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God, Save the Pirate I won this book, glad to have because I love discovering new authors and stories to read A little surprisingly, I really enjoyed this story I had thought that it was going to be religious, and was worried by this However it was not too heavy in that direction until the very end Now do not get me wrong I was raised Roman Catholic, now I am a casual Christian I never read a book with this amount of religion prayer This book goes to a level of using the Lords name from time to time in light prayers throughout I had gotten used to it after the first few times I read it in here But it did take some getting used to The characters go through so many hardships that if one came along I would almost find it unrealistic But it was realistic in the historical sense that made the events that incurred believeable for the time period A fast but happy ending closed this journey quite nicely Also, I d like to add that communication is the key to all glorious relationships The two main characters may have not been so confused or at odds if it wasn t for the lack of communication My point is that I wish that Aislin did not fear and think the worst of Gabe so much She looked to the bright side for everything and everyone except Gabe It was frustrating at one point, but as a whole I am really happy with this book I am glad to have won it. This book totally took me by surprise What a roller coaster of action, swashbuckling and pirates Did I mention pirates This book grabs you, gags you, throws you into the dank brig of a pirate ship and doesn t let go til the end I never knew a romance novel could do that You re literally holding your breath through every dramatic chapter wondering what life changing event will take the brave, young heroine on the next twist of her lifetime Definitely a must read and could easily become the next best seller movie to hit the box office Great A Pirate S Most Valuable Treasure Is Buried In The Heart Of One Woman Aislin Is Wrongly Convicted Of Her Own Father S Murder Although Innocent, She Is Sentenced To A Prison Colony In Australia The Prison Ship Winds Up Too Far West, Where The Murderous Pirate, Captain Jackson, Is Said To Rule The Seas Her Pleas To God Seem To Go Unheeded As The Ship Is Attacked And Taken By The Formidable Buccaneer Although She Fights It With Everything She Has In Her, Aislin Can T Help But Fall In Love With The Pirate Captain Who Captured Her Captain Gabriel Jackson Is A Pirate Of A Different Breed Playing The Part Of A Bloodthirsty Brigand, He Finds Himself Coming To The Aid Of The Enchanting Maiden Almost Against His Will As They Both Struggle To Survive In A Vicious World, They Are Drawn Together By An Unseen Force Why Because God Knows That Through Aislin And Her Love For Him, The Prayer Of God, Save The Pirate May Finally Come True

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About the Author: Ria Warrick

Growing up in Ashland, Oregon, Ria Warrick has loved to read ever since she was a little girl Orphaned at the age of eight, she suffered abuse at the hands of a few of her foster parents and she eventually turned to drugs and men to fulfill her desire to be loved Through her love of reading, Ria finally found what she really needed when she asked Jesus into her heart at the age of twenty six As