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Ghalib: The Man, The Times A Brilliant Biography Of One Of India S Greatest PoetsMirza Mohammad Asadullah Khan Ghalib Began Writing Poetry In Persian At The Age Of Nine And The Pre Eminent Poet Of The Time, Mir, Predicted A Great Future For The Precocious Genius When He Was Shown His Verse But Success And Material Rewards Did Not Come To Ghalib Easily, For The Times Were Against Him, And He Did Not Suffer Fools Gladly Even If They Occupied Positions Of ImportanceGhalib Was At The Height Of His Powers When Events Took A Turn For The Worse First Came The Decline Of The Mughal Court, Then The Rise Of The British Empire And, Finally, The Revolt Of Though Ghalib Lived Through The Upheavals And Purges Of The Revolt, In Which Many Of His Contemporaries And Friends Died And His Beloved Delhi Was Irrevocably Changed, He Was A Broken Man And Longed For Death When He Died, On February , He Left Behind Some Of The Most Vivid Accounts Of The Events Of The Period Ever Written In This Illuminating Biography Pavan K Varma Evocatively Captures The Spirit Of The Man And The Essence Of The Times He Lived In Stirring stuff. A decent primer into the socio cultural backdrop of the critically endangered Nawabi culture and the elite situated within 19th Century Delhi Ghalib, who is introduced and represented via a decent part of his work, turned out to be a mere spectator of the chaotic decline, induced by the colonial forces, of the old order that sparked the very air that he inhaled The love, the adulation, the envy and the outrage that the man inspired, in contemporary times and beyond, easily lends itself into a tale of a man, imbibed and forged in the fires of Classical literature, donning the role of a chameleon, fluid and versatile The questions that Ghalib raises are contemporaneous and are marked with metaphysical underpinnings, as opposed to simple odes towards glorifying the excesses that are very easily attributed to him Pavan Varma in his quest to find Ghalib, eventually ends up writing a panegyric on his own The love towards Delhi, which the author shares with his subject, is vivid as opposed to a simplistic romanticised understanding. This is probably the most enjoyable book that I have read this year.Although it chronicles the struggles of the legendary poet throughout his life,it is interspersed with a lot of wit and humour.Without missing a beat on Ghalib,the author also portrays the city of Delhi as a silent background character in almost all the chapters.I particularly enjoyed the translated poems in English because the man is brought to life through these epic shayars and gives us an insight to his philosophical and intellectual prowess.I will recommend this book to anyone who is interested in knowing the man and the times that he lived in. A must read to those who wish to know about Ghalib.A true insight into life of a miserable yet great poet The writer has not only given the common knowledge that is available on the Internet but also unraveled the social background under which Ghalib wrote, suffered And importantly, the book gives you an insight of the then Delhi How Britishers took over from Mohghals, then exile of Zafar after 1857 failed rebellion All these historical incidents are described along with Ghalib s life.

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