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Forbidden Mind I don t know how to rate this It was poorly written, but you do want to know how it ends This book could be very good, the story has potential But it has no build up, NONE AT ALL Honestly it kinda felt like a children s book trying to enter puberty, but not successfully. I don t think I m going to read the next one. Let me start by saying, I think this would have been stronger as a full fledged novel, rather than a novella I blew through this in less than an hour, and was left with a lot of questions that I think a longer piece could have answered The horror element of this piece is strong, even stronger than the paranormal aspect, in my opinion People reading minds, eh, sure, that s pretty standard, but the horror part Yikes times a million The reveal that view spoiler 17 year old Sam has been impregnated against her will and without her knowledge with some sort of fast growing super baby hide spoiler Overall I liked this book I thought that the whole pregnancy thing was weird Especially how she didn t even know the guy The people that they worked for were creeps so I m glad they plan on exposing them to the world Now that they are on the run and she is pregnant it will be interesting to see where the authors go with this Hopefully in the end everything will work out. I LOVE this new series Thank you so much Kimberly for this wonderful gift of entertainment. I recently had the honor of reading this book when Kimberly asked for a couple people to review the book before it officially released I have to say that it was hard to put it down once I started reading it It was that engrossing and hooked me in from the beginning.Sam seems shy, at first, but she believes that the people behind Rent A Kid are taking good care of her and is looking forward to the moment when she can go out into the world and make it on her own Her life is going just the way she wants it and she s best friends with two of the most amazing paranormals that she can honestly call family.She s also very determined to do a good job for the people that she works for Granted, she hates the fact that she s destroying the lives of some of those she comes to care for in the process, yet she knows that what she s doing will put away some of the most sadistic, and undeserving people, that she s ever come across.One simple mistake catapults her into a nightmare of which she thinks she ll never wake Her saving grace is Drake, another paranormal whose life has been inadvertently linked to her own She finds herself falling in love with a man she s never met one who has her questioning everything that she s ever believed in She soon realizes that her entire life is a lie and that Rent A Kid isn t all that it seems to be Together, they must find a way to set themselves free and place their lives within their friend s hand in hopes of trying to discover a way to set all wrongs to right.When she mentioned that it was like XMEN meets human trafficking, she wasn t kidding She puts quite a spin on the idea that it leaves you wanting to readandI m so looking forward to the next installment of this series. Originally published in my blog received a copy of this ebook from the author as part of the book tour All opinions are my own and are influenced by no one.I was surprised with how good this book is Granted it has some elements that I didn t like, but it worked well with the whole story.While reading, X men, Dollhouse, and Nikita came to mind It s like those 3 got married and gave birth to Forbidden Mind Children and teens with para powers are kept in an organization secluded school for gifted children called Rent A Kid X Men , most of them have no identity in the real world Nikita , they are rented out to rich and powerful people who need their services Nikita and Dollhouse , and they are promised to get out of the system when they turn 18 In Dollhouse, volunteers are in the Dollhouse for 3 years and are released after their contract expires Sam can read minds, she s also a very talented artist Her 18th birthday is fast approaching and she plans for a future outside Rent A Kid But everything changed when she returns from an assignment to find the art room burned and her mentor Mr K was no longer in Rent a kid To top it off, there was a boy brought into the facility who was strapped to the bed and somehow asked for her help by communicating with her mind.Drake can control minds and has super strength He was in foster care until he ran away and lived with his best friend He s an amazing surfer and joined a competition to earn money for his future plans It all fell apart when he was abducted.Strapped to a bed and can t use his powers, he forced the thought and asked for Sam s help, their minds have been linked ever since This book gives a different meaning to insta love The linking of minds enabled them to communicate from afar Their attraction wasn t physical, but emotional They can show each other a part of their life that no one else can share, that intimate connection made them close that falling in love was possible.Sam and Drake uncovered secrets about Rent a kid with the help of Sam s best friends, twins Luke and Lucy Faced with the reality of their situation, they planned to escape to find someone who could help them save everyone in the program.Forbidden Mind has romance, mystery, action, and suspense that will keep you hooked from beginning till end I really enjoyed reading this sensational novel and I can t wait to read the next book in the trilogy. Kimberly has created characters with strong personalities, a storyline I m sure will have your interest piqued throughout, even wandering how this sect of people can get away with what they are doing and yes Xmen meets human trafficking is a definte understatement, this alone wil have you pumped and ready for . At only 80 pages, long, you will glide through this read and be wantinglike Right now.Chapters that run smoothly, storyline that hooks you and leaves you squirming forKimberly has baited her hook well, waiting for us readers to take that first nibble and delve right in for a read that will have you wantingWhilst googling the book I noticed X men mentioned Drake would be one perrfect x men, strength, spunk and the will power to survive and powers to boot Sam and Drake will certainly be a force to be wary of.I enjoyed the way in which the story progressed, captivating me along the way and leaving me contimplating what will happen next So muchis yet to come and I eagerly await Forbidden Fire Book 2 in this series.entire review can be found at www.pageflipperz.blogspot.com Ms Kinrade has put together a great story that has a fast paced plot, likeable yet still very real characters and a twist that was fantastic The story revolves around Sam, an 18 year old girl with the ability to read mindds on the verge of adulthood It s at this point that her whole world gets turned upside down and she takes us along for the ride I really enjoyed this story and am eagerly looking forward to the next book in the series Well done What seemed like an excellent premise for a book turned out to be poorly executed Sam a mind reader and working for rent a kid to turn up hidden secrets for the highest bidder is about to turn 18 and be sent off to college to do as she pleases Or so she thinks Little does she know that all at rent a kid is not as it seems.Drake, being able to control minds and being super strong hides out as much as he can He keeps to himself but his one dream of becoming a surfing legend has him confused He wants to hide his secrets but he really wants to win the surfing competition as well That is, until he s kidnapped All I had to read was X men meets and I was intrigued I loved the X Men series but this fell very short of that I realize it s a YA but even young adults can t possibly be entertained by this At the risk of spoiling any of the plot Sam and Drake never even meet forthan 1 second, yet they fall in love Eventually, I started skipping sentences and paragraphs to just be done with the whole thing The problem was that the story was told too quickly Had we hadtime to get to learn the characters and really connect with them maybe this could have gone a different way If you re going to write something make it count Clearly, there s another book if notin the series but considering how short this first one was, it would probably all fit into one complete book Unless, the author can figure out how to connect us with the characters, I don t know how well this series will turn out.I m not sure why so many people were giving this 5 stars I prefer my stories to havesubstance If I m going to take the time to read something I want it to matter. She Reads MindsHe Controls MindsTogether, They Might Get Out AliveI Ve Seen Into The Minds Of Killers And Have Crawled Into The Darkest Mental Corners Of Humanity, But Even I Wasn T Prepared For ThisI Thought That When I TurnedI Would Be Released From My Secret School Of Paranormal Spies And Free To Follow My Dreams And Make My Own Life That S What We All Thought Until I Met DrakeEverything Changed When I Linked Minds With The Blond Haired Boy Strapped To That Gurney In My Wildest Dreams I Couldn T Have Imagined The Dangerous Truth Behind My Life And Now Time Is Running Out We Must Work Together To Save Ourselves And Everyone We Love Before It S Too Late

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Karpov Kinrade is the pen name for the husband and wife entertainment duo Lux and Dmytry Karpov Kinrade, aka The KK Duo.Together, they write award winning, internationally and USAT bestselling books, make music, create art, write screenplays and direct all the things.Look for from Karpov Kinrade in the Vampire Girl series, The Nightfall Chronicles and The Forbidden Trilogy If you re looki

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