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Full Circle Hunter, Morgan, And Alisa All Three Are Witches, And Each Is In Turmoil Hunter Feels Stifled By The Small Town World Of Widow S Vale Morgan Is Terrified Of The Possibility Of Life Without Him And Alisa Is Still Coping With The Knowledge That She Is A Witch By Blood Together, The Three Worked Together To Defeat The Most Unspeakable Evil Known To Witches Now, The Danger They Face Is Just As Deadly But To Vanquish Their New Foe, They Must First Defeat The Weaknesses Within Themselves

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    The Sweep series was given to me by my 2nd cousin in law Weird, I know She said that I would really enjoy this series because it was similar to Twilight which at the time I was going through my Twilight phase Now, about three or four years later, I am still trying to finish the series and so is my roommate She finally caught up to me and we decided to read the last two books out loud in a cemetery a

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    This is technically the final book in the official Wicca Sweep series, as far as I can tell And I thought it was a really good ending The book returns to a dual narrative from the perspectives of both Morgan and Hunter, and I was happy to be back in their heads, particularly at this late stage in the series.There was quite a lot of action in this book, a lot of which I wasn t expecting I l

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    I m almost to the end of the series With one book left, I m not sure I m emotionally ready to finish this series I love it so much I love Hunter and Morgan I love their relationship and I love what they do individually as witches I need to go prepare for this last book.

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    This book was good It had a few surprises up its sleeve I liked that the story line was back to the average Morgan Hunter theme It dealt with a growing discontentment with the council, which I think will continue in the last installment While I really like this series and I am still very interested to see how everything will turn out in the various story lines, I feel like Morgan and Hunter have not really deve

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    dude, where s the sex

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    It was better than the previous two books in the series but it wasn t the best I never read this one before this is exciting I ll finally be able to read the last book

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    PlotThere are about two things going on in Full Circle, neither of which seem all that important For the first plot point, someone from Morgan s past is back to take revenge on her or something It s very drawn out, with a nice chunk of text focused on the dreams that Morgan is having The second plot point has no real relevance that I can see It s basically Hunter dealing with a potential dark witch even though he is

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    Read in 2004Read in 2015Read in 2017I m actually going to upgrade my old rating from a 3 to a 4 But it s of a 3.4 3.6 really or a 6.5 10 I m being generous mind you, because this book wasn t terrific per se The reason being, is that the book does wrap up nicely and hold true to its title full circle This isn t the most exciting book It isn t the most shocking, despite what should be some shocking events they just didn t reall

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    Actual rating 2.5This one wasn t the worst in the series, but I can t say that I enjoyed it I m glad the next one is the last, as they re seriously dragging now.

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    My least favorite of the series Morgan puts the same weight of importance on attempts on her life and her weak sauce romance I get that it s YA paranormal romance, but that doesn t mean it gets to suck without consequence Morgan is probably one of the most infuriating MC s I ve ever encountered she s worse than a cardboard cutout type, because she s so intentionally spiteful towards the people around her Your family loves and cares fo

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