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Kikker is kikker Sapo es verde y no puedo volar.

A cool children's book with a great message. Be yourself. you don't need to be someone else Through Frog's Adventures, He Learns That His Friends Love Him For Being Himself—an Ordinary Green Frog

EnglishBengali Dual Language Edition This is a great book to teach young children that we are all different, that we all have talents and we need to be happy with who we are. Nicely done. Frog is Frog is a dual language (EnglishSomali) storybook that tells the story of Frog, who becomes disillusioned with his own identity and is jealous of his other friends abilities. He first meets Duck, who can fly, in seeing this Frog makes a set of wings for himself which do not work, and plunge him back to the ground. These meetings carry on until he meets Hare who teaches Frog “I am a Hare. And you are a Frog, and we all love you.” This is a story that teaches its audience to be happy with who you are and not be jealous of other people around you: “I am lucky to be a Frog” states Frog at the end of the book.
I enjoyed this book; the illustrations are lovely and also comical, the language is colourful, with a great use of expressive adjectives and adverbs that will challenge and expand its young audiences vocabulary. It is a dual language book that is accessible to English speakers as well as Somali. This book would be a great starting point for a PSHE lesson for nursery, perhaps, up to Yr 1, or just a story to read to pupils for a carpet session or at the end of the day. The characters are well defined, so children will be able to recognise them independently after a first read.
A great read for a boost of confidence. I think it’s a very useful story for any child in need of understanding what makes each and every one of us, special. Following the story of a frog's identity crisis, this book is an excellent resource for children to develop a sense of being comfortable in their own skin. Frog initially thinks he is beautiful because he is all green, but after meeting other animals that each think they are beautiful, he doubts his looks and abilities. Although the reading level is not particularly challenging the moral of the story is powerful for children and adults alike, in the sense that no one ever seems content with what they have, and that is perfectly acceptable. The story instigates the notion that individuals should be happy with what they have and that could provide comfort and encourage a sense of pride in children. A follow up session could include children speaking about something they are proud of which they have personally achieved. All the 'Frog" books make great reading for children from 410 and the concepts embedded in they make them suitable for older children for P4C. I love all of them. Frog is Frog

This book learns young children that not everyone is the same. And it is okay to be different.
Everyone doubts about something in their lives. When we meet other people we attent to compare or selfs with the other.Froglearn that he is who is he and he doesnt need to be someone else.
Beautiful story, well written!
Age KS1 (12)

Through Frog's adventures, he learns that his friends love him for being himself—an ordinary green frog.

Themesanimals, animal classes, differences

Differences between everyone
The differences between the animals

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