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Grishma (Necoh Saga, #1) Huge thank you to Kelly Blount for providing a copy of her debut novel, Grishma, in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review.I dove head first into Grishma with no expectations At the time, I wasn t familiar with the author s work or the concept of a magical land called Necoh A land that was haunted by ferocious creatures, Grishma being the most infamous of them all All I did know, was that it had an absolutely gorgeous cover That alone, gave me enough motivation to jump at the opportunity when the author asked me to read and review her debut.When I first started off the novel, I found Brooklyn to be a pretty likable character Her love hate relationship with her brother reminded me a lot of how normal, everyday siblings acted Although they constantly teased and embarrassed each other whenever the opportunity presented itself, you could clearly see that they loved each other underneath However, my respect for her started to dwindle when she blew up at one of her best friends for going after her crush I don t deny that it s normal for someone to get angry when their best friend does something like that, but if you ve been friends for nearly your whole life, you should at least hear out their side of the story, before jumping to conclusions and calling them sluts As the novel progressed, I began to like her less and less When she was taken to the castle after being mistaken for the runaway Princess Sophie, she handled situations poorly and failed to catch onto important details until it was too late She was weak, and although she wasn t the worst heroine I ve ever read about, she was definitely close to the bottom.The romance between Ryder and Brooklyn wasn t realistic at all Although there wasn t a straight out Insta Love connection, it was close enough to be labeled one One of those, As soon as we made eye contact, the world stopped spinning and it seemed like we were the last two people on the planet, moments If that wasn t bad enough, even though Ryder and Brooklyn were separated for nearly 90% of the novel, they just happened to be unconditionally and irrevocably in love with each other at the end Attraction to a hot guy is completely normal, but you can t actually fall in love with someone until you get to know them first.Although there was always something happening in the novel, I was never engrossed with the events that were occurring There were a countless number of times when I just wanted to turn off my Kindle and hope to somehow be magically in love with the plot the next day Actually, this was probably the longest time it took me to read a book, excluding classics I m forced to read for school, of course xD In fact, if Sophie or Ryder had died somewhere along the way, I probably wouldn t even have noticed or wouldn t have been able to bring myself to care.The one saving grace for Grishma was the author s writing style Surprisingly, it flowed pretty well and reminded me of that of a much experienced author However, although I was pretty impressed with that part of the novel, there were still a few flaws One minor flaw that didn t bother me too much was the grammatical and spelling errors I m no genius when it comes to punctuation and grammar, but I do know enough to be able to tell when a word is spelled incorrectly However, although those errors are inconvenient, I don t mind if there spaced out and only happen once in a blue moon Another thing I had a problem with was the overuse of exclamation points For some reason, the majority of self published authors and authors from smaller publishing companies are in love with the idea of using exclamation points, even when there not necessary I mean, I don t mind a couple here and there to indicate yelling or to exaggerate a certain line, but when you insert exclamation points consecutively on almost every single page, then I get aggravated When I read a book, I usually play the speaking parts in my head, imagining what they sound like and which parts of the sentence are stressed Am I the only one who does this O.o It detracts from the story, when every single character speaks like a caveman.Overall, Kelly had a great and unique concept, but failed to execute it in a believable manner To this day, I still have no idea what Grishma looks like and can t even imagine the land of Necoh in my head Although the romance wasn t exactly what you would call an Insta Love, it was very close to one It pains me to write a bad review for a book that had so much effort and time put into it, but I guess it s something that every reviewer is faced with sometime in their blogging career I ve been literally cringing the whole time I was writing this review I have no doubt that many readers will find the world of Necoh to be an alluring one, but I was definitely not one of them.Cover 4 5Heroine 1.5 5Romance 1 5Action 1 5Writing 3 5Overall 1.5 5For reviews, visit my website Reading Until Dawn. Don t let the cover fool you, Grishma by Kelly Anne Blount is a fast paced, high action adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat from cover to cover This is an excellent YA fantasy novel.The author did a great job of developing the story It was easy to follow and never lost sight of the story theme as each new twist developed I loved getting into the story and found it hard to put down once I started reading.Kelly Anne Blount, through her writing style, made each character very believable and easy to identify with The emotions and feeling developed into each character help you connect and cheer on the good guys and dislike the bad guys I really like this.Grishma by Kelly Anne Blount is as excellent YA fantasy novel and I highly recommend it for all ages Please note I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. In The World Of Necoh, Everyone Fears Grishma, A Hideous Murderous Beast Responsible For Ruining Or Ending The Lives Of Anyone Who Dare Cross HerAs A Young Boy, Ryder Lived With His Family, Deep In The Caves Underneath The Kadin Forest, Unaware Of The Horrors Of The World His Simple World Was Turned Upside Down One Horrible Night When Grishma Attacked His Family, Killing His Father And Kidnapping His Mother And Younger SisterFrom That Night On, Ryder Devoted His Life To Killing Grishma He Tracked The Monster From Necoh, To Our World, And Back Again Unfortunately, During His Quest, He Accidentally Transported Brooklyn, A High School Junior Into His Tumultuous World, Where She Is Mistakenly Identified As Princess Sophie, The Missing Princess Of SumnerDays After Princess Sophie S Return, Grishma Plots And Manipulates The King Into Drugging And Marrying Off His Only Daughter To Prince Algid Of Dratun Desperate To Save Brooklyn, Who Now Believes She Is The Long Lost Princess, His Mother, And His Little Sister, Ryder Embarks On The Deadliest Part Of His QuestWill He Save Brooklyn Will She Ever Regain Her Memory What Will Become Of His Mother And Sister Through Epic Adventure, Loss, And Love, GRISHMA Depicts The Strength Of The Human Spirit And The Tight Bonds Formed By The Unique Creatures Of Necoh Right from the beginning, you are introduced into the horror of Grishma and our hero, Ryder This begins his quest of wanting to defeat and ultimately kill Grishma Ryder follows Grishma from Necoh to our world where it leads him to a girl named Brooklyn Brooklyn is faced with Grishma after she felt betrayed by one of her friends Ryder comes to her rescue and takes her back to his world There her fairytale world is taken through loops Grishma shows up and tries to kidnap Brooklyn Grishma didnt get very far in her adventure before Brooklyn showed herself as a brave, strong person than she has been before Brooklyn escapes and is taken into a village where she was presumed to be the long lost princess of the land She is betrayed and drugged by one of the villagers and is taken to the king.This is where the story has so many loops and bounds that are thrown at you You think you can predict the story and poof you were wrong This is what the new fairytales of modern day look like It has the right amount of love, despair, adventure, loss and growth It was a fun read that will have you engrossed from the moment you start.mamasreadingbreak.blogspot.comwww.faebooks.co.uk I pretty much read this one in a single sitting The vivid imagery really brought out the world of Necoh, making the setting a character within itself.But that lovely ending Bah various ranting Finish the next book NOW Lol No Pressure or anything. This book reminds me of the fairy tales we all read as kids but with a twist I sooooooo enjoyed reading this book When I got to the last page and it ended I was like really that s it I wanted and that s just the way a series should be It was imaginative and rolled as you read it There were no spots in it where I thought okay and just jump to the next page and it might get betterbecause every page was that good Congrats Kelly for a book well written Love Grishma Kelly Anne Blount It was like reading the Hungry Games along with Wizard of Oz All the little creatures who kept popping up made me smile They were just what was needed for the story line And what was needed to out smart the Grishma A very good Read. Firstly, I d like to show some cover love I absolutely adore this cover It s simple, elegant and beautiful Perfect for the story contained within.When Kelly first approached me about this book, it was to do some critiquing for her I gave her my insights on the first few chapters but after that, she was picked up very quickly by a publisher, so I didn t read any I waited for the final outcome I have to say, this book is a new favourite of mine With a twisting story arc, fluid writing and truly unique characters, this book has sky rocketed to my Most Favourite list on Goodreads Why did I enjoy it so much Well there s hardly enough words to tell you without giving away the whole story but what I will tell you is thisBrooklyn is a normal teenage girl with your pretty average life That is until the day she attends a house party thrown by Jocelyn Macintyre Her world is then thrown into disarray and all because she got a little lost.Why was she lost Well, we have to go back in time a little way to answer that question Brooklyn has been in love with Kai since forever Kai is a friend of Brooklyn s brother and her feelings blossomed for him over a period of time But Kai doesn t seem to see her in the same light Why I can t tell you it s a spoiler.So, upon attending the party of the century at Jocelyn s house, Brooklyn is disturbed and upset to find out why Kai doesn t think of her like that So much so, she runs off out of the house, out of the garden and into the woods that surround the back of the house.Brooklyn is lost and alone, upset because of the betrayal and she s beyond hurt by someone she classed as a best friend She doesn t remain alone for long though Ryder, the foreign exchange student living at Jocelyn s, comes seemingly out of nowhere There s something in the woods and if Brooklyn doesn t follow Ryder, she could end up dead So she does as he tells her That something in the woods Well that would be Grishma Ryder takes Brooklyn to his home via way of the moonbow not saying too much, you need to read it for yourself She discovers that they are no longer even in her world, they have been transported to Ryder s homeworld of Necoh.Ryder shouldn t have taken her to his world, she ll stick out like a sore thumb, but it was all he could think to do at the time to save her He explains this to her and Brooklyn being a girl after my own heart doesn t totally flip out and slap him upside the head for lying as some people might do On their run through the woods, she caught something in the sole of her foot but before she has chance to do too much moaning as might be appropriate Ryder puts a balm on her foot to help it to heal.Ever the gentleman, he shows her the way to what the Necohian s class as a bath and leaves her to clean the mud caked in her hair and on her skin Once out of the water, Brooklyn puts on some clothes Ryder has left for her This is surely as much excitement as Brooklyn can handle but oh no, things are about to get extremely worse spoiler extracted Brooklyn wanders off and stumbles upon some members of the Tribe of Topher They all believe her to be the missing Princess Sophie She explains that she is not, but do they believe her spoiler extracted Ryder can t find Brooklyn anywhere He s worried that she ll get lost and hurt because she doesn t know his world But he can t plan for what actually happens spoiler extracted Someone returns Princess Sophie to her rightful home, the castle, with the King of Necoh But Brooklyn isn t the Princess and nobody will believe her They think that someone has altered her mind with a concoction that erases memories Brooklyn has no choice but to play along and hope that Ryder can rescue her somehow.Tasked not only with rescuing Brooklyn, Ryder also still has to track down and kill Grishma for the death of his father This is going to be one hell of a rescue tracking mission Is Ryder prepared for all eventualities.It s not long since Princess Sophie was returned home but the King is insistent that the ceremony still go ahead as scheduled What ceremony Well, she s to marry Prince Algid of Dratun.Brooklyn doesn t know what the King has planned until she hears one of the servants says she will make a lovely bride How on earth will she get out of having to marry a Prince There s no way she can do that She has to get home Plus, she has come to like Ryder yet another spoiler extracted Ryder is on his way to try and find Brooklyn But by the time he does, will she even remember who he is Will she even remember who she is..Grishma is a foul beast who smells like rotten fish She killed Ryder s father and kidnapped his mother Bethenny and sister Brianna Can he slay the beast and rescue his mother and sister, as well as finding and rescuing Brooklyn from her fate..This unique cast of characters made for a complex story arc, yet it was simple to follow and I really enjoy a book that can do that, combine both complex and simple By that, I mean, Kelly made sure there were twists and turns, highs and lows, things happened that you just didn t see coming But though it was so intricately weaved, this story was easy to follow along with and in fact get swept away by I absolutely loved Cridifer and Pidifer you ll know who I mean when you read the book I fell in love with the swoon worthy Ryder and I loved Brooklyn She s probably my kindred spirit She s got a kick A attitude that you just have to admire.Kelly Anne Blount is a debut author but it doesn t mean she can t jump up onto my Favourite Authors list I found her fluid writing style really easy to read and to connect with I love how she alternates the chapters so that we also get to experience Ryder s POV It was a great way of making him an easy guy to fall for I cannot wait for book two to come out Alas I guess I will have to wait, I don t know if book two will come out this year or next.Thank you Kelly for allowing me the chance to read and review your wonderful debut novel. Rating 1.75 starsHow does this book get such high reviews I don t understand it.First of all, what s with the writing style It s like the author was trying to fit in as many vocabulary words and odd descriptions as she could.Yes, the action was non stop But there was so much happening all at once, it just wasn t too plausible.The characters Ryder himself was okay, but only as a hero Yes, we saw him be brave, etc, etc, but there was no depth to his character It seemed that all he cared about was flipping revenge What was it like living in his own for years How did he figure out how to cross worlds Why was Grishma even in our world There are so many questions.We also never got a complete description of the world they re living in, Neoch We were only told things as they came up Why didn t Ryder explain to Brooklyn where she really was Also, Brooklyn barely blinks when she s told she s in another world Really Insta love The worst kind of love Ryder and Brooklyn barely spend any time together, and yet they love each other WHY And if Ryder thinks Brooklyn is so great, why didn t he talk to her when they were in our world And another question there sure seem to be a lot of unanswered questions why does Brooklyn look so much like the long lost princess Are they related What s going on here It s just so odd that even Sophie s own father would believe Brooklyn was his daughter.The only reason this book received a second star is because it kept me reading, and the plot was actually pretty interesting That being said, I would definitely not recommend this book to anyone. Ok I live and breathe books about the paranormal I received a copy of Grishma by Kelly Blount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review This was a debut book for this author and I for one was not disappointed This was not your typical vampire, shape shifter, or fae book The author was able to capture the reader with a new type of paranormal creature called the Grishma I also loved the creativity that the author had in naming the creature also the homeland of Ryder called Necoh It always amazes me how people are creative enough to make up names of people, places, and things, and the key thing is make it believable This author has that very talent She was able to capture the reader from page one to the very end Left me wishing she had another book out to read The one thing that caught my eye at the beginning was the most beautiful cover she had chosen for the book It just screamed buy me The way the author described the scenes made it visible in the mind s eye I truly loved the story and recommend it to all of my friends If you are looking for something different from the sparkly vampires and ferocious shape shifters the story of Ryder, the murderous beast Grishma and a teenager by the name of Brooklyn will throw your mind into another realm of action, adventure, fantasy, and love.

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