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Executive Orders Holy shit Not only was this the longest book I ve read by Tom Clancy, but the longest book I ve read, period But I quote Yoda from the Star Wars Saga, Size matters not judge me by my size, do you Executive Order picks up right where Debt of Honor left off, a jet deliberately crashes into the US Capitol, killing the US President, and thousands of other people Now Jack Ryan, who was elected Vice President right before the attack and now he s sworn in as the next President of the United States Now Ryan has to address the Nation and rebuild the Senate and everything else that was long, whilst having to deal with terrorism in Saudi Arabia, and also a deadly Ebola Virus outbreak.The plot involving the Ebola Outbreak was interesting and at the same time disturbing, I still have to read the non fiction book The Hot Zone Towards the end I found myself skipping pages through like the tank battle between the Americans and the terrorists because they kept going back and fourth and I just thought it was lengthy than it had to be, but other than that, the book was just non stop thrills.Right up there with The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, and Without Remorse Classic Tom Clancy PS, those of you who like Tom Clancy and haven t yet read Debt of Honor yet, I highly recommend reading that one first before picking up Executive Orders. This picks up right from the ending point of the last book One really needs to read that book before this one Jack is now president of the country after the devastating events that hit the country Is he ready for it as domestic people and leaders of foreign countries question his leadership and test him.This one is a little long as it is over thirteen hundred pages That being said I was never bored with it and there were definitely times where I was emotional One of the aspects I like about Tom Clancy s books is the realism and these events are unfortunately too real as they are similar to actual events I think this is one of the reasons why I have enjoyed these last books as they evoke feelings because I have actually seen these events with my own eyes And the realism just doesn t stop with dealing with these events but with its aftermath Whether it is getting back up from the mat, grieving, or being tested by others as they view us weak because we were hit by terrorist attacks While being entertained I was also being informed about how much is on the plate of the leader of this country This book is also a little scary as we see a new form of attack and realize how easy this attack could happen Once again, the realism is tangible and just leaps off the pages.Yes, reading these books is a commitment as they are very lengthy in nature One just never realizes it though because right away you are sucked into the story and cannot stop reading Once again Tom Clancy has written a very entertaining book. A Runaway Jumbo Jet Has Crashed Into The Capitol Building In Washington, Leaving The President Dead Along With Most Of The Cabinet And Congress Dazed A Confused, The Man Who Only Minutes Before Was Confirmed As The New Caretaker Vice President Is Told That He Is Now President Of The United StatesPresident John Patrick RyanBut How Do You Run A Government With Out A Government Where Do You Begin Ryan Knows That The Eyes Of The World Are On Him Now And Many Of Them Are Unfriendly In Beijing, In Tehran And Even In Washington, There Are Those Eager To Take Advantage Soon They Will Make Their Moves Soon They Will Present Jack Ryan With A Crisis So Even He Could Not Imagine It Reading this was entirely an exercise in reading something that lies way outside my comfort zone Why is it outside my comfort zone Well, it s not aimed at me for a start I m a woman, and I m not American I knew what I was taking on it s a thriller, by a mega bestselling author who specialises in a particular kind of macho, flag waving, Budweiser swilling, big dick, patriotic, all action Americana There s nothing wrong with that, of course, if the writing s good and knowing that I had every opportunity to avoid reading it in full knowledge of what it was And besides I don t always conform to type I love the spy thrillers of John le Carr and while your standard Action Movie leaves me cold Bond films in particular because actually I m quite fond of Fleming s original Bond books I do have a big soft spot for The Dirty Dozen for reasons I ve never fully understood So, I was determined to see this one through.Anyway, the premise of this 900 page doorstop is something like this CIA spook and alleged family guy Jack Ryan becomes President by accident after a Japanese airline pilot flies a 747 into a packed Capitol yes, really wiping out both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court and a goodly part of the Washington establishment Yes, it s a Tea Party wet dream Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, the demented leader of Iran takes advantage of the situation to take over Iraq and launch an invasion of Saudi Arabia with the wildly improbable cooperation of both India and China And to complicate things, also attempts to kidnap the president s younger daughter and start an epidemic of haemorrhagic fever amongst America s car salesmen you feel like shouting Yay at that point Ok, it s fantasy stuff Le Carr always has the ring of authenticity, not least because he was a real spook while Clancy was an insurance salesman and that s fine if it s well written The big problem is that it s appallingly badly written To be fair, Clancy knows his stuff about military hardware and he s obviously done his homework about life in the White House in fact those are the most interesting bits although still a poor substitute for The West Wing The rest is just dismal Violence I wish there was some For great stretches nothing happens at all except digressions on Clancyan hobby horses like why the US tax system needs reform There s no humanity we keep being told how much President Ryan loves his family but we never see any evidence he never takes time to read his youngest a story, or play with his son, or have conflicts with his teenage daughter In fact by the end of the 900 pages we know hardly any about the children than we did at the beginning There s the endless pauses while the author stops to explain some trivial point to his braindead readership hey, naval parlance still talks about a ship steaming even though a modern ship s engines don t do it that way, isn t that amazing, tell Ripley s Believe It Or Not at once Foreigners, of course, are meekly compliant and admiring Russians, would you believe or sinister, devious, comic book villians Gadzooks My master plan has been foiled again by those pesky Americans.Worst of all, though, is the sickly sentimentality of it all The triumph of Mom s Apple Pie, beer and franks at the Ball Game and the Grand ol Opry, with the mean streets of South Central LA and West Balti kept well out of the way in the Free Speech Zone Hell, they love their President so much there s not a whisper of a protest even when the unelected President Ryan overrides the constitution to impose a ban on crossing state lines I can think of one president who d be glad of a tiny fraction of the cooperation from his truculent nation And no, I m not being unpatriotic the US is a foreign country to me, I m an alien there I ve been told as much in no uncertain terms and owe no allegiange to Old Glory.Ok, it was an experiment, and I m glad I read it But I don t think I ll be going back that way any time soon. This book is a serious contender for worst book I have ever read that is not by Dean Koontz It is an excrutiating almost 1400 pages of awful dialogue, shocking misunderstanding of politics, simplification of international affairs, right wing propaganda, and the utter ruination of a once enjoyable, if kind of silly, character Jack Ryan.Maybe back in 1996, some people could be fooled by Clancy s ideas, but after the disasterous presidency of George Bush Jr., whose policies and thought process are often similar to Ryan s in this novel, this book is completely without credibility When I would see it laying on my coffee table out of the corner of my eye, I kept mistaking Clancy for Cheney That should tell you everything you need to know about this one. I first read it in 1996 when it came out.My reaction then was ho hum.I just finished it again The man was 5 years before 9 11 Wow, did he call it or what The things that he speaks about are exactly about what is happening in Europe and america today.I like very much his style of flipping form entity to entity It truly gives the perspective of multiple plots running simultaneously It could be confusing to those with a eighth grade reading ability.I read one cometary for a non american who probably doesn t read the news or understands what is truly happening in the world today or her country hasn t been attached at all since 1996 She ignorantly equates the them of the book to The Men at Work Macho Macho Man If she really read this book she would have seen plenty of Macho Women, from other countries.I heartedly recommend this book for those with at least an High School education, any background in history that has than 10 years in depth.Definitely not for the PETA, Code Pink crowd Any of you been to France lately I have What a warm a fuzzy feeling it gives me to see two French Policemen with full automatic weapons walking amongst the crowds of passengers at the Gran Tran Gar in Lion Talk about Macho Jack Ryan and Tom Clancy may have reached their pinnacle of achievement with this book However, this book is definitely not the place to start the series as a minimum, The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, and Debt of Honor should definitely be read before this book.Jack, due to the events detailed in Debt of Honor, suddenly finds himself President of the U.S., a position which he never aspired to and in which he feels decidedly uncomfortable But, good former Marine that he is, he quickly buckles down to the demands of the job a job that rapidly spawns seemingly endless problems and complications In detailing these, Clancy weaves an incredible number of sub plots together an assassination of the Iraqi President and the amalgamation of that country with Iran, an attempt to kidnap his youngest daughter, a biological attack on the U.S., a heat up of the continuing dispute between the two Chinas, an attempt by the former Vice President to remove Jack from office, and multiple attacks on his integrity by the news media This is where Clancy shines, as each of these sub plots is probably strong enough to be a novel in its own right They all have strong dramatic elements and are not only plausible, but frightening in just how close they are to events in the real world that have occurred since this book was written so much so that the notion has been put forth that certain terrorist elements got the ideas for their deeds from this book and Debt of Honor.Jack is well drawn His reactions to situations and problems make sense for the type of man he is, and Clancy does a good job of making the reader empathize with him Most of the other main characters are shown with enough depth to make them real, though it definitely helps if you have read the prior novels in this series, as some of the background for these characters was presented earlier, and is not re hashed in this book However, most of the characters are not excessively deep, and it is very clear who are the good guys and who are the bad , which perhaps is a good thing in a thriller.The battle scenes are typical Clancy, filled with a great number quite accurate technical details perhaps too much so, as at times the picture of just what war is really like gets lost in all these details Also somewhat of a detraction is the fact that the good guys have too easy a time of it it seems like all their plans are precisely accomplished, with few of the screw ups and surprises that always happen in real conflicts Which leads to the other fault with this book it really is too long, and a fair amount of it could have been cut without losing the impressive tapestry effect.Some may object to the political viewpoints expressed in this novel, as they are decidedly on the right of the spectrum But Clancy does a good job of detailing why these viewpoints should at least be given some careful thought by all Americans Here we find good rationales behind limiting the power of the press under certain circumstances the necessity for maintaining both a strong military and a strong intelligence network cases where the power of the President may need to exceed the powers granted by the Constitution when diplomacy is appropriate versus military action and just how much diplomacy is dependent on having the military power to back up stated positions It is just these viewpoints that elevate this book from a blockbuster adventure novel to one with substance A quick perusal of any newspaper today will show exactly the points Clancy makes here, from the obvious slanting of the reporting to the need for a military that is second to none. In some ways, I hesitate to write about this book because it s been out so long that everyone who will read this kind of thing already has Master spook Jack Ryan has been sworn into the presidency minutes after a massive terrorist sponsored explosion destroys the U.S capitol building, killing nearly all of the members of Congress and the president Ryan had been named vice president minutes earlier when a political scandal forced the resignation of the former vice president This is an edge of the chair tapestry not merely a story, but a veritable tapestry of plots and subplots all dealing with how Ryan restores the government against huge odds while international powers seek to destroy the nation from without.This is a book that includes numerous subplots, and you jump from one to another instantly and without warning If you let your mind wander during this one, you will miss crucial bits of information on which hangs the rest of the book It will require your full concentration, and you ll have no problem proffering that, so well written is this book Clancy crafts this so as not to offend his readers too much they won t agree with every decision Jack Ryan makes or every policy to which he ascribes, but it s written such that regardless of which side of the aisle you re comfortable being on, you ll cheer for the beleaguered president and those who want him to succeed.There are horrifying graphic scenes in the book You ll learn with chilling tension how easy it is for a terrorist to introduce deadly viruses into the nation The horrors of Ebola are described graphically here I read this while battling a respiratory thing, and it only served to heighten my sense of terror at the ease by which Ebola was introduced into the nation and the description of the disease s impact on various organs.These plotlines are intricately woven The military scenes here are classic Clancy The descriptions are riveting and concise, and you can easily picture the battles in your mind.As I wrote above, most of you who like this kind of fiction will have long, long ago read this I feel sorry for people who perfunctorily write off Clancy s books These are studies in intricacy, character development, and thought provoking scenarios that will keep you up with your mind churning I have to admit that I ve been a bit jumpy at work the last couple of days Any time someone sneezed or coughed, I found myself instantly asking, only partly in jest, whether this was the beginning of the new plague that is really only an airplane ride away from any of us.If you ve always intended to read this one time bestseller turned military fiction classic, perhaps now is as good a time as any to do it Clancy drops the F bomb here several times, and the name of God is taken in vain rather frequently, as you might expect in a book whose characters are stressed out military types But it will remain with me for a long time to come. This was a 1358 page book but it never felt slow and I was enthralled throughout.While sometimes Clancy s military maneuver segments were a bit over my head, they were interspersed with enough other action to keep it moving.A big thing I noticed about this book is that even though it was written in 1996, Clancy had a few plot lines that seemed like Nostradamus esque foreshadowing to 20 years later. This book is the pinnacle of the Jack Ryan series of novels We finally see Jack Ryan, reluctantly and tragically, become President of the United States He hates it, and sees it as a curse The problem is that he is good at it The very fact that he doesn t want to be there makes him all the appealing to the voters in the book and to the reader Of course, his reluctance is seen as weakness by other world leaders, and some try to take advantage of the situation Their mistake This book takes the Jack Ryan series to its ultimate height.As a Tom Clancy fan, I was naturally drawn to this book, but even if I were not a fan, I think this would have been a huge hit with me Clancy wrote this book, and most before it, with an amazing degree of realism So much of what happens in the books could easily happen in the real world, and that is what makes them so good That is also what makes them so complex Reality is complex, therefore so are Clancy s novels This particular addition to the series struck just the right balance of politics, intrigue, military adventure, and even science to keep you turning page after page of this massive volume If you have ever read any of the Jack Ryan novels, then you must read this one If you have never read one, get one of the earlier ones Otherwise, Executive Orders will be a bit of a spoiler.

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Tom Clancy was an English major at Balti s Loyola College As a Maryland insurance broker with a passion for naval history, his dream of writing a novel came true with his first effort, The Hunt for Red October 1984 He since wrote than a dozen novels, which have a blend of realism and authenticity, intricate plotting, and razor sharp suspense Ten of the novels, including The Teeth of

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