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Fire with Fire: The New Female Power and How to Use It This book is excellent and I recommend it to everybody Wolf analyzes in a clear, differentiated and personally honest manner the double standards and intellectual dishonesty of a particular branch of feminism that which cast women in the roles of eternal, saintly victims and declares men to be the enemy and how this victim feminism has damaged and still damages the struggle for women s rights She makes it clear that women do not have to proove that they are somehow better than men in order to claim their fair share of the world we are entitled to it simply because we are human beings The passages about acknowledging men s full humanity as well as women s and about embracing a positive concept of female sexuality are particularly inspiring.If I have a problem with the book it is the way power and money are presented as the primary solution I love to see sucessful women and I cheer them on where I can, and I completely agree with Wolf that women can and should aspire to positions of power and wealth However, it remains a fact of life that serious power and wealth can only ever be acquired by a few The majority of women like the majority of men will remain ordinary citizens with moderate financial means I d like Wolf to explainclearly what her vision for this majority is. I read this book quite a few years ago, and it changed the way I thought about feminism So much of what was written previous to Fire With Fire was about how women have been victimized Naomi Wolf turned that attitude on its head with a powerful paradigm shift As long as we think of ourselves as victims, we remain powerless. Reading thisthan 10 years after publication , the issues of North American feminism from that time do not seem so compelling in the face of greater problems today such as the prevalence of recreational rape and rape as a weapon of war and the massive growth in human trafficking. First half of the book was going to be a 5 and then it went downhill What I liked about Wolf s feminism was the focus on getting females into politics and grabbing power she called it power feminism The idea that we deserve recognition, rewards, money, choice to be sexual or not, etc because we are humans not because we are females is really important and I loved it What I didn t like was her concept of victim feminism At first I understood the distinction between it and power feminism victim feminism is the idea that woman are just so good and kind and we should give them rights because they are angels and we shall be nice to get our rights from people who took them away for us in the first place But then she started victim blaming Yup Pissed me off intensely Firstly, the idea that in a domestic violence situation, females should get themselves out of it when in reality society and the perpetrator has ripped them apart psychologically that they can t fight back because they believe they deserve this criminally treatment Next Wolf writes that men should understand no but it s also up to the females job to ACTUALLY SAY NO Yup, she said that Not taking into consideration that no one is ever taught bodily autonomy and we should accept anything that others do to us as fine I seriously see red reading that She also talks about how females are gettingguns in America to protect themselves, therefore, we can t be victims in rape or physical assault because we can protect ourselves and should likeviolence is the answer also sounds so much like trump when he says ifpeople had guns, mass shootings wouldn t occur. Lastly, her statistics are all from the US, UK and Australia And her future suggestions are definitely targeted to middle upper class, western females No intersectionality at all She did mention that she was talking about females who have the choice like those in western countries but she doesn t try to explain or help the other 2 3 of the worlds population And believe me, there are impressive political statistics from Asian middle east countries On the whole, an interesting read but quite disappointed because I loved the beauty myth. A great read for anyone raising a girl, I feel like this book would serve parents better than many parenting books out there The author really unpacks the ways boys and girls are socialized so differently in regards to leadership, competition, power and team work, and how this plays out thought adult life. Fire with Fire provides an excellent reminder that what we think we know about women and how they differ from men is based on adaptations imposed by thousands of years of patriarchy It stands for the proposition that the differences we see are not innate and that true feminism supports the freedom of each individual to discover and express their true selves. In Her Bestselling Book The Beauty Myth, Naomi Wolf Sought To Change The Way In Which Women See Themselves In Relation To Their Bodies Now She Focuses On How They See Themselves In Relation To PowerShe Argues That The Feminist Movement Has To Change If It Is To Speak To A New Generation Of Women, And That, Even As Women Are Gaining Ground Than Ever Before, A Wariness Of Feminist Orthodoxies Keeps Them Away From The Only Movement Capable Of Putting Political Clout Behind Their Personal Success The Book Represents A Call To Women To Throw Off Centuries Of Conditioning About The Relationship Between Power And Femininity Although not one of Wolf spopular books written in 1993, her follow up to The Beauty Myth , it is to date my favourite book on feminism Wolf disseminates and contrasts two schools of modern feminist thinking patterns victim feminism and power feminism The differences can be subtle or stark, and Wolf lists copious examples of each Unsurprisingly, she favours power feminism There is one sentence that can summarize the trajectory of the entire book It is time to turn outward in a fair and goal oriented way, time to trade preaching to the converted for negotiating with the opposition from a position of strength As I read Fire with Fire, I kept thinking how much today s radical feminists need to read it, specifically the ones that use angry, hyper politicized messaging victim feminism Wolf is controversial and often polarizing amongst feminists though, and many of her arguments in this book would not be well received by young feminists in 2015 An example The other side of the feminist demand for men to learn to listen should be the feminist responsibility for women to learn to speak I suspect some feminists would not want any additional burden placed on themselves to be strong and brave It s men that need to acquiesce, they might say Nevertheless, Wolf offers a helpful and useless analysis for men too.My favourite theme in the book is Wolf s argument that women need to embrace the market and that the feminist left needs to get over its reflexive anti capitalism Wolf is a liberal and writes that capitalism is inherently exploitative which I disagree with , so I especially appreciate her opening up here Again, some 2015 feminists will not be comfortable with this, but Wolf offers some good ideas on how feminists and women can embrace commerce to do good and to set ethical terms doing business In one of herrecent speeches about The End of America I think , she said money is neutral it s energy I agree, and money can be used for social change My personal brand of feminism is alibertarian feminism as opposed to big government feminism , so I would like to see 2015 feminists embracing the dollarIndependent Women s Forum is a good example of this As I have learned from animal activism, making progress sometimes entails what feels like sleeping with the enemy The books isthan 20 years old now, but it is as relevant now, if notthan it was in 1993 Some things have changed since then, but some things really haven t Power feminism moves mountains with astonishing ease, even as victim feminism spins its wheels over the same manicured ground. I enjoy Naomi Wolf s writing It took me awhile to get through this book mainly because the writing is serious Though this book was written in the 90s, the content is still extremely relevant Naomi Wolf deconstructs the feminist movement into the concept of victim feminism versus the concept of power feminism She discusses women s relationships with one another and with power and how the 90s sparked a movement among women when Anita Hill spoke out about sexual harassment and Clarence Thomas This book caused me to re think how I have successfully related to other women and if that is because I have mastered the art of connection which women are encouraged to focus on instead of healthy competition I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in feminism. Power Feminism by Naomi Wolf is explained that women have to share their pleasure and strength of femaleness rather than share their pain They also have to be equal to men in term of many sectors, such as ambition, independent, they also have to express theirselves without any under pressure They have to set themselve free They have to have good opportunities as well as men They can be feminine and they still can be feminist too Femininity is good and fun Femininity is positive and empowering

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Naomi Wolf is the author of seven books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Beauty Myth, The End of America and Give Me Liberty She has toured the world speaking to audiences of all walks of life about gender equality, social justice, and, most recently, the defense of liberty in America and internationally She is the cofounder of the Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, which te