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Ghost Light This Involving Novel Puts You Inside The Mind Of Molly Allgood, An Elderly Actress Wandering Around The Brilliantly Evoked S London Of Crumbling Lodging Houses And Uncleared Bombsites Contrasting With The Down At Heel Circumstances To Which She Is Reduced Are Memories, Rendered With Sensuous Freshness And Vernacular Wit, Of Her Rich Past, Especially Her Love Affair InDublin With The Abbey Theatre Playwright John Synge In Whose The Playboy Of The Western World She StarredPeter Kemp, The Sunday TimesLondon , Books Of The Year There are some really wonderful, evocative lines passages in this book, but at page 109, I m generally bored I don t really feel any connection between the 2 main characters, just as in the main I feel that I am reading words, rather than being caught up in a story, a life, someone s actual thoughts experiences Perhaps that s what the author intends after all the 2 lovers are an actress playwriteis he trying to comment on evoke the notion of them living as if in a play Well, whatever truthfully I don t find the book interesting or captivating enough to care with so many other books out there that I want to read,Ii m not wasting anytime with this one. A delightful bookclub re read I am not a fan of love stories, but Ghost light by Joseph O Connor Author of Star of the Sea is wonderfully imagined and a lovely social and political history of Ireland to boot.Joseph O Connor imagines the relationship between actress Molly Allgood Playboy of the Western World and playwright John Synge It was an affair that broken taboos as he was a protestant in his mid thirties and of higher social class and she a catholic, just turned 18 and from a Dublin working class family We are introduced to Molly in London in her latter years, where she remember times past, the good old days at the Abbey Theatre with the Genius John Synge and the days when the Playboy of the Western World was scandalizing the land of Saints and Scholars I really enjoyed this book, as the authors writing is vivid and lyrical The characters are memorable and while most of the story is fiction, it does comes across as very believable and entertaining This wasn t an easy read as I found myself sometimes having to re read paragraphs but this may beto do with my lack of concentration than the actual writing or story It s a character driven novel that has wit and charm to it There is an authors note which explains what is real and what is fiction Another book that I enjoy having on my real life bookshelf. At the end of life what do we single out and hold up as our finest achievement For Molly Allgood, an Irish actress, it s her relationship with the playwright John Synge Ghost Light is narrated, often in the second person, by Molly during a single day at the end of her life Molly is down on her luck and something of an alcoholic Therefore, not perhaps the most reliable of narrators Prone to flights of lyrical beautification, Molly, one suspects, has idealised Synge What we learn about him, between the lines, isn t always likeable He s reluctant for example to make their relationship public This isn t one of those explosive soul searing literary couplings Molly and Singe s relationship is perhaps, behind all Molly s poetic waxing, a rather lacklustre affair, only made legendary in her mind by his early death Yet it s this relationship she calls upon as her last will and testament I have to confess at times I wasn t quite sure I believed this premise There was a suspicion that this is a female sensibility interpreted and distorted through the lens of a male Molly has been a successful actress yet dwells little on her professional achievements Nor does she appear to have made any close friends or been bewitched by places she s visited Obviously the author wanted to write about her brief relationship with Synge but perhaps the form he chose wasn t the best option I m pretty sure at the end of my life I won t be editing my life down to one person I briefly loved and devoting all my energy to recreating our story I often found Mollycompelling as an old woman than a young girl Joseph O Connor writes very well another lyrical Irishman and though it went a bit flat towards the end there was still lots to admire in this novel. Dublin 1907, a young Irish actress embarks on a doomed affair with John Millington Synge, the Irish playwright In the 1950s an old, impoverished woman makes her way across London, reminscing about her glory days as an acclaimed actress and her relationship with the enigmatic Synge This is a demanding read,like poetry than prose, requiring the reader to slow down and savour every word, even having to reread sections at times The second person narration also requires some effort on the reader s part but once accustomed to it, you get a real feel for Molly Allgood and the deep passion she felt for Synge Molly takes centre stage in this stream of consciousness narrative which flits between the faded grandeur of her life in the 50s and the vitality and exhuberance of her character in 1907, the year in which she meets Synge and becomes the inspiration for Pegeen, the leading female character in The Playboy of the Western World.Ireland is in a state of chassis quoting from Juno and the Paycock, Sean O Casey in 1907 as the country moves towards independence and Molly and Synge s relationship seems equally tumultuous coming as they do from opposing religions, social status and age but this is not a historical novel as such but rather a reimagining of a love story Molly is an extremely engaging character, vivacious in her youth, resourceful and witty in her later years holding her head up high despite her straitened circumstances with the odd nip of gin providing a much needed boost.There are equal amounts of tragedy and comedy in this character driven tale Ultimately it is an uplifting tale despite the doom laden nature of the key players relationship, the difference in class, the social disapproval and ultimately Synge s untimely death from Hodgkin s disease Molly shines through the gloom and there s a mischievous glint in her eye and a vitality which remains with the reader.If you appreciate beautifully written prose and the stream of consciousness style you will thoroughly enjoy this delicate love story, prior knowledge of Synge s literary opus is not a prerequisite but I now feel compelled to revisit The Playboy of the Western World, last viewed about 30 years ago for O Level English

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