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Gossip Girl Welcome To New York City S Upper East Side, Where My Friends And I Live, Go To School, Play, And Sleep Sometimes With Each OtherS Is Back From Boarding School, And If We Aren T Careful, She S Going To Win Over Our Teachers, Wear That Dress We Couldn T Fit Into, Steal Our Boyfriends Hearts, And Basically Ruin Our Lives In A Major Way I Ll Be Watching CloselyYou Know You Love Me,gossip Girl

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    The following is a public service announcement sponsored by The Committee For Teens Who Read Real Books Attention teenage girls Looking for a book to read for your English class, but don t know where to start I know what you re thinking you want to read about fashion and celebrities, but Seventeen does

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    There s one thing that you must accept before you read these books lives like those written about in Gossip Girl exist And I know this because I live it Granted, I m much like the Jenny Humphrey type who witnesses the drama from the outside, but I still hear about it And yes, that s what the popular kids do They

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    i thought about giving this book five stars, not because it s so great, but because i think everyone with daughters should at least look at it my 14 year old has devoured all eight or nine in the series good god and i felt like i ought to know what she was reading gossip girl is absolutely the biggest piece of crap i v

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    During the particularly bleak summer of my 11th year, I spent a month hiding from my wicked step mother in the basement bedroom I shared with my sister No TV, no movies, and very little radio reception meant I read than usual, and when I went through my own summer reading, I started borrowing from my sister, whose taste ra

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    This is very possibly the worst book I have ever read The author clearly knows nothing about 16 year olds aside from what she s seen in horrible television shows all the ones just like the show this series spawned The characters are all 2 dimensional and predictable all super hot, super trendy, super rich, super popular and few

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    This was an enjoyable story, but the pace was a little slow there seemed to be lots of scene setting and not so much action.

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    Look I don t want to sound too much like Tipper Gore in the 80 s, or too much like Maude Flanders of The Simpsons, tearing out my hair and screeching WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN but this book Are you fucking kidding me Have teenagers really grown up so much in the 9 years since I was one, when I was content with R.L Stine and Christopher Pike

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    Gossip Girl is a richly detailed look into the lives of Upper East Side teenagers I enjoyed getting into the hipster characters, the ones who read poetry, drink black coffee, and aren t extravagantly wealthy Dan, Vanessa, Jenny Jenny is adorable and likable as she constantly strives for a place in the It crowd Dan is a scruffy hipster with an

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    So, I basically just read the pilot episode Snobby girls and boys doing inappropriate things for sixteen year olds and there s nothing much else to it.

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