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Girl, Stolen Sixteen Year Old Cheyenne Wilder Is Sleeping In The Back Of The Car While Her Stepmom Fills A Prescription For Antibiotics Before Cheyenne Realizes What S Happening, The Car Is Being StolenGriffin Hadn T Meant To Kidnap Cheyenne And Once He Finds Out That Not Only Does She Have Pneumonia, But That She S Blind, He Really Doesn T Know What To Do When His Dad Finds Out That Cheyenne S Father Is The President Of A Powerful Corporation, Everything Changes Now There S A Reason To Keep Her How Will Cheyenne Survive This Nightmare The YA genre has not stopped surprising me Everytime I crack a YA book I have a fear deep down inside that it ll be so childish I ll cringe While there certainly have been a few like that most are not and this falls in the latter category Henry s biggest feat here, in my opinion, is Cheyenne s blindess Everything that she went through is suspenseful Add in blindness and it throws it all right through the roof I kept think, in almost every single situation, how scared I d be if it was me And I can see Then I thought about me going through such and such BLIND I couldn t imagine it This is very much one of those books you have to stop yourself from flipping forward in I wanted so much to just know it was all going to be okay but I forced myself to not do that I m very much looking forward to another book by April Henry and I must also say that I loved the rest of the characters Even the unlikable characters were thought up beautifully Roy and his cohorts were great and Griffin s characters couldn t have beenperfect The only thing I didn t like was a little thing on the cover The actual cover itself awesome I love the girl with the hands over her eyes and I love how a little sliver of space can be seen through fingers What I don t like is the Please let me go, I won t tell on the top of the front cover That just screams kiddie to me and it struck me as just really not being needed Subtleness goes a long way with something like this and I think with that removed the cover will be muchhard hitting. From the get go we know what we are going to get Cheyenne is blind and is accidentally kidnapped by a young man named Griffin Unbeknowst to him she is in the Escalade, and he is in a world of trouble to say the least At first he just doesn t have any idea what to do with her, but his dad finds out that she is the daughter of a CEO, and a CEO for Nike at that Cheyenne knows she has the disadvantage here She s blind and sick with pneumonia she is not in top fighting shape Can she dare hope that there is a way out The story is told through shifting perspectives We see things from Cheyenne s and Griffin s point of view Their relationship is odd and complicated because you get the impression fairly quickly that Griffin really isn t like his dad and the deadbeats he hires Griffin has sympathy for Cheyenne Throughout this whole ordeal the two get to know each other Given the circumstances that would seem weird but the author does make it believable Especially since the whole thing wasn t planned out The bad guys are flying by the seat of their pants so to speak.Cheyenne is so strong, and resourceful She has this relatable feeling to her This girl fights tooth and nail to keep herself alive, and figure out how to escape Though the story is short I feel like I know Cheyenne and Griffin really well You learn how she became blind, and how it s been hard to deal with that I couldn t imagine not being able to just pick up a book and read it, and she even mentions that it s one of the things she misses the most From reading this I learned a great deal about how it is to live like a blind person, and struggles they must deal with on a daily basis As the reader we also get the backstory of Griffin and why he is in his certain situation It s weird, but the two of them had some things in common, which was interesting to see The only misgiving I have is that I felt the first half of the book wasn t that suspenseful, but then again it did have good character interactions The author is so good at suspense Towards the end I just kept anticipating what was going to happen It didn t go down like I thought it would, but I have to say I did like the ending Great writing and insight, so highly recommended. As you can read from the synopsis, the protagonist Cheyenne is sick and blind But her bad luck doesn t end there When her stepmother, Danielle drives her to a pharmacy to get medicine supplies, she asks her to leave the key in the ignition to keep her warm Then, when someone enters the car, she realizes from the person s micro behaviours that he she is definitely not Danielle That s when reality hits her car is stolen, and worse, she s inside it This book is different from other books which I ve read before I think the best thing about this book is that the author has successfully portrayed Cheyenne s character Having a blind protagonist is not easy, and I m sure April has done quite a lot of researching and reading on this part She also narrates Cheyenne s story skillfully, telling us what she feels at a particular moment, how she reacts to perilous events, and how she learns to trust one of her captors who promises to let her go.Griffin steals a Cadillac Escalade on a whim, without realizing that there s a girl in the backseat When he discovers her, it is too late to let her go So he brings her back to his dad s place, along with the car He promises her that he will let her go once it is dark But his dad declares that they will keep her as a captive after listening to the news broadcast reporting about the missing Cheyenne Wilder, for her father is Nike s president, and she is their one way ticket to wealth.The friendship between Cheyenne and Griffin is honest and unfeigned, although it seems out of place because of their different roles one captive and the other the captor But still, Cheyenne doesn t trust Griffin entirely, despite the fact that he s the only one who s kind towards her She even tries to knock him unconscious on the day his father and his sidekicks go to get the ransom which they demanded earlier from Cheyenne s father I don t blame her for this, because this only proves that her survival instincts are functional I really admire Cheyenne s extraordinary spirit and strength You would probably think that being blind, she will just give up and surrender But this tough teenage girl will absolutely prove you wrong She faces the problem calmly, and even tries to escape without the help of her cane Her courage and determination to keep herself alive is indeed commendable I couldn t imagine going through everything that Cheyenne has gone through it was a really scary experience And what s worse is that she s blind Girl, Stolen is really amazing I devoured the book in one sitting The story is fast paced thrilling and heart gripping Even though I constantly feared for Cheyenne s safety, I remained hopeful for her survival The climax of this novel left me in awe with the author s creativity and brilliance The twist she inserted made my insides churn with fear for Cheyenne s fate I went Oh, no when her ticket to safety is suddenly ripped into pieces I ll stop here so that I don t accidentally spill anything If you want to know whether Cheyenne escapes efficaciously, you ll have to read this book to find out.Note This book is a clean read I highly recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a great, thrilling story. A book about a blind girl who gets kidnapped Well that sounds good to me The girl s name is Cheyenne and her kidnapper is a boy named Griffin He didn t kidnap her on purpose but still it creates a problem.The book is in both Cheyenne s point of view as well as Griffin s When I was reading Cheyenne s point of view I was very aware of it it felt like I was seeing the way she would picture it in her head When I was reading Griffin s it was the same.Cheyenne seems like a real girl She gets scared, she gets angry, she mopes, and she has empathy Maybe she isn t always the bravest of souls I ve ever met but she has her strength Griffin is a good kid raised by a terrible father I like him despite him being the person who caused all the trouble in the first place For being a car thief he has his noble moments It focused a lot on Cheyenne s blindness which makes sense since it affects almost everything you do The phrase people who see don t think about this but blind people do is brought up a couple of times I am nowaware of what I m not aware of as a seeing person, if that makes sense Cheyenne s mother died as well so that is also brought up But don t think it is only about Cheyenne, there is also some of Griffin s story in there And let me tell you he s got problems too Now I think this book was phenomenal but I thought it d besuspenseful I was expecting Mary Higgins Clark suspense, so I was a little disappointed when I only started feeling anxious near the end. Sometimes people did this, closed their eyes for a few seconds and imagined it gave them insights into what it was like to be her Only, at the end, they could still open their eyes and see 3 stars Girl, Stolen is the story of Cheyenne, a blind 16 year old who is accidentally kidnapped while her car is being stolen, and Griffin, the teen kidnapper from the wrong side of town I ve never read a book told from a blind person s perspective, and even though this is written in third person, I felt like the insight into Cheyenne s mind was really cool Everything about her lack of sight was detailed, and you can tell the author did alot of research and knew what she was talking about My main gripe and I always have one is that this book was simple not as suspenseful or thrilling as I thought it would be Besides that it s a very solid book with alot of detail and interesting characters Cheyenne is realistic She reacts like any real person would, blind or not freaking out at times, but she s still an intelligent, resourceful girl She s really brave for doing some of the things she did, and I m glad to finally see a protagonist that can think in the midst of fear.Griffin, poor Griffin Griffin isn t a bad guy He s just been raised doing illegal things, he dropped out of school, his mom left years ago view spoiler or so we re told hide spoiler This is a great ya thriller full of suspense and it s scary I really liked the atmosphere and Cheyenne s character She fights even though she is blind and deathly ill Cheyenne has pneumonia and is sleeping in the car while her mom runs in the store for medicine Griffin sees a car that looks like a good haul and steals the car When Griffin realizes Cheyenne is in the car he freaks out He wasn t planning on kidnapping and asks his dad for help Griffin s dad had evil intentions when he figures out who Cheyenne s dad is but Griffin just wants her dropped off somewhere safely Cheyenne s dad is a CEO for a major shoe and sporting goods company Cheyenne is also blind She can t see her captors but she learned as much as she could about them and paid attention to everything The problem is Cheyenne s pneumonia isn t getting any better Will she ever escape or will she die before she has the chance to go home This book was actually better than I was expecting. A strong, compelling read Henry s prose is clean and uncluttered she has faith in her story and she just plain tells it We learn on page 3 that the main character is blind We also learn that she s being kidnapped in a car theft gone bad I was very skeptical when I realized this was the premise Seriously, do all blind characters have to be gorgeous young women I ve ranted about that in other reviews But Henry manages, seemingly without trying, to make Cheyenne not the blind girl, but a girl who is blind Yes, this is a significant part of her life How could it not be But so is the fact that her father is incredibly wealthy So is the fact that her mother was killed in the same car accident that blinded Cheyenne Henry nails the medical science on this one, which I appreciated So is the fact that she s named after the tribe she s descended from, though she doesn t consider herself Native American enough to really matter Which of these is most significant Or do we stop thinking about people as categories, and start accepting them as a messy mix of circumstance and choice Henry doesn t just make us care about Cheyenne and Griffin, her young kidnapper she makes us interested in them, which I think is harder I have a bad cold and desperately need distracting This book made me forget my own troubles for a few gripping hours. Hmm I wasn t sure what I d be getting when I picked this up to read A blind girl kidnapped How would that plot unfold How would the characters interact Could the author pull such difficult circumstances off Well, in some ways April Henry excelled, but in others Not so much.The plot was engaging and constantly moved forward I think the circumstances were very realistic and believable, and the back and forth between Griffin and Cheyenne was quite intriguing.However, as far as the characters go overall, this is where Henry fails to deliver A blind girl being kidnapped This should scare me my heart should be breaking for this girl Griffin was caught between his jerk father and his own feelings These tortured characters should have jumped off the page and haunted me However, even when Cheyenne was talking or thinking about her horrible past, the descriptions feltlike dispassionate character sketches then the real feelings and events in a teenage girl s life I never felt like the words or the story connected to the characters they were just props for the plot.So, even though the plot was well written and I was very interested to see how things turned out, I never truly felt the characters If you are intrigued by the plot of this book, I d recommend picking up Stolen by Lucy Christopher instead.

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