire Row They are old money, elite, and his mother in particular holds the keys to New York society Owen s burdens don t lie in scraping together enough money to pay rent or put food on the table, but in representing his family He is duty and honor bound to care for them and their prestige by marrying Edith Vandersee, the youngest daughter of a family with new money but lots of it.We are treated to a character that while pampered his entire life, is not the sort of man who feels he is above others And when he does have those moments, he catches himself Corrects himself Owen is a witch, a forensic hexman, and is absolutely in love with magic and his job at the MWP But his commitment to a society he feels alienated from, and the responsibility to care for his family in his older brother s absence leaves him a shell of a man True joy and happiness have all but been beaten out of him.Mal, a fox familiar, thief, and second story man, is the perfect counteract to Owen s rigidity Mal s experienced the lowest of the low, been tossed aside by his family, by New York, has been seen as nothing but a nuisance his whole life, and yet he is a man full of energy and courage No matter what, Mal keep taking each day as it comes His bark of a laugh cracks the wall around Owen, his dominance and care directed toward his witch sparks a need in Owen, so deep and profound, the reader can feel his desperation to be touched, used, loved, and cared for in a way he s never once felt.Their meeting and magical bonding is fast and fierce Their sex desperate and needy But their relationship unfolds gently, unexpectedly for them both, and is so utterly sweet The men find a strength in one another, and they better each other in ways they were lacking before meeting And all of this unfolds while Owen and Mal are investigating the murder of a millionaire collector, while Mal is being stalked and attacked by unknown familiars after having seen too much at the Jacobs house Add to this a mysterious artifact linked to the uprising of feral familiars in the city who are trying to enact a new world order, and you ve got one hell of an exciting story.Adventure, mystery, heartbreak, joy, representation, and unrivaled imagination This book is what writing is all about. Hexmaker is the second book in Jordan L Hawk s latest series, Hexworld, which deals with witches and their familiars This time, the couple in the spotlight is Malachi, a thief and fox shifter who becomes a witness of a murder, and is Dr Owen Yates, forensic hexman for the Metropolitan Witch Police Well, I loved this I might even dare I say it at the moment loving this world better than Widdershins I know, blasphemy The thing is, I found Hexworld to fit with my taste of paranormal fantasy mystery books It has police department I m such a sucker for cops or detectives It has tons of familiars animals sightings Plus it features different couple in each book.Don t get me wrong, I love Whyborne and Griffin, but sometimes all those weird fantasy creatures just went over my head Plus I was annoyed with Whyborne in the last book.Despite the timeline being relatively short, but I felt that Owen and Malachi truly had the chemistry and connection Never for once I felt that this one was rushed or the love came instantly I loved that they worked together well, despite the difference of class and occupation I even enjoyed the touch of D s between the two.I also loved the villains better here compared to Widdershins series why Because view spoiler I felt that the villains have a very compelling reason for doing what they do Familiars are considered second class They can be abused by their witches, and no rules will stop it So I can somehow understand if the familiars are wanting revenge It s an unfair treatment to familiars hide spoiler Soul bonds bridging the divide.Thief Police investigator.Guttersnipe orphan NYC Gilded Age elite.Expendable Scion.Another dive into the magical world of witches and their familiars as Owen, the staid hexmaker from the first book in the series gets waylaid by his own familiar In a world where witches outnumber familiars, the probability was low and after meeting his, Malachi, Owen is wishing he never had What is usually a cause for celebration is met with suspicion and veiled hostility by both parties Each has their allegiances and responsibilities and being on opposite sides is than disconcerting it is life altering Sometimes change is what one wants Unfortunately, we don t always get what we want.The case that brings them together plays into the sociological implications of the witch familiar relationship and the class structure of late nineteenth century NYC The relationship between Malachi and Owen is tenuous and the binding point beyond their magic is kinky sex Anyone who s read a few of my reviews knows that kinky sex is not a problem, but here it felt forced It went from zero to sixty, and in a couple with trust issues I found that not entirely believable At the heart of any power exchange that isn t dubious is trust, and this jumped a few steps The contention between Owen and Malachi reminded me of A Seditious Affair, but with novices The story moves at a brisk pace with danger stalking each chapter It s a nice addition to the Hexworld series Definitely entertaining and a diverting Halloween read A bag of Tootsie Roll candies, and yes, I m digging out all the Pops and now it s time to read my Halloween TREAT from friend, Lei THANK YOU

About the Author: Jordan L. Hawk

Jordan L Hawk is a trans author from North Carolina Childhood tales of mountain ghosts and mysterious creatures gave him a life long love of things that go bump in the night When he isn t writing, he brews his own beer and tries to keep the cats from destroying the house His best selling Whyborne Griffin series beginning with Widdershins can be found in print, ebook, and audiobook.

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