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Ghostman I Make Things Disappear It S What I Do This Time I M Tidying Up The Loose Ends After A Casino Heist Gone Bad The Loose Ends Being A Million Cash But I Only HaveHours, And There S A Guy Out There Who Wants My Head In A BagHe Ll Have To Find Me First They Don T Call Me The Ghostman For Nothing

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    The main character from Ghostman makes some toast I went into the kitchen and put two pieces of sliced sourdough bread into the toaster You can use any type of bread to make toast, but I pre

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    The Trouble with ThrillersWhen you wander through your local bookstore, or a drugstore or Wal Mart, you ll probably pass by a rack of paperback books with lurid covers that are usually labeled as thri

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    I was doing a nickel bit in the hoosegow under glass because of a loose jawed stoolie who d snitched to the bulls That line wasn t penned by Roger Hobbs Actually, it probably doesn t even make sense, but I ve a

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    Ghostman is a very good debut novel told from the first person POV of the Ghostman, whose real name no one really knows, though some refer to him as Jack He s a master criminal who lives way, way off the grid and specia

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    The Ghost Man by Roger HobbsWell let s clear two interesting facts, one this is a debut author, second he finished this book when he was still at college in his early twenties.When a casino robbery in Atlantic City goes horribly a

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    I wish I read Ghostman on a plane I have a set of plane reading rules.1 Nothing too intense.2 Nothing that makes me think too much.3 Something that would make a good movie is ideal.Since I hate planes and wasn t going anywhere, however, I r

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    I decided to read this after seeing this Goodreads interview with the author I do not regret the decision I read the entire novel over a weekend.The story is fairly straightforward, told from the first person point of view of Ghostman, while he is wo

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    Pretty good thriller The concept is a good one Every now and then a book or movie for that matter that s a relatively new idea, and here we have a Ghostman A Ghostman vanishes people and thingsincluding him or herself apparently Ghostman is generic as he was t

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    Jack is a Ghostman, a criminal hired by other criminals to fool people and clean up messes A fixer,a cleaner, a man who gets things done He lives completely off the grid No one knows his real name He lives for the action and the thrill He is a master of disguises and nu

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    This was fun, if a bit over the top The Ghostman is a man with no name which is apparently a sought after talent in the criminal underworld He can change identities take care of issues, all part of the job description Everyone has a specific job talent in his world There are driv

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