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Forex Strategy: ST Patterns Trading Manual, EUR/USD Chart Analysis Step by Step, 300% for One Month The ST Patterns Trading Manual Will Provide A Detailed Hourly Technical Analysis Using EUR USD Pairs For May Calculations Of The Results Are Performed Based On The Actual Results Without Rounding Off The Strategy Shows A Good Technical Result For The EUR USD Pair In Mayequal To About % Of The Initial Deposit, With A Risk Of % The Study Of The GBP USD Pair Will Help Readers Understand The Importance Of Determining Periods Of Market Uncertainty In A Timely FashionThe Month Following The First Books Trading Code Is Open ST Patterns Of The Forex And Futures Exchanges Publication Perfectly Demonstrated The Possibilities Of Using The Trading System And Showed How Almost Half Of The ST Patterns Published In This Book Operate In Practice The Analysis, Based On Accurate Calculations, Will Help Traders Consolidate The Acquired Knowledge, And To Increase Their Own Skills With Structural Target PatternsOver The Years I Have Spent Researching Dozens Of Well Known, As Well As Not So Famous, Trading Systems, I Have Not Found Any That Could Demonstrate Anything Near The Results Obtained By The ST Patterns Method During This Arbitrarily Chosen Time Interval Millions Of Traders Are Trying To Find An Effective Technical Method For Analyzing The Movement Of Exchange Charts Now It Has Arrived Forinformation, Visit My Website At Stpatterns

About the Author: Vladimir Poltoratskiy

I have worked as a trader for about 18 years Finding out how financial markets work could go much faster without wasting time studying many of the well known but ineffective and impractical theories and analysis methods Disappointed with the effectiveness of most well known methods of speculation, I developed a new trading system based on Structural Target Patterns ST Patterns Over the years, I have distilled complex analyses of markets movements into a clear and simple system of decision making.Thus, I improved my trading system built on graphic ST Patterns until there were no gaps left in it A long history of graphical analysis proves the methods practical effectiveness in the Futures and Forex markets For me, the question of how the exchange system functions and works has gone through both theoretical and practical phases, eventually turning into an ordinary craft.Forinformation, visit my website at

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