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Getting Real For a woman who has been Miss America, graduated Stanford, and had her own major cable new talks show, Gretchen Carlson has led an incredibly boring life At least based on what she writes in this book you come away with the conclusion that the woman is a living Barbie doll Too good to be true.The first problem is that she is a perfectionist, so the book is written in a style that makes sure everything she puts in print is meant to make her look good She brags a lot about her accomplishments She is a violin prodigy and has too much success too soon which goes to her head based on what she writes here However, she really doesn t accomplish much else She mentions struggling academically at Stanford but then spends the rest of the book reminding us that she ended there as an honor student What she considers a struggle or set back is laughable coming in 2nd place in a contest and while it s possible that she had the perfect parents, the perfect husband, the perfect jobs, etc it makes for a dull read.The second problem is her mother, a woman who pushed Gretchen into everything Carlson thinks she is drawing an image of her mother being a loving, caring parent but the woman comes across as a nosy, bossy helicopter parent who is still telling her daughter every little thing to do as an adult You ll cringe as you see 22 year old Gretchen s unhealthy reliance on her mother, and throughout her adult life she expects her mom to constantly rescue her.Another issue that isn t addressed is that Carlson grew up in a privileged home She tries to make it sound like she was raised normally in small town America when in truth she lived on a huge river property that the average American could never afford in suburban Minneapolis, and her parents wealth from owning a car dealership allowed her to travel the country paying for the best of everything when she needed to get ready for the Miss American pageant Some Christian female readers may like the book Carlson presents herself as a feminist and role model for women There are detailed stories of workplace harassment While these are sad stories, at no point did Carlson seem to react to the harassment properly when it occurred As far as being a Christian, there s actually very little mention of her faith in this book She claims to be a cultural warrior by standing for Christianity, but other than her being raised in her grandpa s Lutheran church we don t really know what exactly she believes.One of the biggest issues with Carlson is that she has absolutely no qualifications for being in the television news business She did not major in news, TV, or politics in college She doesn t mention ever taking a class in it Yet after her tour as Miss America she finishes college and has nothing to do, so she tries TV as if it s a fun game to play after being interviewed so many times during her reign She then complains when she doesn t get the first jobs she applies for or she gets criticized for her inabilities There are thousands of female college graduates that havetalent and better preparation for the field, it s just too bad that a woman of privilege can turn her Miss America fame into a TV news job without any training That s not to say she didn t become talented in it by working hard, it s just that her story here is not typical and something that may not be good for potential future TV journalists to read.The worst part of the book are the errors and hyperbole She makes everything she or her family are involved in the biggest or best or greatest There are a number of factual mistakes, and for a person who claims to be a perfectionist it s surprising that she doesn t know better She also doesn t reveal anything remotely interesting nothing about sex, drugs, rebellion, on set blow ups, behind the scenes at Fox, etc The only interesting reference in the book is about the 45 year old Miss America celebrity judge that flew around the country to have clandestine meetings with her during her reign, which raises questions of the fairness of her winning the crown and the integrity of her meeting secretly with a man old enough to be her dad But we never get any detail nor does she address the underlying issues For a book called Getting Real she appears to fear revealing deep truths that might suggest that she has anything other than a perfect life. More Than Meets the Eye This book was reviewed as part ofs Vine program which included a free advance copy of the book.Generally, drama is the only thing that draws me to a biography Down and out rock stars, actors and actresses hitting rock bottom or those who ve endured survived horrible situations they have a tale to tell I find the worst biographies are written when the subject is on top at a peak in their life those books tend to be a little arrogant, preachy and oftentimes, pre mature I didn t know what to expect with Gretchen Carlson s GETTING REAL as she seems to be at a peak in her career then I found out she was a former Miss America and wondered if there may actually be a story worth reading.On television, Gretchen Carlson presents herself as a strong willed and assertive individual I will admit, at times, she comes across as somewhat tough and maybe even a little rigid, but I figure those traits are necessary with her line of work But the tough and serious image doesn t mesh with the Miss America title and I became curious to learnabout her GETTING REAL proved to be an eye and mind opener for me as I discovered there is a muchcomplex and talented individual behind the person I was seeing hearing on television.No, GETTING REAL is not a flame throwing, bomb dropping tell all that reveals dirty, disgusting secrets that shock Carlson s story iscan do than cautionary and while it lacks a certain danger , it definitely proved to be an interesting and worthy read What I enjoyed most about the book is that behind the on air persona is a deep and immensely talented individual with a personal drive that commands respect Told in a self deprecating manner, Carlson reveals a great deal about herself throughout and proves that success was never something handed to her she s worked hard and earned every bit of it A self described chubby girl whose immense skill with the violin earned her right to perform with the Minnesota Orchestra as a young child While strong bonds to her faith and family keep her grounded, it also contributed to an inner strength that has guided her independence, the ability to stand by decisions and face challenges The focus and drive necessary for her to maintain the highest level of academics she was Valedictorian in high school and earned Summa Cum Laude honors at Stanford and music is both impressive and inspiring.The chapter dedicated to the Miss America contest was particularly interesting and educational I learned a great deal about what Miss America is all about muchthan swimsuits and how Carlson saw it as an opportunity to crush the negative tall blonde bimbo stereotype associated with its contestants Even though she admittedly blew the question answer phase of the competition, she stunned judges with her violin talent this prompted me to see her performance on YouTube and believe me, it s extraordinary While the Miss America title served a boost to Carlson s confidence, it proved to be a double edged sword as the pageant stereotype was still a formidable obstacle to overcome when staring her broadcasting career In fact, she took efforts to steer attention away from that achievement.Other revelations in the book include a struggle with self body image even through the Miss America phase of her life , dealing with sexism attempted sexual assault and a frightening experience with a stalker who haunted her for almost two decades Carlson has been through some trying times in her life, but always managed to pull herself together and successfully move forward, regardless of the challenge And while most know her for the gig she has at FOXNews, it is only a small part of the life she s lived.GETTING REAL is a relaxing read that puts you in a position of understanding the person you see on TV is just the tip of the iceberg Gretchen Carlson proves to be a person of substance, not appearance Her book not only reveals her as highly intelligent, but genuine and kind a successful role model for anyone, not just women. I won Getting Real by Gretchen Carlson in a GoodReads giveaway I received a standard size hardback book of professional design and a full cover photograph of the author Getting Real clocks in with 260 properly thick hardbound book pages with 8 pages of color photographs and tall serifed fonts formatted with easy to read line spacing.Getting Real by Gretchen Carlson self agonizes, humble brags and then purports to keep a stiff upper lip over whatever small misfortunes can be mustered across a life time span of events that read like a made for TV movie about a woman who stumbles from one once in a lifetime accomplishment to the next, all the while feigning of suffering and low self esteem A little too chubby as a kid Well you became Miss America so things must have worked out Being a violin prodigy wasn t enough Well Stanford and Oxford are on the horizon Not everyone you met was kind and supportive Well, you were competing against 50 other women for a shiny tiara made of diamonds That tends to bring out the worst in people And you wound up on top.Gretchen Carlson s Getting Real is well enough written It s perfectly paced and immediately engaging The prose is an example of perfunctory performance precise, and correct and neat It s all tidied up and controlled, like a glamour photo Like a made for TV movie.And that s how it comes off because no matter how real Getting Real gets, it s still wrapped up in this larger than life persona that is Celebrity Journalist from this platform that is Fox News And so no matter what this book says or does, it ends up being what you bring to it It notells a story then reflects back what you think of it.For me, Getting Real was not about this overall story arch of a child violin prodigy who overcomes self esteem issues to become first Miss America and later a 25 year television journalist For me Getting Real was about this perfectly assembled narrative that positive affirmation, might makes right, and single minded self assurance rules the day A case study in this sort of Grandeur of the Moment that is the American Cult of Personality ruling class Getting Real is recommended as a Good Read for all the right wing Kool Aid drinkers and the detached social observer. I really enjoyed this book I liked her story the fact that she started playing the violin at such a young age 5 yrs old and the fact that she played her violin at the Miss America pageant talent part of the show is just astonishing By the way she won the Miss America title in 1989 and she was only 5 3 She later went on to become an anchorwoman and reporter She comments that aside from all of that she feels that her greatest accomplishment is being a mother to her two kids Awesome I remember watching the Miss America Pageant in 1988 with my mother I bet my mother that Maya Walker, Miss Colorado would win and she chose Gretchen Carlson, Miss Minnesota Obviously, as a Minnesotan I secretly wanted Gretchen to win but the fun of the competition is to bet against each other My mother and I sat watching Gretchen during her violin performance in the talent competition with tears streaming down our cheeks I had to quickly brush the tears away so I wouldn t be a traitor to Miss Colorado I was truly happy for Gretchen Carlson and Minnesota even though I lost the bet and had to cough up 5 my Dad gave me the 5 ha Gretchen Carlson is the real deal She shares her experiences and struggles with weight loss, learning the violin, becoming Miss America, breaking into television news, and the balance of marriage, motherhood and a career I found her story to be an inspiration to anyone that has a goal to achieve whether it be weight loss, winning a competition or going after your career I highly recommend this book I m a person who likes to give 100 percent to everything I do I want to be the best at my job and as a mother But I realize I can only give 100 percent in the moment I know from experience how wonderful it to compete and win, and while it is disappointing to lose, it s also an opportunity for parents to teach kids a very important lesson that failure is the key to success I received a free ARC of this book via NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.2015 Book Challenge 25 75 Books Fascinating Insight into Gretchen Carlson s Back Story When you watch a broadcast journalist like Gretchen Carlson on Fox News, I wonder what personal journey this person has traveled to be there The answer is inside GETTING REAL This memoir reveals a personal look at Carlson s journey and it is filled with key turning points and insights for every reader whether you are in journalism or not.I loved the storytelling and transparency which Carlson writes into the pages of this book In particular I found the final chapters of the book moving and insightful This journalist who reaches millions and a former Miss America 1989 is thoughtful and open about the words in this book For example on page 243, she writes, I ve carried the Carlson family dictum To whom much is given, much is expected with me as a core philosophy my whole life When I think about it I can still hear the rich tones of my grandfather s voice as he preached about love and charity from the pulpit I can see my parents opening their hearts and their checkbooks time and again to help others in our community in Anoka I can recall the intense feelings of compassion when we traveled overseas and met families who could barely afford to put food on the table We were blessed, and my parents were determined that we could not squander our good fortune or feel prideful, but learn humility and use our advantages to help others As I read the pages of GETTING REAL, I gained immense respect for Gretchen Carlson While I have not watched her regularly on Fox, I m going to be setting my DVR to capture some of her programs For a unique and rich reading experience, I highly recommend this title. Maybe 2 stars is a bit harsh it s just that Ms Carlson and I seem to have some philosophical differences I admire her candidness, her willingness to speak openly about her faith I believe she was sincere in her desire to change people s minds about Miss America and the opportunities it offers to young women with talent, intelligence and ambition She certainly worked hard enough to earn the title, and afterward to adjust to the celebrity it brought her both positive and negative Her story is inspiring It s not perhaps the way I would choose to influence young women, but I have to respect her determination and ability to maintain a positive outlook. A Candid, Funny Memoir From The Charismatic FOX News Channel Anchor And Miss America Pageant Winner Celebrity News Anchorwoman Gretchen Carlson Shares Her Inspiring Story And Offers Important Takeaways For Women And Men About What It Means To Strive For And Find Success In The Real World With Warmth And Wit, She Takes Readers From Her Minnesota Childhood, Where She Became A Violin Prodigy, Through College At Stanford And Her In The Trenches Years As A Cub Reporter On Local Television Stations Before Becoming A National News Reporter She Describes Her Rise To Anchor Of The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson On FOX News Channel As A Testament To Personal Strength And Perseverance Carlson Addresses The Intense Competitive Effort Of Winning The Miss America Pageant, The Challenges She S Faced As A Woman In Broadcast Television, And How She Manages To Balance Work And Family As The Wife Of High Profile Sports Agent Casey Close And Devoted Mother To Their Two Children An Unceasing Advocate For Respect And Equality For Women, Carlson Writes Openly About Her Own Struggles With Body Image, Pageant Stereotypes, Building Her Career, And Having The Courage To Speak Her Mind She Encourages Women To Strive For Their Goals, Never Give Up, And Always Believe In Themselves InGetting Real, Carlson Emerges As A Living Example Of A Woman Not Afraid To Chase Her Dreams And Embrace Life Fully This book is a solid three and a half stars for me There s no shocking reveal here, just the story of how God given talent and gasp hard work pays off Being from Minnesota, it was fun to hear her reference places she went whole growing up It was also incredibly interesting to hear her complementary comments of Roger Ailes a year before the lawsuit she filled against him I listened to this book, which I would not recommend The author reads it herself and considering she s been in broadcasting for most of her life, it s not great It s like she s reading it to a group of children with way too much inflection and emphasis on words It got a little old towards the end. I don t usually read biographies or autobiographies, but when I saw that Gretchen Carlson was putting out a book, I was rather intrigued I had no clue that she was a violin prodigy This book left me feeling good inside In some parts of the book, I felt like she was speaking directly to me as if we were girlfriends I enjoyed this book, and may explorein this genre.

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