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Her Best Friend's Husband (Silhouette Intimate Moments) Gabriel Taggert Former Naval Officer, Man Of Honor And Her Best Friend S Husband Cara Thorpe S Feelings For The One Man She Could Never Have Had Always Been Her Own Shameful Secret And When Her Best Friend Disappeared Without A Trace, She Lost Them Both Until A Postcard Arrived, Eight Years Late Receiving An Eight Year Old Message From Her Best Friend Was Disturbing Enough Now Cara Had To Face The Man She D Quietly Loved For Years Would Teaming Up With Gabe On A Dangerous Hunt For The Truth Jeopardize Their Own Lives And The Chance For A Future Together

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    So the writing was solid But I m having trouble not feeling queasy over the premise The characters are uncomfortable with the idea that the heroine is in love with her dead best friend s husband That makes three of us They come to all kinds of useful realizations about the nature of the previous marriage she never understood him, she was selfish,

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    Cara Thorpe fell in love with Gabriel Taggert the moment she met him Unfortunately then, he was her best friend s boyfriend, hence untouchable Later he became her best friend s husband And even after Hope Taggert vanished into thin air after six years of marriage, Cara still kept her distance Gabe was Hope s after all.Now, eight years later, Cara

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    SRS 1525 4 stars

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    I thought it was a good story and I did find it difficult to put this one down.

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    I needed something easy to read that would be a quick story and found that I had this book for many years but hadn t read it This was a good story so I just sat down and read it all the way through.I liked Gabriel Taggert and Cara Thorpe as they reunited after Gabe s wife and Cara s best friend had been missing for eight years Cara received a post car

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    Exactly what I was in the mood for.

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