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Flow Like a River I am a Book Blogger at For the Southwest By the Southwest Book Corner Mark asked me to read and review this book Mark did give me a copy to read, but I purchased a Kindle version on my own, the formatting was much easier to read.This is Mark s first book, I had read a interview that he did, it took him 8 years to complete it All I can say is that for a first book, he did a very good job I am certainly looking forward to the next book that he puts out This was certainly a very nicely written historical fiction book that took place in the 1920 s for the most part in the Hill Country of Texas.I was quickly involved in the 2 families and the Sheriff and his relationship with the town and with his Deputies and of coarse, his dog Duke The Prince and his gang were also interesting, in a completely different way Evil is such a all encompassing passion At first I have to say that I was really perplexed why Prince was so determined to do evil to descendants of a family that did his family wrong, but when I think about it, it s really not much different than the gangs we have today What I really liked seeing the most was the friendship between Johnny and Billy, if only all of our kids had such friendships like that today, this world would certainly be a much better world.This was a very fast paced book to read, and certainly one that the whole family could sit down and enjoy I m not a real series gal, but I certainly would love to see what happens with Billy s mom, maybe a little romance would be fun to see The Native American aspect of this book was entwined into the story really nicely It is always good to read and book and get some education along the way.Get this book, read it and than give it to your kids to read, especially your boys to read, you won t regret it. Revenge is the driving force that dominates Mark Guillerman s stirring debut novel, Flow Like a River, set in 1923 in the town of Gary, Texas.The novel features the town sheriff, Bud Thomas, who is much cunning then he lets on The beautiful redhead Brenna Cross, who has traveled from Ireland to Gary seeking work in the town s general store owned by Pat Bingham Brenna is accompanied by her eight year old son, Billy, who befriends Johnny Jenkins, eldest son of the town doctor And not to be left out are Billy s grandfather, Chief Running Wolf, and William Laveaux IV together with his band of treacherous criminals Laveaux is also known as The Prince The narrative takes off with a short prologue where we learn about the Chanas tribe and the legend of The Four Brothers Hereafter, we become familiar with Brenna and the letter she had received the previous year from Bingham Bingham was deeply moved when he learned about Brenna s husband, Joseph, an American Indian who was a war hero and who was killed during World War I Joseph had been a member of the Chanas tribe that once populated the Texas Hill Country and was the son of Billy s grandfather, Running Wolf, who everyone had been presumed dead.Taking us back to 1868, Guillerman fills us in on an important event that transpired and which forms the basis of his novel when we find out about Silent Wolf, the fourth son of the great chief Grey Wolf, who led the Chanas tribe out of the land of the Sacred River Before his departure, one of the warriors, who made the journey with him, was Tall Bear, the cousin and closest friend of Grey Wolf In 1868 Tall Bear s daughters were kidnapped by William Laveaux, the patriarch of a New Orleans Crime family with the help of eight of his men Tall Bear s wife was also severely injured during the fray and was forced to flee leaving her daughters with Laveaux, who ordered his men to burn down the homes of the Chanas.When Tall Bear and other members of his tribe got wind as to what had happened, they engaged Laveaux and his cohorts in crime in battle, which eventually led to Laveaux s death at the hands of Silent Wolf Unfortunately, Silent Wolf did not survive the wounds he had suffered during the battle and died a day later Tall Bear led many of his tribe out of the delta to Mexico, where they merged with Silent Wolf s brother s clan.Fast forward to the early 1920 s when the great grandson of Laveaux, The Prince, learns of the whereabouts of Billy and his grandfather Running Wolfe, descendants of Silent Wolf For many years The Prince had been filled with rage that consumed him after remembering the story that his grandmother recounted to him that it was the Chanas who murdered his grandfather and without cause As a result, this brought much shame and suffering to the Laveaux family The Prince had made a blood oath that one day he would avenge the murder of his great grandfather to restore his family name to its rightful place among the hierarchy of the New Orleans crime families Consequently, he travels to Gary with his team of bandits to the once land of the Chanas tribe where he would he is determined to exact vengeance on the last of the bloodline that robbed him of his family legacy.Make no mistake about it, Guillerman has done his homework in recreating the historical setting of this novel and much of its richness is the authenticity of the voices of the various characters His skill in revealing human nature in little gestures and poignant actions adds to their authenticity Trust me, by the time you are done reading this fictional story, the realism and emotions will make you believe that the story happened Guillerman is a great storyteller who knows how to craft a good narrative with a great deal of adventure and intense suspense that will keep you awake at night What s , and as mentioned on the back cover of the book, it s a novel about the spirituality of the people and of the native American culture that pre dated their time in the land of the Sacred River Follow Here To Read Norm s Interview With Mark Guillerman Local Mayberry RFD type sheriff takes on New Orleans crime boss Interesting Native American tie ins Good plot Fun characters Easy to read Would be a good YA novel If you re interested in finding a quick, simple book to read, one that will not tax your brain too much, this would be a good one. Flow Like a River by Mark Guillerman is a fascinating 5 star read The author s suspenseful framing of the story in the prologue provides a meaningful reference point throughout the novel You ll be taken on a historical adventure tracing family ties from generations past and learn the legend of the Chanas tribe s four brothers.You ll be taken on the journey of Brenna Cross, her son Billy, and his grandfather, Running Wolf, the last of the pure bloodline of Chief Grey Wolf An unusual motley crew thrown together by circumstances and family ties returns Running Wolf from Oklahoma to his tribe s sacred ground in Gary Texas.How it began Brenna received a letter after her husband s death in the big war from the owner of Bingham s Country Store in Gary His promise of a job was the catalyst for the family s move from Ireland, to finding her husband s father, Running Wolf, then crossing the rough terrain to meet him and accept his offer.They settled in the cabin provided by Mr Bingham with Running Wolf making his camp near a small stream a short walk from Brenna and Billy s cabin Billy made friends, attended school and worked at the general store Things were looking good for the family until the prince, William Laveaux IV, of the Laveaux crime family came to town to avenge his great grandfather s murder at the hands of Silent Wolf, of the Chanas tribe.Having been told the family s story by his grandmother, he promised vengeance on the descendants of the Chanas tribe His mother went from high society prominence to a poor outcast from the community She d died from drinking herself to death He vowed the Laveaux name would again be feared and become the leading crime family.Reading the newspaper story about the Ghost Rider Sighting in Central Texas, south of Goliad, he knew the spirit of the warrior and the white mustang horse was Chief Running Wolf of the Chanas Tribe although the sheriff, Buddy Thomas, denied the claim He sent his brother Cory and Buck Tills the strongman, and the Peret brothers, along with Bobby Styles and Dalilah Morgan ahead to Gary, to set things in motion He then booked his train passage along with the cargo marked Crescent Moon Trading Company to carry out his revenge.With a showdown and dramatic conclusion, in the captivating story of Flow Like A River, author Mark Guillerman s words flow like a river smooth and unobstructed from the pages to the readers mind A dynamic deliverance of a multi generational historical adventure. A fantastic book, by an author who is both understated yet imposing in literary stature, Flow Like A River is a work of unexpected quality Absolutely a book of two halves, the first is a bit of a slow burner, which serves well to develop its endearing and interestingly layered characters neither overly dramatic or offensive in any way, this easy going read was engaging from the off There is little need for histrionics in this book, nor for gripping violence the menace of the antagonists is in no doubt from very early on Indeed, in this Prohibition era crime thriller, the gangsters come across as every bit as deadly as the Dillinger or Barrow gangs, for their apathetic demeanour than for any psychopathic acts committed early on Guillerman relies rather on the intelligence of his reader and calm narrative than any shock or action tactics The second half, by contrast, is explosive I read this book in two sittings, and the difference between those sessions was vivid and rousing Midway, Flow Like A River really erupts into life, as its superb, credible and genuinely quite frightening villain The Prince starts to execute his vicious plan, putting some wonderful and clever set pieces into motion.This is not your average action thriller, but far substantial than that Part period gangster tale, part deep south Western yarn, Guillerman portrays the transitional era of this piece perfectly, and you feel that you are right there, in the heat of the 1920s Texan town He knows his history and his early American cultures, and the sense of tough but decent people trying to lead a happy life in lawless times, as these cultures intersect, really does come across.This book looks nice, it is clever and thoughtful, with smart, likeable characters, and I salute the author s style of prose Mark Guillerman has impressed and surprised me, and I recommend him and his writing highly I eagerly await his next. In his debut historical, action fictional novel, Mr Guillerman provides an entertaining story filled with diverse characters set in the Texas Hill Country, at a time when cars were slowly being adopted and trains were still the main form of mass transportation The 75 year history revealed about New Orleans crime family involvement with the Channas Indian Tribe sets the story for revenge that is thoroughly explored The author brings the reader right into the story as an active participant with the vivid details of life in the small town, farm work, local events, and community events Several portions of this story will be your entry point all the way to the surprising, yet thrilling conclusion All the characters in the story are each richly developed with their own personalities and quirks Sherriff Bud, the former Texas Ranger, was slowly revealed to the reader like peeling the layers of an onion as a lawman not to be underestimated His German Shepherd, Duke, was a unique character as well The tough Brenna Cross who brought her half Channa Indian son, Billy, from Ireland for a better life after the love of her life died, learned that small town Texas cares for their community Billy was undoubtedly one of my favorite characters He grows up in this story as he relates what he learned from his grandfather Running Wolf about the history and tragedy that occurred in the area He goes to school, works hard, and is loyal to a fault Billy s insight into human nature and the world around him is laced throughout this story One of my favorite areas that provided insight into the young man s determination was as followsThere was no doubt in Billy s mind that it was he that Bobby Styles was after At first, he was able to put some distance between them, using his familiarity with the narrow trail to his advantage cutting corners and avoiding the low hanging branches After several hundred feet, however, the trail opened up to a grassy field Billy struggled through the tall, wet grass, while Bobby was able to high step through it He heard Bobby gaining on him, right up until he could feel Bobby s breath on his neck This book opens in a way that sets the stage as you willingly participate in the action, thrills, surprises and sadness I recommend this to folks who treasure excitement in their history as they visit small towns with brave women and men who find the strength within themselves to protect family and community This book is told in a historic old west setting, but it fits comfortably into any time space continuum with its rich story line. When The Patriarch Of A New Orleans Crime Family Dies In A Fight To The Death With A Chanas Indian Chief On The Banks Of The Mississippi River, Little Does He Know His Direct Descendant, William Laveaux, Will Seek Revenge Years LaterIn , William Aka The Prince Leads His Gang To Gary, Texas A Sleepy Hill Country Town On The Banks Of The Guadalupe River To Exact A Brutal Revenge On Chief Running Wolf And His Grandson Billy Cross Wise Cracking Sheriff Bud Thomas A Former Rough Rider And Texas Ranger Overhears The Son Of The Town Doctor Telling Of His Chance Encounter With The Crime Lord On The Morning Of His Arrival At The Town S Train Station Following His Gut Instincts, The Sheriff Leads His Deputies On A Frantic Manhunt For The Prince And His Gang As They Weave A Trail Of Murder And Arson Throughout The Farming CommunityOn Its Surface, This Novel Pits The Working Class Folk Of A Small Texas Town Against A Ruthless Crime Lord Intent On Avenging The Death Of His Grandfather At Its Core, It S A Novel About The Spirituality Of The People And Of The Native American Culture That Pre Dated Their Time In The Land Of The Sacred River The river is wild and turbulent as the time nears for the showdown between sworn enemies as was prophesized by a long ago Chanas Indian Seer This is no ordinary river the Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country flows into the San Antonio River before merging into the Gulf of Mexico The Chanas Indian tribe called this their sacred river and home before many where sent off the land to live in Oklahoma That s where the main character, Brenna Cross, found her father in law, Running Wolf, who accompanied her and her son, Billy, to a town bordering the sacred river This is where the story begins The town of Gary becomes a boiling melting pot as a conflict erupts The town is under siege when William Laveaux IV and his criminal cohorts carry out his scheme to avenge his great grandfather s death at the hands of the Chanas warrior, Silver Wolf His plans were to reclaim his family s criminal status and end the legend of the Chanas Tribe s four brothers To learn read Flow Like A River today.This is a multigenerational historical novel ripe with descriptive details relevant to the time period and characters If you enjoy Native American folklore wrapped in a mystery, this is the novel for you Well done. Excellent yarnThis story keeps you reading non stop from beginning to end Any editing or lack of editing mistakes are too trivial to mention The friendship between Johnny and Billy is special and all of the rest of the ensemble of characters is also great. Super good 5 star story Recommended to me by Artisan Book Reviews

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