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Girls Made of Snow and Glass Frozen Meets The Bloody Chamber In This Feminist Fantasy Reimagining Of The Snow White FairytaleAt Sixteen, Mina S Mother Is Dead, Her Magician Father Is Vicious, And Her Silent Heart Has Never Beat With Love For Anyone Has Never Beat At All, In Fact, But Shed Always Thought That Fact Normal She Never Guessed That Her Father Cut Out Her Heart And Replaced It With One Of Glass When She Moves To Whitespring Castle And Sees Its King For The First Time, Mina Forms A Plan Win The Kings Heart With Her Beauty, Become Queen, And Finally Know Love The Only Catch Is That Shell Have To Become A StepmotherFifteen Year Old Lynet Looks Just Like Her Late Mother, And One Day She Discovers Why A Magician Created Her Out Of Snow In The Dead Queens Image, At Her Fathers Order But Despite Being The Dead Queen Made Flesh, Lynet Would Rather Be Like Her Fierce And Regal Stepmother, Mina She Gets Her Wish When Her Father Makes Lynet Queen Of The Southern Territories, Displacing Mina Now Mina Is Starting To Look At Lynet With Something Like Hatred, And Lynet Must Decide What To Do And Who To Be To Win Back The Only Mother Shes Ever Known Or Else Defeat Her Once And For AllEntwining The Stories Of Both Lynet And Mina In The Past And Present, Girls Made Of Snow And Glass Traces The Relationship Of Two Young Women Doomed To Be Rivals From The Start Only One Can Win All, While The Other Must Lose Everything Unless Both Can Find A Way To Reshape Themselves And Their Story In Girls Made Of Snow And Glass, Melissa Bashardoust Has Given Us Exquisite Displays Of Magic, Complex Mother Daughter Relationships, And Gloriously Powerful Women Triumphing In A World That Does Not Want Them To Be Powerful A Gorgeous, Feminist Fairy Tale Traci Chee, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Reader

About the Author: Melissa Bashardoust

Melissa Bashardoust pronounced BASH ar doost received her degree in English from the University of California, Berkeley, where she rediscovered her love for creative writing, children s literature, and fairy tales and their retellings She currently lives in Southern California with a cat named Alice and copies of Jane Eyre than she probably needs Girls Made of Snow and Glass is her first

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    Like no fairytale retelling I have read before.Snow White is my least favourite fairytale Where other people see beauty and purity, I see simplicity and oppressiveness So it s a good thing Melissa Bashardoust has written this feminist retelling of it, in which powerful women are not solely represented as villainous character

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    It was kind of boring There was nothing terrible about this book, but like the snow and ice imagery so prevalent throughout the book, it left me cold This book portrays itself as a feminist fantasy, modeled after Frozen and The Bloody Chamber I have not watched Frozen, and I don t know what The Bloody Chamber is What it did remind me

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    This was an entirely magical book of 1 glass, 2 snow, 3 epic women, and 4 extremely bad hair days Which is relatable, honestly, because I put my foot down when these fairy tales can just have wonderful queens smiting galaxies and never getting so angry at their hair they just want to cut it all off 10 10 for hair relatability BUT ACTUALLY thi

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    ARC provided by Flatiron Books in exchange for an honest review. Girls Made of Snow and Glass is a debut novel that is also a very reminiscent loose fairytale mashup retelling of Snow White and Frozen, but with unique twists It s a dual narrative that switches between the points of view between two women One is Lynet, a fifteen year old who will one

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    holy SHIT i can t believe how amazing this book was the writing is so gorgeous and the story is so intriguing there s also an adorable f f romance between Nadia and Lynet these two are so fucking precious and soft I LOVED THIS SO MUCH this book is so magical, lovely and interesting it s based a lot on character growth and it s VERY slow i was really surprised

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    I loved this book I hope to add it to my bookshelves That s all

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    As many of you may know, I m a huge fan of subersive retellings A retelling focusing on Snow White and her stepmother always sounded fabulous to me, especially with feminist themes And, thank goodness, it didn t disappoint This is really all I want out of fantasy developed characters, interesting subversions of done before tropes, and sapphic girls.In terms of retellings, this

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    I received an early copy of this book from Netgalley, but that does not change my feelings on the book overall I went into this book with little to no actual plot knowledge I knew it was a retelling of Snow White, I knew it was being marketed as having feminist elements, and I had an inkling that the Snow White character would be queer These things are all accurate to the story, but the

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    it was good and all, but my advice make it gayerRTC buddy read with my gay crew,

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    Spoiler free review Weak or strong she didn t know what they meant any Maybe they didn t mean the same thing for everyone First, you have to know that this book literally is being marketed as, and I quote, a fantasy feminist fairy tale , and if you think that wasn t enough to sell me on it, you are DEAD WRONG PLOTIn the wintery wonderland Whitespring, Princess Lynet is nearing her sixteenth birthday, a

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