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Fifty Shades Trilogy (Fifty Shades, #1-3) Now Available In A Single Volume, E L James S New York Times Bestselling Trilogy Has Been Hailed By Entertainment Weekly As Being In A Class By Itself Beginning With The GoodReads Choice Award Romance Finalist Fifty Shades Of Grey, The Fifty Shades Trilogy Will Obsess You, Possess You, And Stay With You ForeverThis Bundle Includes The Following Novels FIFTY SHADES OF GREY When College Student Anastasia Steele Goes To Interview Young Entrepreneur Christian Grey, She Encounters A Man Who Is Beautiful, Brilliant, And Intimidating The Unworldly Ana Realizes She Wants This Man, And Grey Admits He Wants Her, Too But On His Own Terms When The Couple Embarks On A Daring, Passionately Physical Affair, Ana Discovers Christian S Secrets And Explores Her Own DesiresFTY SHADES DARKER Daunted By Christian S Dark Secrets And Singular Tastes, Ana Has Broken Off Their Relationship To Start A New Career But Desire For Christian Still Dominates Her Every Waking Thought They Rekindle Their Searing Sensual Affair, And While Christian Wrestles With His Inner Demons, Ana Is Forced To Make The Most Important Decision Of Her LifeFTY SHADES FREED Now, Ana And Christian Have It All Love, Passion, Intimacy, Wealth, And A World Of Possibilities For Their Future But Ana Knows That Loving Her Fifty Shades Will Not Be Easy, And That Being Together Will Pose Challenges That Neither Of Them Would Anticipate Just When It Seems That Their Strength Together Will Eclipse Any Obstacle, Misfortune, Malice, And Fate Conspire To Turn Ana S Deepest Fears Into Reality This Book Is Intended For Mature Audiences My sister in law recommended this series to me last week and I finished the entire series in 5 days I was hooked However, I had no idea that it was an erotica read, so I was quite surprised, but the storyline already had me pulled in There was no turning back.Book 2 was my favorite Christian really proved his feelings for Ana through his words and actions throughout the entire book Many people complain that his 180 change was unrealistic and it ruined the story for them I, however, am a hopeless romantic and my heart melted as I really fell in love with Christian s character I must say, the look into Christian s mind at the end of book 3 was AMAZING I wish we could get to his view of the elevator scene with the famous, fuck the paperwork line The emails were one of my favorite parts of the books The subject lines and signatures made me laugh out loud several times Laters, baby, made me laugh a lot I loved seeing that side of Christian I also know that his controlling side is unhealthy in a relationship, but it kept things interesting and it showed his true feelings about Ana When Ana defied him from work or wherever, I always hoped that Christian would just show up as he did pretty much every time I see the sweet element of his need to control Ana while also understanding that it s not healthy for either party.I secretly hoped for a smidge of a love triangle including Ethan, but then I realized that Christian would KILL Ethan and I decided against it.Overall, this is a highly addicting series a grown up version of Twilight, but with a much realistic plot I love that Christian and Ana were based from Edward and Bella E.L James didn t make it too obvious IMO It is just easy to see the resemblance in the form of their unexplainable, unending pull to each other And who doesn t want a happy ending like this series offers My review of what encapsulates the first two books My review of the third.Highlights It reads like it was written by a semi literate 12 year old It is that bad This is Twilight fan fiction Not inspired by, not Twilight for adults It is Bella It is Edward Those are Twilight plot points It is not original fiction It was also cobbled together from a bunch of other fanfics There is nothing original about it This is not a romance It is an affront to the romance genre and everyone who reads real romance novels Real erotica is not this badly written This has nothing to do with BDSM This is not real BDSM It is an insult to the lifestyle and everyone who participates in it The relationship depicted is abusive They are not in a BDSM relationship That is made clear And yet He overpowers her He isolates her He makes her fear him He threatens physical abuse against her when she doesn t obey his commands He tells her he wants to beat the shit out of her She feels she has to do things she truly doesn t want to please him That s not romantic That s abuse I am embarrassed and disgusted by the free world for supporting this pilfered, terribly written tripe.Go read some real books by real authors. IN MY OPINIONFifty Shades of Grey The TrilogyFifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed make up the trilogy written by E L James At this point, the reviews are numerous, merciless, angry and seductive I had planned to write a review based on the storyline, but I think I shall divert down a different path But I must say that without a doubt, the media hype and categorization of the trilogy as mommy porn is what brought these books to the forefront of reader curiosity and at the time, I hadn t thought about reading any or all of the books But a couple of emails from a marketing director, and an agent requesting my thoughts brought me up short Maybe I should read the books and see what all the fuss is about So 30 and 3 nights later, I had completed the trilogy and now I offer my opinion because yes everything I have read about the series is strictly an opinion based on personal views Descriptions from erotica, erotic romance, soft to hard core porn and BDSM have been used to categorize the genre, but in my opinion, the truth may very well lie somewhere in between or in a combination of descriptive titles and subjects Many reviewers opposed to the storyline content have attacked the quality of the writing comparing it to fan fiction and drivel I will not address quality, as many other books I have read and reviewed, have been of a much poorer quality than this particular series, and yet the storylines have been interesting.Erotic Adult Fiction Erotic adult fiction is now a female driven genre both as a reader and an author Once the domain of men, women writers usually under author pseudonyms or initials only are pushing the envelope of erotic fiction Once considered written porn, the genre of erotic fiction is fast becoming main stream adult literature.Why the rise in popularity Several reasons The popularity has increased with the advent of ebooks The anonymity for the reader, hidden behind the electronic age of virtual books, allows for anyone to purchase a book, without the fear of retribution, side long glances from the 18 year old store clerk or 60 year old librarian, and instant gratification so to speak for availability similar to the days of Playboy and Hustler wrapped in brown paper on the upper shelves in the magazine section at the local corner store Women and men no longer have to fear being judged by a stranger for their choices in reading material Society s Moral ValuesOver the years, society has eased up on what they perceive to be deviant What was once considered deviant are quite diverse and can range from murder to rape, too fat to too thin, etiquette faux pas, and fetishes to perversions Fetishes are usually harmless an odd attraction voyeurism e.g Many people believe as long as no one is hurt or being forced, and everyone is over 18, who are we to judge But there is always the fine line.But if a fetish escalates into perversions or something illegal e.g whereby voyeurism leads to sexual assault, rape or murder, then society has laws and treatments for people with this kind of deviant behavior Once thought as deviant behavior, especially for women..reading erotic literature was considered immoral and in some cases, a sin for those who follow religious dictates.they would have hidden an erotic novel, tucked the book away in a sock drawer But many of society s s have become the norm What was once unacceptable as reading material, is now a main stream best seller Many erotic storylines involve explicit sexual descriptive narration The language is graphic and there is virtually nothing off limits except children and familial relations Many women are now reading novels or series of novels featuring homosexual storylines And of course, many of today s erotic fantasy novels involve MMF storylines with multiple partners at one time Again fantasy is the operative word Some of the Harlequin Romance novels are considered tame with their suggestive or implied sex as compared to most of the romantic erotic adult storylines released today Television and the film industry have long had a rating system for what is perceived as appropriate for different age groups Now the rating system has been applied to many of the different books and novels, due to the graphic nature of the content And saying that.the ebook revolution does not discriminate against the virtual shopper Identification is not required when ordering a book online from most of the websites..all that is required is a valid charge card and an email address for ebooks Saying that, I wonder how many minors under 16 are reading erotica and sexually graphic storylines with the advent of ebooks Fifty Shades of Grey TrilogyYes, there is some BDSM BDSM is a term that stands for such patterns in sexual behavior as Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism bdsmguide.org Like everything in life, there are degrees and valuations, and varying shades of grey pun intended Like a sliding color wheel, the BDSM content is revealed in shades and degrees But the author never crosses the imaginary hard line into true hard core savagery The heroine is never forced or coerced, she is aware at all times and enters into the relationship wholly aware The storyline Dom sub relationship is never carried over into a public social context and the practice is always safe and consensual Yes, there are times when a soft line is pushed, but it is addressed throughout the story.Now to backtrack slightly this series is NOT about BDSM This story is about addressing the truth, acknowledging responsibility, the loss of power and control, and the fight to gain it all back This story is also about acceptance, finding love, losing and making steps towards recovery The BDSM content is minimal, but has apparently caught the interest of the public, as does anything that goes against the norm The practice of BDSM is wide ranging and is often misinterpreted by the lay people not involved in the practice BDSM has been labeled everything from a fetish to a perversion, but when the people involved are consenting adults, wholly aware of the circumstances and the situation, the behavior or role playing is acted out according to a specific script of behaviors and actions There are rules, agreements, safety words, consequences and varying degrees of pleasure all safe and legal to which a question must be addressed Who are we to judge a lifestyle that is different from our own Informed Consent Psychological Definition Informed consent is a legal procedure to ensure that a patient or client knows all of the risks and costs involved in a treatment The elements of informed consents include informing the client of the nature of the treatment, possible alternative treatments, and the potential risks and benefits of the treatment.In order for informed consent to be considered valid, the client must be competent and the consent should be given voluntarily about.com psychology Should we apply the definition of INFORMED CONSENT to all actions between consenting adults Within the context of The Fifty Shades trilogy, a NDA a non disclosure agreement and a Dom Sub contract is a major premise that is addressed throughout the storyline.The Fifty Shades series is about a man with demons buried so deep he turns to BDSM for control But the underlying current of BDSM becomes blurred when the title character of Christian Grey, at 15years old, becomes the submissive to a woman several years older As a sexual predator, the woman holds power and control of the teenage boy, shaping him into the man who would one day run a billion dollar enterprise And it is this relationship that directs and controls all of his future endeavors and needs Even in the world of high finance and business, power and control is the ultimate aim.The series is written from the heroine s point of view We are privy to Anastasia Steele s intimate thoughts and ideas, as well as her fears and worries about the man with whom she has fallen in love And she is NOT without some power of her own As the story progresses, the lines of control slowly blur, until it is Ana who has the ultimate control of a man s heart and his soul I guess like everything in life, we must make decisions based on research, trial and error, and public opinion And in the end, sometimes the only opinion that counts, is your own If you are asking me Would I recommend reading the series , I would have to say yes Not because it will qualify for a Nobel Prize in Literature, but because it is, in all honesty, a love story with a HEA And I for one, ALWAYS want a HEA Happily Ever After and Fifty Shades delivers.see all of my reviews at thereadingcafe.com Book One 2 51.So, this is what all the fuss was about.2.He says, Laters, baby snort 3.Is it me or do they both sound English 4.I m this close to smacking Ana silly with all her deep but not really deep asides re her Inner Goddess Ditto with the Subconscious capital S And to those two, add every single instance she bites her frigging lower lip.5.There s a lot of sexual gymnastics going on in this one A lot Many of the things she s describing had me asking, Say what now It s like she s twisting every which way 6.Eek, view spoiler period sex hide spoiler E.L JAMES ME E.L HEY High five, giirrrrrl Whoa I missed.You ll probably want to ice that.Yeah SO I am so glad I ran into you What a coincidence This is only the fourth building I ve tried, and I mean I ve only been riding the elevators for what, two Three hours E.L JAMES ME You know what DOESN T matter.So listen about the casting for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie Yeah, I was just wondering if you received the six or seventeen audition tapes I sent over to all three of your houses E.L JAMES ME Because, and only very privileged people know this about me but uhh I was really popular with the acting scene at my high school And my mom told me that I was THE best Girl Holding Sword 4 she s ever seen Not that I m bragging or anything.E.L JAMES ME Also, you probably should cast Henry Cavill for Christian Because he and I We totally have that let s just mount right now sexual connection thing going on I just finished watching his Man of Steel movie and he very literally told me that E.L JAMES ME I know, right So Yeah YOU just that about that I left all of my contact info with your secretary AND your neighbors Oh And also your Federal Express man But try not to call before 11 a.m., hmm I really like my beauty sleep And don t call after 12 p.m., okay Because that Well, that s my drinking time.Okaythanksbye E.L JAMES Whoa Shit What Oh wow these are all eloquent things you ll hear Ana say many times many, many, many times in her head throughout the books Also, characters mostly put their lips in a hard line and murmur a lot Ana and Christian fight, make up, have kinky sex Orhave kinky sex, fight, make up, make love This goes on, round and round and round And for about fifty pages no pun intended , there s an actual story line I m really ticked off I wasted 2 weeks reading this crap And yet to some extent I couldn t put the books down There s definitely a damsel in distress white knight element to the trilogy, which is what I think kept me intrigued It brought out the same teenaged, raw, carnal emotions I felt with the Twighlight series, but with a ton of dirty sex and worse writing The sex scenes are probably the best part of her writingvery descriptive and well thought out However, they became too long and repetitive for my short attention span and I ended up skipping through most of them in the third book to simply finish.I gave the trilogy 3 stars because it was intriguing enough to read all three books, but conversely I m also appalled that I spent the time to read them allsuch horrible writing I think it really only deserves 2 stars.Oh And did anyone notice she used bigger words in the third book I think she found a thesaurus Update I kept looking at my original 3 star rating and thinking that s too many , so I ve changed it to tworeally only deserves 1. Reading this novel was a bittersweet experience I couldn t get enough I wanted to rush through this entire novel and absorb it all as quickly as possible On the other hand, I wanted to take my sweet time and drag things out because I never wanted it to end I m devastated that this series wrapped up, and I have hopes fingers crossed that this won t be the last we see of Christian Grey I could read about Christian and Ana forever Christian may be the perfect man to star in a never ending series He seems to have enough issues. My reaction whenever someone tells me they love these books Erotic love story.as reviewed possibly Mommy Porn I do not think I would go that far I am a prude and do not share my bedroom things,etc.This book had an underlying story of two people learning to be a couple and not be independent Each brought their own baggage He a past of a terrible early childhood, being adopted by a loving family, him being seduced at a young age, and then became a dominant sex gamer She comes in with her naive, inexperience and never really having to comply to another She herself played 2nd string to her mother and lived her life for herself They both end up learning about themselves through each other and making it work If you do not want to read the erotic parts you can skip over them and still enjoy the story.they are written in a way that doesn t completely describe everything but they are definitely risqu.I read the trilogy in 5 days.It had the love story and all we love to read but it is x rated all the same

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