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Gideon's Sword Introducing Gideon Crew Trickster, Prodigy, Master ThiefAt Twelve, Gideon Crew Witnessed His Father, A World Class Mathematician, Accused Of Treason And Gunned DownAt Twenty Four, Summoned To His Dying Mother S Bedside, Gideon Learned The Truth His Father Was Framed And Deliberately Slaughtered With Her Last Breath, She Begged Her Son To Avenge HimNow, With A New Purpose In His Life, Gideon Crafts A One Time Mission Of Vengeance, Aimed At The Perpetrator Of His Father S Destruction His Plan Is Meticulous, Spectacular, And SuccessfulBut From The Shadows, Someone Is Watching A Very Powerful Someone, Who Is Impressed By Gideon S Special Skills Someone Who Has Need Of Just Such A RenegadeFor Gideon, This Operation May Be Only The Beginning

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    Decided to break off from the Pendergast series and give Gideon Crew a try It felt a lot different It was pretty good, but did not blow me away like the Pendergast series Here are my pros and cons.Pros Love how each scene with Crew is a different character a master of disguise Enjoyable and suspenseful climax Humor mixed with actio

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    Definitely not my favorite Preston Child book, but enjoyable for what it is No great mystery and quite a bit of predictability but an enjoyable action ride none the less If you re looking for something similar to the Pendergast series however, this would not be it Pure action adventure here 3.5 5.0 stars.

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    This book is absurd Completely off of its rocker Now, I m all fine and dandy with some unrealistic nuances in any type of mystery thriller novel since it comes with the territory genius detective, amazing tracking skills etc etc However, this book takes it way far up to the next level Gideon can do everything went to MIT has a PhD is a thief can hack

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    I ll go with a solid 3 stars on this one.Gideon s Sword is the first book in the Gideon Crew series After I finished up the Pendergast series by Preston Child, I was looking for another series by these fabulous authors The first book in the Gideon Crew series is not as good as the Pendergast series but I ll keep reading this b

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    As a fan of all the other books these guys have written together I was disappointed that their next book wasn t a Pendergast adventure, but was excited that a new book and series was in the works Having finished it not 2 minutes ago, I wish it had been the next Pendergast or even a stand alone.It was a quick, fun read but was ultimately disappointing since it does

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    This book was a real hit with me so you can imagine my shock when I went to the book s page on and found that the book was really slammed by reviewers I read a wide variety of different types of fiction and found this book was not lacking in the least.At the beginning of this story we learn that Gideon Crew witnessed his father s death as a young boy He grows up thinking that his

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    Erm I was listening to this at work and the next thing I knew, it was over.Damn those cliffs I fell right over.This was like a watered down, low budget, mediocre thrill filled Mission Possible Yeah, I meant to say it that way Gideon smooth talks and moonwalks his ass out of every hard corner he gets into It was fun at first, but then even the character doesn t believe he gets away with the

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    I have been a fan of Preston and Child s entire joint career I was very excited to see that they were finally writing another story that wasn t part of the Pendergast cycle I love Agent Pendergast, but I was ready for a new story.This book falls completely flat and is very disappointing In all honesty, after the bizarre first 50 pages which should ve been either a stand alone novella or it s own book

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    This is just laughably bad so back to the library it goes DNF 15%.

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