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Reviewed by Dianna Geers for TeensReadToo.comKatie had the perfect summer in progress hanging out at her best friend s house, creative writing classes, and tons of time to perfect her tennis game so she could make varsity the next school year That is until her mom decides to take Katie along with her for time away from her father so they can reevaluate their relationship.Katie wants to be home living her life and is mad that her mom drags her along to her mother s best friend Tina s house In Cape Cod But Katie decides she might be able to make the situation tolerable she had visited there once before and gotten along well with Sarah, Tina s daughter.When Katie and her mom arrive, Katie realizes that Sarah is just as unhappy with Katie s arrival as she is Sarah avoids Katie and makes it quite clear that Katie is not invited to her activities.To help pass her time, Katie accepts an offer to coach a girl in tennis She struggles to teach the young girl as the girl s father hounds her with criticisms.Katie keeps trying and trying to make this summer living arrangement work for her Each time she thinks she has made it doable, Katie finds out she is sorely wrong.What will Sarah think when Katie starts hanging out with her friends And when Adam actually seems to like her..like LIKE her, there has to be a catch She s not the girlfriend type She s never had a boyfriend before And those things just don t happen to Katie.Or do they Will Katie s summer be a complete flop Or will she manage to survive Join Katie as she tries to survive outside of her comfort zone, and even learns that things are not always what you think they are at first Sometimes they are WAY different. I have read this 5 times in my life and it is still one of my favs It is cliched, cheesy, but it is such a comfort read for me My favourite part was the dramatic, sometimes self depreciating inner monologue Kate had going on To this day, my favorite Kantor book is still Confessions of a Not It Girl.I m always pleased to pick up a book by Kantor, especially since she has a talent for writing from a teen s perspective True, Girlfriend Material s protagonist used a bit too many immature like s but no real harm done It sounded exactly like a teenager, just not like Dessen s witty and matured 17 year olds.I liked Kate Her personality consisted of a little of everything And while others would say that this was the perfect girl or something, I don t think so Books, movies, and television tends to lean towards a cliched version of a person, which makes most people people that a girl can be pretty but stupid, smart but mediocre looking, athletic but has an attitude problem, and sweet but you get the point So here s a character that, like I said, has a bit of everything, which makes her so real She s smart and likes to read She s athletic but she s also a girly girl too She s confident but she s also shy Anyone would find themselves relating to her.Cute storyline A bit typical at times, especially when it concerned Adam It s a classic I have a girlfriend but we re on a break so let s date now scenario, complete with an I ll ditch my girlfriend because I think I m falling in love with you now ending Sweet, but overused. Girlfriend Material is a quick, cute, summer read It would be excellent to throw in your bag for a day at the beach While initially I was expecting quite a bit a fluff, perhaps a summer fling romance, there were some deeper elements at play in this novel It s about Kate discovering what type of girl she is, not so much girlfriend Deeper element number 1 finding your place when your parents are having problems Number 2 sibling jealousy, overcoming the closeness you feel one sibling has with a parent and opening yourself up Number 3 realizing besides being parents, they are also human Number 4 don t be quick to judge.And then on top of all that we have this budding relationship between Kate and Adam It plays out nicely in the beginning stages of the relationship, has a rocky spot in the middle, but instead of progressing steadily as it did in the early stages, there is a race to the finish, that made it just a tad bit to unbelievable for me, even if it s only fiction The writing was fun, and enjoyable The story flowed nicely, but as I said above, the ending was rushed The characters were realistic, and relatable, each one adding their own element to the story line Definitely reading material.. If Kate Were Lady Brett Ashley, The Devastating Heroine Of Hemingway S The Sun Also Rises, She D Spend Her Summers Careering Around The Riviera In Her Coupe, Breaking Hearts By The Dozen Because Why Not In Reality, Kate S Never Even Had A Boyfriend, And She Ll Be Spending The Summer Abetting Her Mom S Lame Ploy To Make Her Dad Jealous Running Off To Cape Cod And Crashing At The Seaside Home Of Her Wealthy Friends, The Cooper Melnicks To Add To The Shame, The Cooper Melnicks Gorgeous Daughter Sarah Is A Bit Like Lady Brett, And She Seems Less Than Thrilled To Hang Out With Her New Houseguest Any Dreams Kate Once Had Of A Perfect Summer Are RuinedThat Is, Until Sarah S Cute, Witty Friend Adam Starts Drawing Kate Into The Fold And Seems Intrigued With Adam Around, Kate Feels Like She Just Might Have A Bit Of Heartbreaker Potential After All But When A Breezy Summer Romance Quickly Grows Complicated Can Kate Keep Pretending Her Relationship With Adam Is Just A Carefree Fling Or Will She Take The Risk And Tell Him Her Real Feelings Suddenly Kate Is Asking Herself A Question She Never Thought She D Stoop To Is She Girlfriend Material I picked up Girlfriend Material because I loved Kantor s Maybe One Day, but this book fell a little flat in comparison.The synopsis of the book is that teen Kate alternately called Katie, though she hates that she thinks it sounds babyish is going on a summer vacation with her mother to Cape Cod A summer vacation that Kate does not want She had plans to hang out with her best friend and enroll in a summer writing class But her parents are having a rough time, and Kate s mother decides to get away and take Kate with her, probably to spend some quality time together Of course, Kate s feelings about the trip begin to change when she meets cute boy Adam Carpenter.It s a perfect summer read Cute romance A beach What could be better Well.I can honestly say that I didn t like Kate very much, and this is a big problem, as she is the main character and the voice of the book I just thought she was kind of whiney She overthinks things and goes on and on about them basically, she s anxious And that s not to say that an anxious character can t be a good one just Kate s anxiety is exhausting than amusing But besides all that, she has the kind of know it all personality that I probably wouldn t like in real life She seems to have this notion that her flaws are because she s better than everyone else Seriously.Take when Kate and her best friend Laura, make a list comparing themselves to the girls in their school who had boyfriends After we finished the list, we high fived No wonder the guys are our school didn t want to go out with us Like my dad had said, we were waaay too cool for them. Or when Kate sees Adam at the libraryI wouldn t have pegged you as a comic book reader, I said I was a little disappointed, actually After he d said that thing about reading Lolita , I d assumed he was really into literatureShe s just pretentious And that made it hard to like her as a narrator.Now on to the main plot it s not too different from any other summer romance the plot is the romance However, I didn t really like Kate and Adam together Their fling felt a bit forced I don t really understand why they liked each other.And finally, the ending was just rushed This big problem that they re supposed to face doesn t really feel like a big problem, as it s fixed within the span of a day or two.I don t know I just wasn t a fan of this book But I have to say that it is suited for a quick summer read it is a quick and easy read, and it s a standalone, so there s no awful cliffhanger So maybe this is one that you ll take to the beach with you, just to have something to do. Full review at Amaterasu readsI was given the impression that this would be a fun summer read, but this had a serious tone than a fluffy novel should have, you ll notice the depth of the story as you go along.A summer with her parents apart, not being able to play tennis with Laura, leaving her writing class, spending it without her best friend, trying to get along with someone she knew from when she was little who turned out to be totally different now that they re grown ups, bonding with her mom three thousand miles away from home, and dealing with the intricacies of first love, things are bound to get awkward for her, one way or another.What made this book interesting for me, aside from Kate dealing with what was happening to her parents, was her first plunge on love, boys and relationships You can feel how uncertain she was on a lot of things, how to act, and how to think And frankly speaking, if she wasn t thinking too much ahead and judging too quickly, things could have turned out easier for her.And I d like to think that this Lady Brett gave Kate trouble than she could ever hope to have In her hopes of living her life like her role model, her summer had unexpected twists and turns because she always thought WWLBAD What Would Lady Brett Ashley Do.Every character in the book felt significant, and played a role in Kate s story I loved how she was able to reconnect with Sarah I d always love reading stories about friends and knowing that they ll be there for you if you ever needed them.I m giving this a four stars because of how much I was able to relate to Kate s character, and Melissa Kantor, I now realized, has a talent of writing from a teen s perspective, in a way which you can easily relate to, with a small dose of angst along the way I don t have a favorite Kantor book right now, but I d definitely read her book again if I have the chance This is the sort of book that leaves you with a smile on your face It s a fun, light read.Kate s summer had just been up ended by her mom Her mom and dad are having another one of their fights, but this time her mom has decided to drag Kate away from her home in Salt Lake and her perfectly planned summer to visit with old friends on Cape Cod Old friends Kate hasn t seen in ten years.First there s the daughter who doesn t really want Kate around, then there s the realization that maybe this fight between her parents is serious than Kate had originally thought And throughout all that, there s the boy Kate really, really likes even if she s having a hard time admitting it to him.I really liked Kate She loves to read and write and she just wants to have a good summer Sometimes this sort of book is heavy on the melodrama, and Kate s understandable reactions to everything that was going on were part of why I liked her so much. Going to crack it open in a day or two I ve enjoyed Melissa Kantor s works in the past Confessions of a Not It Girl and If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where s My Prince which was why I picked up this book in the library However disappointingly, I wasn t the biggest fan of this one It was a fairly quick and easy read, I managed to complete the book in a day or so So if you are looking for some lighthearted chick lit , then look no further because this novel will surely satisfy that craving However if you are looking for anything with a little substance, then you will be left feeling disappointed The beginning had actually begun quite solidly however all of the events began to quickly spiral out of control when the main protagonist, Kate, discovers that the boy who she is in a kind of, sort of romantic relationship with, Adam, actually has a girlfriend up in New Hampshire Then the preceding events after this revelation are both ridiculous and unjustifiably random and include Kate making a thirteen year old girl cry and her getting slapped by her mother for telling her off It is frustrating to read a novel when you begin to actively dislike the main character, however that is exactly what happened Kate is angry at Adam for not telling her about his girlfriend Molly but rather than tell him off, she diverts her anger to innocent bystanders namely her mother and Natasha Kantor also includes insignificant relationships that prove to be irrelevant to the overall plot such as with her father, Meg, and her best friend from home, Lara That being said, I did like the development of the relationship between Kate and Sarah even if it was slightly confusing and strange. Girlfriend Material

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