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Ford County John Grisham has been exploring genres other than legal thrillers and Ford County is on similar lines A collection of short stories featuring a memorable cast of characters living in Ford County Each story takes place within Ford County, some in Clanton in all,a wonderful compilation of stories all enlightening, interesting, amusing and sad The book contains 7 short stories Blood Drive, Fetching Raymond, Fish Files, Casino, Michael s Room, Quiet Haven Funny Boy From a bizarre road trip with lots of dark humour to an emotional story about a family visiting a death row convict From amusing con jobs to a touching story of a terminally ill young man abandoned by his family, this book explores extraordinary stories of ordinary people, all brought to life by brilliant storytelling It makes you laugh, it makes you sad keeps you entertained throughout This one is a true gem. To sum up Depressing Grisham should stick to full length novels.Grisham s first book of short stories set in Ford County 1 Wheelchair bound Inez Graney and her two older sons, Leon and Butch, take a bizarre road trip through the Mississippi Delta to visit the youngest Graney brother, Raymond, who s been locked away on death row for eleven years It could well be their last visit.Grisham seems to have a particular obsession with death row cases I just concluded The Chamber where he makes a strong case for abolition This story reveals the reality of the shock of imminent death as the bravado is stripped away and panic sets in 2 Mack Stafford, a hard drinking and low grossing run of the mill divorce lawyer, gets a miracle phone call with a completely unexpected offer to settle some old, forgotten cases formoney than he has ever seen Mack is suddenly bored with the law, fed up with his wife and his life, and makes drastic plans to finally escape.Unfortunately, this story could easily be true It shows how the promise of instant wealth corrupts the human heart resulting in mindless decisions that will have lasting consequences The Bible tells us that to work for our money is a good thing and results in satisfaction Riches gained in this manner will never fulfill and life always catches up with us in the end We cannot escape forever.3 Quiet, dull Sidney, a data collector for an insurance company, perfects his blackjack skills in hopes of bringing down the casino empire of Clanton s most ambitious hustler, Bobby Carl Leach, who, among other crimes, has stolen Sidney s wife.A somewhat far fetched tale involving the intricacies of gambling at a high level Unfortunately, the moral of Grisham s story seems to be that gambling does payHowever, the story also demonstrates that the grass is never greener on the other side for very long and that we would do better to be content in our circumstances Also, a biblical principle.4 Three good ol boys from rural Ford County begin a journey to the big city of Memphis to give blood to a grievously injured friend However, they are unable to drive past a beer store as the trip takes longer and longer The journey comes to an abrupt end when they make a fateful stop at a Memphis strip club.This was a sleazy tale of lust and debauchery that was beneath Grisham There is graphic sexual detail and violence It does, however, expose the dangers both of excessive drinking and of peer pressure pack mentality violence and crime The story also reveals the shallow level of a lot of people s relationships and that their claims to love and care for each other are only valid until superseded by something that simportant to them This ties in with the unreliability of people generally and the way they drop their commitments immediately on sighting somethingappealing to do with their time or money 5 The Quiet Haven Retirement Home is the final stop for the elderly of Clanton It s a sad, languid place with little controversy, until Gilbert arrives Posing as a low paid bedpan boy, he is in reality a brilliant stalker with an uncanny ability to sniff out the assets of those seniors he professes to love.Another sleazy tale of pornography and the corruption of an old man in a nursing home Sadly, this tale was also somewhat believable and shows how easy it would potentially be for staff to prey on the vulnerable However, people who engage in this type of appalling crime are forgetting one thing God is watching and there will be a Judgement Day.6 One of the hazards of litigating against people in a small town is that one day, long after the trial, you will probably come face to face with someone you ve beaten in a lawsuit Lawyer Stanley Wade bumps into an old adversary, a man with a long memory, and the encounter becomes a violent ordeal.The saddest of the tales with a somewhat ambiguous ending I would have liked to see whether the encounter made any difference in the long run This could potentially have been turned into a full length novel There is some graphic violence It was probably the most compelling of the stories It demonstrates the corruption that can be at the heart of the criminal justice system and the impact this can have on real victims needing medical care As a Christian, I trust that God will deal will the injustice people in these situations have suffered It was the only way I could do my job as a police officer, on some days 7 Clanton is rocked with the rumor that the gay son of a prominent family has finally come home, to die Of AIDS Fear permeates the town as gossip runs unabated But in Lowtown, the colored section of Clanton, the young man finds a soul mate in his final days.Another tragic tale about the AIDS virus and the stigma that surrounded it in rural communities Grisham paints a depressing picture as a young man lives out his last days This story was the most difficult for me to swallow, as a Christian Grisham claims to be a Christian too, yet in this story, he has a woman being effectively cast out of her church for befriending this dying man The dying man, who makes it clear that he has no faith and isn t interested in God is then reported to be eternally at rest So, in one short story, Grisham has destroyed both the possibility of the church being a place of help and hope for people in need, and the importance of dying souls finding forgiveness of sin before they meet God and are judged He instead suggests that everyone goes to heaven I fear for Grisham who has such wide spread influence when he speaks authoritatively through his writings in areas that conflict with clear biblical teaching I cannot recommend this book due to the sexual content,swearing that usual and some graphic violence More significantly, though, I feel that the final story presents a hopeless situation with no remedy, apart from a false idea about death But, in reality, there is always hope if we turn to Jesus in repentance and faith.Check out my John Grisham Shelf This book was so bad I couldn t finish it I normally have enjoyed every other Grisham book and can depend on them for good light entertainment and occasionally a very well done, enlightening story Ford County must have been written because Grisham had a commitmment with his publisher to churn something out The book is a series of seven short stories abouth life in Ford County, Mississippi the scene of an early Grisham novel I went through the first two stories and wondered why did he bother writing this stuff The stories are not interesting, they convey no message or idea other than that the characters are not very sympathetic or likeable rednecks The endings didn t seem to have any object or finality to them other than the author had reached his alloted page count.Now, I have to confess that I read this book as an audio book I didn t realize that Grisham was going to be the reader until I had started listening to it What a disaster Maybe the book was better than it sounded Whatever cornpone southern authenticity he thought he would give it by reading it himself was completely sabotaged by his ineptness as a reader His voice was monotonic and lacked any inflection or drama to it His speech was so halting that it seemed he was inserting commas after every three or four words Certainly Grisham wasn t trying to makemoney for himself There should be a law against authors reading their own work Seldom do they catch the voice of their characters as a good professional reader can do.I see all the other 4 5 reviews of this book in Goodreads and am left wondering Is it me, or is it Mex As most reader s know, Grisham is the master of the legal thriller Surprise, surprise He is also a very talented storyteller What a delight this collection of short stories was He takes us to Ford County, Mississippi where we are introduced to quite a collection of characters Some rather dull and normal, others quirky and pretty extreme all of them with an odd story to share His words flow and paint the picture of these folks as they struggle with whatever curveball life has thrown them The stories are sad, humorous and rather bizarre all rolled into one Did I like many of the characters No, but I was fascinated by their stories He hits upon some difficult subjects..greed, cheating, deceit, death and points a finger at many things wrong in todays society This put Grisham in a whole different light for me One that I found very flattering 4.5 stars. At the end of this collection of stories, the reader is left with a deep, unsettling ambivalence On the one hand, Grisham wields a sense of place and of language with a confidence that s hard to beat He places his characters in memorable, finely wrought settings, he gives them richly evoked material to work with, he writes dialogue that has the ring of truth to it And then he observes those characters, as they move, live, and mostly suffer, with a chilly, anthropological detachment and emotional distance that s initially distracting and, by the end of the book, has become nearly an embarrassment At every moment, Grisham seems intent on reminding the reader that he s not one of them he writes with a sense of social distance that would probably raise eyebrows if his subjects were some other ethnic or regional group and not largely white southerners In short, Grisham observes He s quite a good observer, as it turns out, but as a writer he s simply not implicated Grisham also has the bad habit of creating intriguing plots, compelling characters, and seductive settings and then ending every story with a whimper A few are very nearly shaggy dog stories a complicated set up for an unsatisfying pay off Since he does it in every story, it s clearly a style he has adopted deliberately No doubt some readers won t be troubled by the clinical cast of Grisham s narratives and will appreciate his way of picking up a story, carrying it for a while, and then setting it down again without having handled it much For me, the lack of empathy and the absence of resolution were equally discomfiting. A collection of seven short stories, I bought it with high expectations Didn t live up to it The first one Blood Drive is about three people volunteering to go to the city to donate blood to one of the residents of Ford County This is a funny account of their misadventures Fetching Raymond is about a family of three, a mother and her two sons, visiting their third son in prison This is somewhat a tragic story including Michael sRoom Fish Files is about a down and out lawyer prospecting for a fortune by cheating his clients It was kind of boring I liked Casino Quiet Haven but the last one Funny Boy simply takes the cake It is a beautiful story about how a young white man dying of AIDS ends up in a black township near Clanton and is looked after by a black lady after being abandoned by his family The protagonist is not the character in the stories but Ford county itself Its residents are depicted as racists, bigots, misogynists, petty thieves, creepy crooked lawyers and gold diggers I think this is the first book of its kind where the author has delved into short stoy format But I liked Archer s storiesthan Grisham s Happy reading for folks interested in reading short stories Nothing great about it Maybe for Grisham fans only. John Grisham heads back to his literary roots of Ford County For those of you who don t recall or didn t read the dust jacket , Ford County is the setting for his first and possibly best book A Time to Kill After a disappointing legal thriller for his last new book, it s nice to see Grisham get back to the business of storytelling again with this collection of short stories.Grisham pushes his boundaries as a writer, offering up stories that offer humor, pathos and character building The requisite lawyer gone wrong story is in the book, but Grisham makes the caper nature of what the guy is doing compelling and interesting enough and the story doesn t overstay its welcome The best stories are those that bookend the collection The first about three guys heading to Memphis to donate blood to a local but who end up getting side tracked by a run in with the law, beer and then a Memphis strip club is wonderfully done and, at times, hysterical funny The final story about a man with AIDs returning to town for his final days will put a lump in your throat and stay with you long past the final page being turned.If you ve given up on Grisham, you might want to come back for this one. Worldwide No Bestseller John Grisham Takes You Into The Heart Of America S Deep South With A Collection Of Stories Connected By The Life And Crimes Of Ford County A Place Of Harsh Beauty Where Broken Dreams And Final Wishes ConvergeFrom A Hard Drinking, Downtrodden Divorce Lawyer Looking For Pay Dirt, To A Manipulative Death Row Inmate With One Last Plea, FordCounty Features A Vivid Cast Of Attorneys, Crooks, Hustlers, And Convicts Through Their Stories He Paints A Unique Picture Of Lives Lived And Lost In MississippiCompletely Gripping, Frequently Moving And Always Entertaining, FordCounty Brims With The Same Page Turning Quality And Heart Stopping Drama Of His Previous Bestsellers, And Is Proof Once Why John Grisham Is Our Most Popular Storyteller Ford County is a book of seven short stories, some better than others Although nothing very much happens in any of them, it was still an enjoyable read. I picked Ford County up to listen to as I was traveling to a conference Interestingly enough, I have not read any other John Grisham novels, but this appealed to me because it consisted of short stories I like listening to short stories because you can listen for short blocks of time and take a rest without forgetting necessary details to keep you in the plot as with listening to a novel.Ford County consists of seven short stories set in and around Clanton, Mississippi The stories are rather dark in nature and few of the characters likeable Normally, I wouldn t have appreciated the concoction of rough characters displayed with little chance of redemption, but I ended up being captivated It may have been, in part, due to John Grisham s way of telling the stories His southern accent and folksy presentation style leave you feeling you are sitting on a front porch somewhere listening to him tell his favorite stories Grisham is obviously engaged himself by the characters in the stories, so he draws you in by the way in which he presents them.Since this short story collection is not Grisham s usual genre, I would now be interested in reading some of his novels Better yet, I would love to listen to him read one of his novels to me He s a great storyteller

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